About Us

OWLS is a community of outdoor professionals and enthusiasts on a mission to change how outdoors is perceived in India. At OWLS, we understand the importance of outdoors and the role nature plays in human growth and development. With the rapidly changing technological landscape and its repercussions on human health, it is imperative for us to adopt ways to keep ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically fit.


Our Story

Genesis of OWLS is a story of four individuals with 12 years of friendship behind them who teamed up to follow one goal of being close to nature and making others experience the great outdoors.

The story starts two years ago when two friends headed to the mountains of Leh for a project in the October of 2020. In the lap of the Himalayas, Himanshu Singla, already an expert in the field of outdoors discusses his long thought idea of providing authentic outdoor experiences to everyone with Akash Jain. Akash, a corporate turned photographer felt aligned to this idea based on his unusual outdoor experiences and realises his love and passion for the outdoors.

After several discussions and contemplations, the idea of OWLS began to take shape in the minds of Himanshu Singla and Akash Jain amidst the scenic vistas of Leh. Later on, the duo was joined by two more passionate outdoor enthusiasts: Kranthi Gundavaram, a fellow IIT-BHU alumni, and Nimitha. Together, they worked to transform the idea into a concrete product, giving rise to OWLS (Outdoor Wilderness Learning School).


Our Mission

‘Future is outdoors’

As more technological advancements emerge, populations across the globe are presented with a world of opportunities to create a better life for themselves. Amidst this chaos to become successful, they are getting disconnected from nature, origin of all life forms.

We believe, eventually people will realise the harm this is causing to our being and how it is impacting their mental, physical and emotional health.

Upon realisation people will move towards deriving their happiness from nature and real life experiences. They will tread unbeaten paths and explore themselves in pursuit of creating a meaningful life.

There is a long way to go, but we are always striving to make people come out of their comfort zone and #goout to explore the whole wide world and not just the world wide web.