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Are you aware of how cold it gets on your Everest Basecamp trek? Do you know the average temperature you should expect on this trek? Whether you are trekking in spring, summer, autumn or winter, if you are well-informed about the Everest Basecamp Trek temperature and weather, you can tackle the weather across seasons and trek comfortably. 

The Everest Basecamp Trek temperature depends on the season you choose. As the trek takes you to a higher altitude, the temperature remains low as you are at a higher elevation from sea level. EBC experiences pleasant weather and temperatures in spring and autumn. Although some trekkers attempt the EBC trek in winter, the weather is extreme, and the cold becomes unbearable. 

Use this detailed Everest Basecamp trek temperature and weather guide to plan your trek based on your preferences and interests.

Everest Basecamp Trek Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January  -17°C 0°C
WinterFebruary-13°C 4°C 
SpringMarch -12°C 7°C 
SpringApril-5°C 10°C 
SummerMay0°C 15°C 
SummerJune4°C 17°C 
MonsoonJuly 9°C 18°C 
MonsoonAugust10°C 20°C 
AutumnSeptember0°C 15°C 
AutumnOctober -6°C 12°C 
AutumnNovember-12°C 6°C 
Winter December-14°C-1°C 

EBC Trek Weather in Winter – December to February 

Everest Basecamp Trek in winter registers a minimum of -17°C. The temperature remains low throughout the day, and the number declines to minus. The winter months of December, January and February are the coldest to trek to the EBC. 

Expect snowfall on the trail and extreme cold. The days are comparatively warm if the sun shows up, but nights are chillier, and the temperature reaches a freezing point with harsh weather conditions. 

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in December

Everest Basecamp trek temperature in December ranges between -14°C to -1°C in and around the basecamp regions. The lower region experiences slightly warmer temperatures. Early morning and night register the lowest temperatures. 

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in January

EBC trek temperature in January declines further, making it extremely difficult to trek. The amount of snow also obstructs your speed on the trail. Expect a maximum of 0°C and a minimum of -17°C at the base camp. 

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in February

You experience comparatively warm weather at the base camp in February. EBC trek temperature in February touches a minimum of – 13°C. Day temperature hovers around 4°C.  You can expect clear sunny days offering crisp mountain views. 

EBC Trek Weather in Spring – March to April

After the winter cold wears off, the temperature increases, and you will have bright days.  Spring is one of the most loved seasons owing to pleasant weather and comfortable temperatures. March and April register pleasant temperatures and delightful weather. You will have longer daylight hours and a warm trail to trek in spring. 

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in March

EBC trek temperature in March is sub zero at higher altitudes. Lower regions have bearable temperatures. The day features bright and sunny days. Brace for cold and chilly nights with sub-zero temperatures. March in the Everest base camp has a maximum of 7°C during the day to a minimum of -12°C in the morning and night.

A sunlit mountain on the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in April

EBC registers a slight increase in temperature in April. The temperature in April ranges between 10°C in the daytime to min -5°C in the nights and early mornings.  April has warm and sunny days with clear weather offering magnificent views of the big mountains. 

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in May

EBC trek temperature in May is comfortable compared to spring months. May marks the beginning of summer in EBC. The lower campsites will be sunny and hot. You can trek during the daytime in a T-shirt. However, the nights will be cold. 

May temperature in EBC touches a maximum of 15°C in the daytime and a minimum of 0°C at night and early mornings. Haze on the trail obstructs mountain views in summer. Plan your EBC in early May to enjoy breathtaking mountain views. 

EBC Trek Weather in Autumn – September to November

Trekkers heading to witness the world's highest mountain, Everest in Nepal.

Autumn arrives in EBC by September end and continues till mid-November. The temperature remains mild and has favourable weather conditions. Expect stable weather during the day. Nights and early mornings will be cold. Weather remains clement in autumn, featuring long daylight hours and a warm trail. 

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in September

EBC trek temperature in September reaches a maximum of 15°C and declines to 0°C at night. Monsoon rain extends to the first week of September. Come prepared with rain gear if trekking in early September. 

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in October

EBC trek temperature in October reaches 12°C during the daytime and touches a minimum of -6°C at night.  The days are dry and clear.  

Everest Basecamp Trek Temperature in November

EBC temperature in November touches a minimum of  -12°C and a maximum of 6°C. An ultimate view of the Himalayan peaks compensates for the cold temperatures you brace in November. 

Everest Basecamp Trek Highlights 

The Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal is one of the most coveted trails among trekking enthusiasts. The EBC trek traverses Sagarmatha National Park and gives you an exclusive, lifetime experience of witnessing the world’s highest mountain up and close. 

You can attempt the EBC trek via three popular routes: Classic Everest Basecamp, the EBC trek via Gokyo Ri and the thrilling EBC Trek via Three High Passes Route. 

Unknown to many, the Everest Basecamp Trek thrills you with four of the 14 highest peaks in the world. The spectacular sight of Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu compensates for the challenge you took to be on the trek. 

Lukla Airport is the starting point of the Everest Basecamp Trek. It takes a minimum of 12 to 21 days to complete the trek, depending on the route you prefer to reach. Trekkers enjoy the comfort of tea houses on this classic Himalayan trek. In addition to the mesmerising mountain views, you come across culturally rich Nepali villages bustling with trekkers and climbers.

Although thrilling, the trek is challenging and is suitable for experienced trekkers. 

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