School Outdoor Programs

Outdoor program for the students to learn and grow amidst nature

Do you know that being out in nature benefits children emotionally, mentally, and physically? How about the fact that children grasp easily when taught through experiences?

As many schools across the world are adopting Forest Schools or learning through nature in their curriculum, the education policy maker has also realised the importance of learning through experiences. India has also outlined ‘Experiential Learning’ as one of the objectives of the National Education Policy, 2021

On our Experiential Learning Program for students, we provide a platform to be outdoors through our uniquely designed Experiential Learning Program (ELP) for schools. With our intricately designed programs, we involve kids right from planning to decision making, facilitating learning through experiences. OWLS activities in the outdoors are designed to make children learn interpersonal and communication skills along with the core skills of outdoor living in a fun way. Through our ELP, we intend to introduce the concept of Outdoor Education or learning through nature in as many schools as we can reach.

School outdoor program by gooutwithowls

Our programs are designed to inculcate core life skills laid out by the WHO for children. The ten core life skills listed by WHO are :

– Problem-solving
– Effective communication skills
– Creative thinking
– Self-awareness building skills
– Coping with stress
– Critical thinking
– Decision-making
– Interpersonal relationship skills
– Empathy
– Coping with emotions

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