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Deoraital – Rohini Bugyal Trek temperature varies throughout the year. Although it is an easy trek suitable for beginners, the weather in winter is harsh and cold. The spring months of March and April have pleasant temperatures and flaunt bright sunny days. Summer temperature in Deoriatal is delightful as the sun stays for a longer duration. 

Before you plan your visit to Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal trek, let’s know more about the detailed weather forecast and temperature in Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal. We have compiled a month-wise Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal temperature to help you plan your trek. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Trek Monthly Temperature Guide

Winter January  -7°C 5°C
WinterFebruary-6°C 7°C 
SpringMarch -2°C 10°C 
SpringApril3°C 13°C 
SummerMay6°C 15°C 
SummerJune8°C 17°C 
MonsoonJuly 9°C 18°C 
MonsoonAugust10°C 20°C 
AutumnSeptember2°C 15°C 
AutumnOctober 0°C 13°C 
AutumnNovember-3°C 10°C 
Winter December-5°C 8°C 

Deoriatal Weather in Winter (December to February)

Deoriatal- Rohini Bugyal temperature dips down to sub-zero in the winter months. By December, the trail embraces the winter chill. Although the winter landscapes are worth every climb, the weather will be cold, and you will deal with frigid temperatures in winter in Deoriatal. You need to carry enough layers to deal with the freezing temperatures. 

Starry nights from Deoriatal mesmerizes trekkers on the trek.

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Temperature in December

December marks the onset of winter in Deoraital. December temperature drops to – 2°C to – 5°C. Daytime temperature touches a maximum of 8°C. The campsites will be extremely cold and you require a minimum of five layers to keep yourself warm.

Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal Temperature in January

In January, the temperature ranges between – 7°C to 5°C. Deoriatal in January experiences the coldest temperatures. Sun shows up briefly, and nights and early mornings will have chilly weather. 

Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal Temperature in February

Come February, the weather in Deoriatal turns slightly warm during the day. Early morning and lights remain cold with frigid temperatures. February in Rohini Bugyal witnesses temperatures – 6°C and a maximum of 7°C.

Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal Weather in Spring (March and April)

Spring months of March and April will have delightful weather during the day when the sun shows up. Campsites remain warm and cosy as the temperature begins to change. Nevertheless, come prepared with sufficient layers to stay warm, especially in the evenings and early morning. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Temperature in March

In March, the day temperature will reach a maximum of 10°C. However, expect a dip in temperature at night and a cold temperature in sub-zero. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Temperature in April

April has clear weather and pleasant temperatures during the day. Early morning and evening remain cold at higher campsites. April in Deoriatal registers a minimum of 3°C and the day temperature touches a maximum of 13°C when the weather god is kind and clear. 

Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal Weather in Summer (May and June)

During the summer months, the weather remains pleasant. Sun graces the trail for longer periods and you have bright sunny days and warm temperatures. The night temperature will be comfortable in contrast to the harsh winter drop. 

Mount Chaukhamba presents its breathtaking reflection on Deoriatal trek.

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Temperature in May

The summer month of May witnesses a day temperature of around 15°C and the night temperature can be below 6°C. If you prefer comfortable temperatures with snuggly weather conditions, May is the best month to be on the trek. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Temperature in June

June weather in Deoriatal remains similar to that in May. The days feel warmer and cosy in June as the temperature is pleasant between a minimum of 8°C to a maximum of 17°C. The night temperature in June requires you to add a layer or two more as it gets chilly at the campsites. 

Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal Weather in Monsoon

Monsoon months in Rohini Bugyal has warm temperature, however, the weather is unpredictable, with incessant rain often causing landslides and roadblocks. 

The temperature in July and August ranges between 20°C to 10°C. 

Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal Weather in Autumn (September to November)

The weather will be delightful during the day in the autumn months. Warm and pleasant days keep you company on the trek. Expect a further drop in temperature in the morning and evening. Carry enough layers to guard yourself against biting cold temperatures at higher campsites. Deoriatal weather in autumn is ideal with clear sunny days and mild temperatures. 

Consider Deoriatal in autumn if you are not fond of extreme winter cold. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Temperature in September

In the autumn months of September, the temperature will reach a maximum of 10°C  to 15°C. You will trek on warm sunny days and nights, and early morning will be chilly. Minimum temperatures in September will be between 0°C and 2°C. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Temperature in October

October marks the trail with a warm and cosy day hike, and the nights at the campsite get chilly and windy. Be prepared for temperatures between 0°C to 13°C  in October. As you will be hiking during the daytime, your body feels warm, and the freezing temperature hits you at night and early morning. Come well-prepared with enough layers to fight the cold temperatures. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Temperature in November 

By November, the higher reaches of Uttarakhand begin to prepare for the arrival of winter. The temperature drops further, increasing the chill in the air. The temperature in November ranges between a minimum of – 3°C to a maximum of 10°C in Deoriatal in November. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Trek Highlights 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal trek in Uttarakhand is a perfect hike to enjoy the mountain views and soak in the serenity of nature. The three-day trek starts from Sari village, around 8-9 hours from Dehradun. This easy trek is ideal for beginners who wish to discover the wilderness. 

In Deoriatal, Mt. Chaukamba’s reflection on the pristine lake is awe-inspiring. Witnessing Mt. Chaukamba looming in the background is worth every climb. The trek also offers the grandeur of the snow-capped peaks of Nilkantha, Bandarpooch, and Kalanag.  

While the lake serves as a perfect place for immersing yourself in nature, Rohini Bugyal offers you a variety of Himalayan birds. The Bugyal remains hidden amidst the forest and is an ideal playground for migratory birds. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Bugyal is a perfect escape into the wilderness. Within three days, the trek offers majestic mountain views, flower-laden trails, and the tranquillity of nature to the fullest. 

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