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Har Ki Dun trek temperature varies throughout the year. The summer months of May and June have pleasant weather and mild temperatures. The spring months of March and April flaunt bright sunny days. Har Ki Dun Valley’s summer temperature is delightful due to longer sun exposure. September to November in Har Ki Dun is known for its cosy days and chilly evenings. 

Although it is an easy trek suitable for beginners, the weather in winter is harsh and cold.

Before you plan your visit to the Har Ki Dun trek, let’s know more about the detailed weather forecast and temperature in Har Ki Dun. We have compiled a month-wise temperature to help you plan your trek. 

Har Ki Dun Trek Monthly Temperature Guide

Winter January  -11°C 7°C
WinterFebruary-9°C 8°C 
SpringMarch -6°C 10°C 
SpringApril-4°C 13°C 
SummerMay0°C 15°C 
SummerJune4°C 17°C 
MonsoonJuly 9°C 18°C 
MonsoonAugust10°C 20°C 
AutumnSeptember0°C 15°C 
AutumnOctober -3°C 14°C 
AutumnNovember-5°C 10°C 
Winter December-7°C 8°C 

Har Ki Dun Weather in Spring(March and April)

Har Ki Dun trek offers picturesque campsites and thrill of a Ruinsara Tal.

Spring arrives in Har Ki Dun in March. The season is marked by warm days and longer daylight hours. Har Ki Dun welcomes trekkers with warm and sunny days in March and April. 

Har Ki Dun Temperature in March

In March, the day temperature will reach a maximum of 16°C during the daylight and at night, the temperature drops to around -5°C. 

Har Ki Dun Temperature in April

Har Ki Dun is characterized by warm temperatures and sunny days in April. The average temperature is registered between -4°C to 16°C. 

Har Ki Dun Weather in Summer (May to June)

Har Ki Dun weather in summer is glorious with eternal daylights and shining sun.  The temperature in Har Ki Dun is comfortable in summer. 

The region experiences summer in May and continues till June end. The harsh and cold temperatures at higher altitudes are one of the characteristics the trekkers deal with in Har Ki Dun. Even in summer, the temperature can go as low as 0°C when the weather conditions worsen. 

Har Ki Dun Temperature in May

Har Ki Dun Trek weather is pleasant in May and accompanied by clear blue skies and warm sunny days. The average May temperature in Har Ki Dun ranges between 15°C to 0°C. The day will be warm and cozy in contrast to chilly weather at night.

Har Ki Dun Temperature in June 

In June, the weather and temperature resemble that of May. However, be prepared for occasional showers if trekking towards the end of June. 

The temperature in Har Ki Dun in June varies between a minimum of 4°C to maximum of 17°C. 

Har Ki Dun Weather in Autumn (Mid-September to early November)

Autumn boasts enough daylight and warm sunny days. The weather remains clear as the monsoons rain clear haze and the dust off the trail. The cold intensifies towards the October end and the higher temperatures register freezing temperatures bright sun of summer is missing in the autumn months. If you are trekking to Har Ki Dun in autumn, remember to be equipped with trekking clothes that withstand the freezing temperatures at the windy campsites. 

A mesmerizing mountainscape set against the layer of mountains.

Har Ki Dun Temperature in September

Temperature in September hovers around a maximum of 15°C  and drops to below-freezing points, especially at night. The higher campsites record temperatures between 0°C  to -3°C  in September

Har Ki Dun Temperature in October

October temperature in Har Ki Dun is between 14°C to -3°C. At the higher campsites, the temperature drops even further during early mornings and nights, resulting in a chilly atmosphere.

Har Ki Dun Temperature in November

In November there is a significant fall in the temperature. November records a minimum of -5°C and a maximum of 10°C. Come prepared with enough layers to guard yourself from the biting cold night temperature. 

Har Ki Dun Weather in Winter (November to February)

Winter in Har Ki Dun is harsh and cold. Uttarakhand starts receiving snowfall by December. Plan your trek in the first week of December to experience the surreal magic of winter in Har Ki Dun. Constant and heavy snowfall restrict trekkers from traversing their desire of Har Ki Dun in peak winters. 

Har Ki Dun Temperature in December 

The day temperature in December hovers at 8°C and it further plunges to -7°C at night. December brings a cool winter breeze increasing the cold at the campsites.

Har Ki Dun Temperature in January

January is the coldest month of the year. The frigid temperatures and extreme snowfall challenge trekkers in January. January experiences freezing temperatures.   Temperature is around 7°C during the day and further drops to -11°C at night. 

Har Ki Dun Temperature in February

By February, the weather begins to clear and there is a slight increase in the temperature. Be prepared to deal with temperatures as low as – 9°C in February. The weather during the day remains comfortable and the temperature touches a maximum of 8°C. 

Har Ki Dun Trek Highlights 

Har Ki Dun Trek in Uttarakhand is one of the most picture-perfect treks unravelling the unexplored beauty of Har Ki Dun Valley. With mighty mountains and dream-like landscapes, Har Ki Dun Trek offers alluring scenes of meadows, valleys, rivers, and an alpine lake, all at once. 

On this trek, trekkers experience the ancient culture and traditionally rich villages. The trek gives you access to some of the prettiest campsites and unexplored valleys with awe-inspiring views. One of the rare experiences of this trek is camping by the riverside. Imagine waking up to the sound of the river while the first rays of the sun peek through the mountains in front of you. The trekkers often spend hours by the river, soaking in the unparalleled beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas. 

While the big mountains like Swarogini, Kala Nag, and Bandarpooch entice you, it is the stunning scenic beauty of this trek that captivates you for the entire duration of the trek. Har Ki Dun remains covered in snow from December till March. 

Trekkers begin their journey to Har Ki Dun Valley from Sankri village. It takes a minimum of six days to complete the trek, including travel to and from the base camp. If you are looking for a classic Himalayan adventure, Har Ki Dun has to feature on your list. 

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