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Experiential learning program for working professionals and students

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How an OWLS experiential learning program impacts young students and professionals?

We at OWLS believe that anything learned from an experience stays with us for a lifetime. There is no better playground to explore this than the great outdoors. It presents you with challenges, and demands solutions in real-time.

Experiential learning program at OWLS facilitates the outdoor experience in a way that students and professionals gather useful learnings for their development. These learnings are universal and can be embedded in one’s lifestyle to achieve greater success.

With their sights on their careers and development, students and professionals are the ones who gain most from an experiential learning program. This program delivers learnings in a fun way which makes them self-aware and realise the value of experiences, learnings and nature.

On an experiential program with OWLS, participants trek, set up camps, cook, wash, help each other, struggle together, and finally cooperate to achieve their team goals. This intense immersion experience combined with reflection sessions with our team results in deep learning that changes the way participants see themselves, the world and their place in it.

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