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An idyllic trail, snow-covered Bugyals, and a surreal landscape make winter the best time for Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Trek in Uttarakhand. 

Spring and summer also bring out the best of Deoriatal, making the season the best time for Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal trek. Rhododendron-clad forests, spell-binding mountain views and soothing summer colours make spring-summer another good time to visit. 

The trek can be enjoyed throughout the year, with four distinct seasons: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Avoid trekking to Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal in peak monsoon season. It becomes challenging to navigate the trail as it rains incessantly in July and August. 

The trail adorns a layer of snow, creating a surreal scene in winter. As Spring arrives, the forests and meadows come alive with vibrant wildflowers sprouting everywhere. During summer, the verdant grasslands spread like a lush green carpet, transforming the entire landscape. Come autumn, the colour of the trail changes entirely. The once lush green trail now remains covered with the calming hues of fall. 

Before you embark on Doeriatal trek, here is a detailed season-wise guide to the Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Trek. Know more about the best time to visit Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal trek and plan your trip according to your interests and preferences. 

Deoriatal in Winter (December to February) – For experiencing Snow in Abundance 

December to February is the peak winter season in Deorital Rohini Bugyal. For experiencing abundant snow, consider this trek in the winter months. It starts snowing towards December end. 

Deoriatal in December

Winter arrives in Deoriatal in December. Towards the end of the month, the trek transforms into a magical winterland, distinct from other seasons. The entire trail remains blanketed under a fresh spell of snow. 

Deoriatal in January

In January, regular snowfall covers the trail in a blanket of fresh snow, and the snow-studded peaks offer an ethereal sight. You are in for a treat as the clear winter sky offers an enchanting view of starry nights. This is also the best season to capture the star-studded sky above the towering peaks. 

Deoriatal in February

In winter, you can indulge in snowball fights, snow trekking or simply walking on a powdery soft snow. February receives abundant snowfall, covering the entire Bugyal with fresh snowfall. February is also a good time to trek if you prefer fewer people on the trail and solitude at the campsite. 

Deoriatal in Spring (March to April) – Best Time to Capture Rhododendron Blooms

During spring months, between March and April end, a colour riot paints the entire landscape. Spring is the best time for Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal to embrace soothing summer hues. The canopy of rhododendrons blooming in red and pink is a sight that rejuvenates you. Imagine walking under the mesmerizing floral display. It is an experience worth every climb. 

Breathtaking sunsets during best time in Deoriatal Bugyal Trek

Deoriatal in March

By March, winter snow recedes, and the lower reaches of the trek are enwrapped in zestful colours. Trekking to Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal in spring offers contrasting landscapes. The lower reaches welcome trekkers with lush greenery. The Bugyals are covered with tiny wildflowers sprouting in various colours. While the upper reaches remain covered under the remnants of winter snow. 

Deoriatal in April

If you want to experience the flower-laden trail and enjoy the best of the lush green meadows of Rohini Bugyal, April is the best time. 

Deoriatal in Summer  (May to June) – For Soothing Summer Colors 

In summer, the Bugyal is at its brightest green. The winter snow vanishes off the trail.  Comfortable trail, surrounded by lush greenery and colourful wildflowers make summer the best time to trek to Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal. 

Mount Chaukhamba presents its breathtaking reflection on Deoriatal trek in summer

Deoriatal in May

In May, the dense forest and the meadows of Rohini Bugyal appear soothing to your eyes and soul convincing you to discover more. May is the best time to enjoy the best of summer colours. 

Deoriatal in June

June has bright sunny days and occasional sporadic showers making summer the most pleasant time to bask in the revitalizing landscapes the trek offers.  

Deoriatal in Monsoon (July to August) – Not recommended

Avoid trekking to Deoriatal in monsoon months. Monsoon arrives in Uttarakhand by July and continues till August. Sometimes, monsoon rain extends to September as well. The region receives heavy rainfall often causing roadblocks and landslides. It is risky to explore the treks in Uttarakhand in monsoon. 

Deoriatal in Autumn (September to November) – Best Time to Enjoy the Grandeur of the Himalayas

Autumn season begins in September and continues till November. It is also one of the most tranquil seasons to do the trek and offers clear and crisp mountain views. 

Deoriatal in September

September, the monsoon rain clears the haziness in the atmosphere and the landscapes appear crisp. As autumn approaches, the forest embraces hues of golden, orange and brown offering a serene trail. 

Deoriatal in October

Deoriatal in October is when autumn colors deepen transforming the colours of forests and meadows. October is a perfect time to indulge in photography. The clear blue sky, the towering mountains and the sprawling meadows make a perfect backdrop for photography. 

Deoriatal in November

November in Deoriatal has a serene vibe. This is also the season when you will encounter very few trekkers offering you complete solitude, and allowing you an exclusiveness to connect with nature. The peaceful ambience at the campsites lets you immerse in nature’s glory. 

Autumn in Deoriatal is for trekkers who wish to capture the beauty of nature and immerse in the solitude the trail offers. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Highlights 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal trek in Uttarakhand is a perfect hike to enjoy the mountain views and soak in the serenity of nature. The three-day trek starts from Sari village, around 8-9 hours away from Dehradun. This easy trek is ideal for beginners who wish to discover the wilderness. 

Mt Chaukamba’s reflection on the pristine lake of Deoriatal is awe-inspiring. Trekkers hike through the forest and meadows to capture this perfect relflection of the mighty Chaukhamba. To witness Mt Chaukamba looming in the background from your tent is worth every climb. From the lake, you can also witness the majestic view of the snow-capped peaks of Nilkantha, Bandarpooch and Kalanag.  

While the lake serves as a perfect place for immersing yourself in nature, Rohini Bugyal offers you a variety of Himalayan birds. The Bugyal remains hidden amidst the forest and is a perfect playground for migratory birds. 

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal Bugyal is a perfect escape into the wilderness. Within a short span, the trek offers majestic mountain views, flower-laden trails and the tranquility of nature to the fullest. 

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