Institute Outdoor Programs

Outdoor program for college students to prepare them for the future

Outdoor Learning Program for College is designed to help the students learn various life skills and leadership qualities through experiences in the outdoors. The program aims to involve the students in an immersive learning experience which stays with them forever.

As a part of our Outdoor Learning Programme for College, we facilitate our uniquely designed Experiential Learning Program (ELP) for college students. In our intricately designed program, we involve students right from planning to decision making, facilitating learning through experiences. OWLS activities in the outdoors are designed to make children learn interpersonal and communication skills along with the core skills of outdoor living in a fun way. Through our ELP, we intend to introduce the concept of Outdoor Education or learning through nature in as many colleges as we can reach.

As a community of Outdoor Professionals, we foster learning and upskilling through nature. Our programs are designed to inculcate core life skills through team-building activities. At the end of the programme they triumph as a team, with newly acquired management and leadership skills in each one of them.

Institute outdoor program by gooutwithowls

Learnings for the college students

– Teamwork
– Decision Making
– Self-Discipline
– Power of Gratitude
– Leadership Quality
– Risk Management
– Environmental Awareness
– Creative thinking

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