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Sandakphu Trek temperature fluctuates throughout the year. Although it is a moderate trek suitable for beginners, Sandakphu weather in winter is harsh and cold. The spring months of March and April have pleasant temperatures and flaunt bright sunny days. The weather in summer is pleasant as the sun stays for a longer duration. 

Before you plan your Sandakphu – Phalut trek, let’s know more about the detailed Sandakphu weather forecast and temperature. Here is a month-wise temperature and weather guide to help you plan your Sandakphu trek. 

Sandakphu Trek Monthly Temperature Guide


Winter January  -5°C 8°C
SpringMarch -2°C13°C
SpringApril0 °C13°C
SummerMay4 °C15°C
SummerJune8°C 17°C
MonsoonJuly 9°C19°C
AutumnOctober 0°C12°C
Winter December-3°C9°C

Sandakphu Temperature in Winter (December to February)

Sandakphu experiences cold and snowy winter months from December to early February. Sandakphu Temperature in winter touches the lowest of -5°C in January. There is a high probability of witnessing snowfall in Sandakphu – Phalut in the winter months. As the temperature drops, you will also have fewer crowds on the trail. Be prepared to tackle low temperatures in winter. 

Sandakphu weather in winter is perfect if you enjoy a chill in the air. If you want to enjoy snowfall on the trek, winter is the perfect time for you. 

A spectacular sight of floating clouds on Sandakphu Trek.

Sandakphu Temperature in December

Sandakphu temperature in December touches the maximum of 9°C during the daytime. The nights are colder and you will notice a chill in the air. The night temperature is recorded at -3°C in Sandakphu. If the Sandakphu weather is kind, you will have your share of winter sun and its warmth. 

Sandakphu Temperature in January

Sandakphu temperature in January is recorded between a minimum of – 5°C to 8°C. The days will not be harsh as temperatures hover around 3°C to 8°C on a clear sunny day. The temperature takes a dip at night, reaching its lowest.

If you are trekking to Sandakphu in winter, carry sufficient layers to keep yourself warm. 

Sandakphu Temperature in February

The temperature at Sandakphu in February is relatively warmer compared to the preceding two months. In February, the average temperature reaches the maximum of 11°C and night temperature sits at a minimum of -3°C. 

Sandakphu is a culturally rich trek where you get to traverse the villages of India and Nepal.

Sandakphu Trek is not recommended during the monsoon season. The trek is inaccessible due to incessant rain. There are also high risks of landslides in the region, with unfavourable trekking conditions. 

Sandakphu Temperature in Spring (March to April)

Sandakphu temperature in the spring months of March and April remains pleasant. You will be welcomed with warm and cosy weather in spring. Early mornings and evenings will be chilly.  The snow on the Sandakphu – Phalut trail subsides as spring arrives in March. 

Sandakphu weather in March is sometimes hampered by occasional showers. The fog obstructs the views of the mountains looming in the distance if the weather worsens.

Sandakphu Temperature in March

In March, the weather is generally pleasant, with sunny and warm days. The temperature typically stays around a maximum of 13°C, but it can drop to as low as -2°C. At night, the weather gets chilly and windy, particularly at campsites, causing the temperature to decrease.

Sandakphu Temperature in April

In April, Sandakphu temperature escalates a bit and the highest temperature is recorded at 13⁰C and lowest at 0⁰C. Be prepared for foggy weather if you are trekking to Sandakphu in mid-April. 

Sandakphu Temperature in Summer (May to June)

Sandakphu weather in summer is warm and cosy, featuring bright sunny days. Consider trekking to Sandakphu in the summer months of May and June if you dread the cold and harsh winter weather. 

Sandakphu Temperature in May

May in Sandakphu registers a minimum temperature of 4⁰C. As the Sandakphu trek offers the comfort of tea houses, you have access to warm and cosy beds at night. During the day, temperature hovers around 15⁰C in Sandakphu. The sun shines bright and you hike on warm days. 

Sandakphu Temperature in June

The weather in June in Sandakphu resembles that of May. Temperatures fluctuate between a minimum of 8⁰C to a maximum of 17⁰C. You will have warm hiking days if you trek to Sandakphu in June. 

Sandakphu Weather in Autumn (September to November)

Autumn months in Sandakphu have ideal weather.  Sandakphu Phalut trail welcomes you to long daylight hours. Nights grow colder, but the warmth of cosy teahouses guard you. The weather in Sandakphu is devoid of gloominess in autumn. September to November is the perfect time to indulge in warm and mellow temperatures. 

Sandakphu Temperature in September 

Sandakphu temperature in September ranges between 15°C  to 18°C during the day. As the daylight dims, the temperature begins to drop and touches a minimum of 5°C to 3°C. 

Sandakphu Temperature in October 

Sandakphu temperature in October sits at 10°C to 12°C during the day. The night records an average of 5°C  to 0°C.  The weather at Sandakphu keeps fluctuating as you climb higher and gain altitude. 

Sandakphu Temperature in November

In November, the Sandakphu temperature further dips down and records a minimum of -1⁰C. The day temperature in November reaches a comfortable 10⁰C during the day. 

Sandakphu weather is clear between September and November. The weather will be pleasantly warm with a cool evening breeze. The nights will be colder than it was in spring and summer. The Sandakphu weather forecast is perfect for immersing yourself in crisp and magnified views of the towering mountains during autumn. 

Sandakphu Trek Highlights

Sandakphu Trek in West Bengal is one of the most popular trails in our country. This quintessential trek owes its popularity to culturally rich indulgence, the unique experience of trekking in two different countries, and the mind-boggling view of the breathtaking mountains. You will witness the famous Kanchendzonga ranges, appearing like a ‘Sleeping Buddha’ and four of the world’s highest mountains, including Everest.

The Sandakphu trek spreads over six days and passes through picturesque and postcard-perfect villages. It climbs to an altitude of 11,950 ft. when you reach Sandakphu. 

You will be trekking in and out of Singalila National Park. You also have a rare opportunity to experience the villages of India and Nepal simultaneously. Sandakphu is also one of the rare treks that can be done in a DIY style. As the entire trail has an option for tea houses, trekkers can opt to do this trek on their own without joining any organization. However, it is mandatory to hire a guide for the trek.

The trek can be attempted from Sepi, Jaubhari, and Shrikhola. 

Sandakphu Trek is around 44 km long. If you go further to Phalut, the total distance becomes 65 kilometres. 

The trek spreads over six days, including travel to and from Siliguri, where the nearest railway station and the airport are located. 

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