Privacy policy

Website privacy

This policy is effective from 25/01/2021. OWLS is dedicated to protect any kind of information provided by you to the website. Therefore, if we ask you to provide certain personal information, be assured that the information is protected and governed by this privacy policy and will be used in accordance to it. OWLS may change the policy guidelines from time to time for better understanding and for having a healthy relationship with you. The following information might be obtained from you:

  • Name and Address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Postal code and Gender
  • Your interests, and other personal information related to the web content

Why the above information?

We gather the mentioned information from you to provide you with better services like :

  • Account creation for our future records
  • To improve our services further with the help of surveys attended by you
  • We might in the future contact you for market research so as to develop a fine relationship by putting your interest as priority
  • We might contact you for better offers, discounts and information about new treks and expeditions and other promotional activities. We will contact you via email, fax or phone.
  • At any given time, if you feel not to receive any promotional mails other than what interests you, you can unsubscribe for the same


Our priority is to secure your information such as personal data and transactions made with us. This is accomplished by installing hi-tech electronic devices and bestowing proper managerial systems. All your monetary transactions and card details are processed and secured fully and carried out through Razorpay links which is a PCI DSS and ISO 27001 compliant organization and use the highest assurance SSL/TLS certificate, which makes sure that no unauthorised person can access your sensitive information.


Cookies are small files posted in your web browser with your approval. The information on the cookie moves back and forth between your browser and the website your browser visits (owls.fit). Cookies have many benefits; it helps you to have a better online experience and serves as storage to the websites you have visited. We also allow cookies to be placed in your hard drive so as to know the web traffic and the preferences of yours to improve the health of our website considerably. Furthermore, cookies do not have access to your personal information or have access to your computer. It does not store passwords and codes. Moreover, for your benefit, you can accept and decline a cookie at any given point. You can also change your settings to accept no cookies in your browser.

Website links

We provide links to other websites on our website. It should also be kept in mind that once you enter the linked website, you technically leave our site. Which means, if any damage or loss is caused by the other website, we will not be in control of the website and would not take any kind of responsibility. Therefore, we will not be able to protect any information you provide in the website and are advised to check their privacy policy before giving any personal info.

Personal information

You can safeguard your personal information in the following ways 1. Whenever you enter personal information, look for an option in the corner which indicates that you can decline any form of marketing message and mails to reach you. 2. You can unsubscribe from any promotional marketing option by writing a mail to us at contact@owls.fit We will not misuse the information given by you. We shall safeguard your information from getting leaked to any third party. We will not reveal any data about you without gaining permission. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you can request to provide the information we withhold about you. You can send a mail to us at contact@owls.fit and a small amount has to be paid to obtain the details. If you find any detail furnished by us incorrect, then you can mail us, we would immediately rectify the error.