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Deoban Trek in Uttarakhand is an easy trek, doable over the weekends. Before you plan to explore the trail dominated by age-old Deodar trees, let’s find out about Deoban trek weather and temperature.

Deoban weather and temperature vary throughout the year. Although it is an easy trek suitable for beginners, the weather in winter is harsh and cold. The spring months of March and April have pleasant temperatures and flaunt bright sunny days. Deoban temperature in summer is delightful as the sun stays for a long. Deoban Trek temperature is ideal and comfortable during the spring and autumn seasons. 

Before you plan your visit to the Deoban trek, let’s know more about the detailed weather forecast and temperature in Deoban. We have compiled a month-wise Deoban weather and temperature guide to help you plan your trek. 

Deoban Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January  -5°C 4°C
WinterFebruary-2°C 8°C 
SpringMarch 1°C 14°C 
SpringApril4°C 16°C 
SummerMay7°C 20°C 
SummerJune8°C 22°C 
MonsoonJuly 10°C 22°C 
MonsoonAugust6°C 18°C 
AutumnSeptember1°C 15°C 
AutumnOctober 0°C 13°C 
AutumnNovember-1°C 10°C 
Winter December-3°C 8°C 

Deoban Trek Weather in Winter (December to February)

Deoban Trek weather will be cold, with freezing temperatures at night. If you plan to trek to Deoban in winter, carry enough layers of clothing to protect yourself from biting cold. 

Deoban trek boasts enchanting forest trail covered with towering Deodar trees.

Deoban Temperature in December 

Winter arrives in Deoban by December. Expect temperatures between -3°C to 6°C if trekking in early December. Carry sufficient layers of clothing to tackle sub-zero temperatures in Deoban. 

Deoban Temperature in January 

Deoban Trek temperature ranges between a minimum of -5°C to a maximum of 4°C in January.  Although the winter landscapes are worth every climb, the weather will be cold, and you will deal with frigid temperatures in winter in Deoban. Carry enough layers to deal with the freezing temperatures. Since there is a high probability of snowfall, carry a poncho and waterproof backpack cover. 

Deoban Temperature in February 

February registers a minimum of – 2°C and 8°C in Deoban. Expect freezing temperatures and extreme cold weather at the campsites in January. The weather remains clear and warm if the sun shows up during the day. Night temperature drops further, increasing the cold. Carry sufficient warm layers to protect yourself from icy cold. 

Deoban Trek Weather in Spring (March to April)

The Spring months of March and April experience mild temperatures. The weather remains pleasant, and you will hike on a bright and sunny day. You will have long daylight hours in spring. 

Deoban Temperature in March 

During the day, temperature reaches a maximum of 12°C to14°C. However, expect a dip in temperature at night. Night temperature touches a minimum of 1°C. 

Although the weather will be delightful during the day when the sun shows up, come prepared with sufficient layers to stay warm, especially in the evenings and early morning. 

Deoban Temperature in April

Deoban Trek features mild temperatures and sunny days in April. You will hike on  pleasantly warm days if you plan Deoban trek in April. The average temperature ranges between  6°C to 16°C. 

Deoban Trek Weather in Summer (May and June)

During summer, the weather remains pleasant. Summer begins in May and continues till June. These months have warm days. The sun graces the trail for an extended period. The night temperature will be comfortable in contrast to the harsh winter drop. 

Deoban Temperature in May

Day temperatures range between 18°C to 20°C. Night temperatures can be below 10°C. You will experience a noticeable drop in temperature at night. 

Deoban Temperature in June

The Summer month of June has the highest temperature in Deoban. Deoban registers a comfortable 22°C during the day. The minimum temperature range in Deoban is between 5°C to 8°C in June.

Deoban Trek Weather in Autumn (September to November)

Deoban Trek is a perfect weekend trek near Dehradun offering breathtaking mountain views.

In the autumn months of September to November, the temperature will reach a maximum of 10°C  to 15°C. 

The weather will be delightful during the day. Warm and pleasant days keep you company on the trek. Expect a further drop in temperature in the morning and evening. Carry enough layers to guard yourself against cold temperatures at the higher campsites. Deoban weather in autumn is ideal with clear sunny days and mild temperatures. 

Deoban Temperature in September 

The weather will be clear and free of monsoon haze. The fog and dust are cleared from the trail and you will hike on warm and cozy September days. 

Expect temperatures between 1°C  to 15°C in September. Consider Deoban in autumn if you are not fond of extreme winter cold. 

Deoban Temperature in October 

October registers temperatures between 0°C  to 13°C in Deoban. The days will be comfortable with mild temperatures. You can hike on a pleasant day. Expect a chilly and windy evening at the campsite.

Deoban Temperature in November 

November witnesses cold temperatures in Deoban. The warmth of the sun begins to fade and the trail will be windy. Temperatures range between -1°C  to 10°C in November. 

Deoban Trek Highlights 

Deoband Trek near Chakrata is a popular weekend trek perfect for beginners.  It offers wilderness accompanied by a beautiful forest trail and grand summit views. 

Located, around 100 km away from the capital city of Dehradun, Deoban Trek is a forest trail tucked away in the Jaunsar region near Chakrata. The trek is renowned amongst explorers for its mystical forest trails covered in deodar, oak and pine trees. 

The easily approachable trail makes it a perfect weekend getaway trek that can be done on a budget. 

Deoban Trek is a perfect escapade into the wilderness if you are short on time but craving some adventure in the wild. Deoban Trek near Chakarta in Uttarakhand is known for its beautiful forest trail and splendid views of more than 50 peaks. 

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