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Monsoon is the best time to explore the treks in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. The Western Ghats turn into a paradise and come alive with lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, sprouting water streams along the trail, and misty landscapes, making it the perfect time to explore the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra. 

For those looking for the best trekking places in Maharashtra in monsoon, here is a quick guide on some of the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra, including the best time to visit and how to reach these trails tucked away in the majestic western ghats. 

List of the 8 best monsoon treks in Maharashtra 

  1. Rajgad
  2. Harischandragad
  3. Torna Fort Trek
  4. Prabalgad Trek
  5. Bhimashankar Trek
  6. Rajmachi Trek
  7. Lohagad Trek
  8. Takmak Fort 

Rajgad Trek 

Trek Distance – 5 km 

Trek Duration – 3 to 4 hrs (Starting Point to the Top)

Starting Point – Gunjavane Village 

Rajgad Trek in Maharashtra is a thrilling trek, offering majestic view of the Western Ghats.
Photo Credit – Unsplash.com

Rajgad Fort near Pune is one of the prettiest trekking trails. The beauty of this trek is enhanced when the monsoon arrives in the region. Rajgad is one of the most loved monsoon treks in Maharashtra. For those seeking a rejuvenating getaway amidst nature, Rajgad offers an ideal escape. Monsoon brings gushing waterfalls to life and the flower beds bloom in vibrant hues in Rajgad during monsoon. 

Along with the breathtaking landscapes of Shayadri, the fort offers an architectural marvel and rich historic tales amid the Western Ghats. Located at 4,514 ft., the trek takes you through a splendid trail, offering magnificent landscapes of Shayadris. The fort was the capital of Chattrapati Shivaji for a long duration and has witnessed a wealth of historical events. Constructed during the Maratha empire’s glorious years, the fort has Machis or viewpoints and double-fortified walls, and the entire fort boasts of the great architectural prowess of the Maratha empire. 

While the beauty of this fort spellbinds you, the trail to the top is equally impressive. It takes you through lush green fields, a flower-laden trail and serene forest sections. The view from the top is a treat to your eyes. Watch out for a magical view of Shayadri from the top. You will need a minimum of 2 to 3 hours to explore the fort. 

Harischandragad Trek

Trek Distance – 5km( From Pichnai Village)

Trek Duration – 2 hrs (One Way)

Starting Point – Khireshwar, Pachnai and Walhivale/Belpada village. 

Harishchandragad Trek near Pune is one of Maharashtra’s most scenic and best trekking places. As the monsoon arrives in the region, the beauty of the trek gets enhanced with lush greenery and gushing water streams sprouting everywhere, making it one of the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra. 

The trek takes you to an ancient fort offering a perfect blend of adventurous trails and historic landmarks. 

You will traverse dense forest cover, waterfalls along the trail, and a vibrant flower bed. Many ancient temples at the top exhibit the diverse culture this place has witnessed. Harishchandreshwar temple, Kedareshwar cave temple, and Tirta Pushkarini showcase the fine art of stone sculptures on this hike. The trek is also known for its spellbinding view of Naneghat from Taramti Peak, the fourth highest in Maharashtra. 

Harishchandragad trek has three starting points – Pachnai village, Khireshwar and Wahivale. The trail is challenging as it has some steep and tricky sections. While monsoon is the best time to witness the majestic beauty of the trek,  you need to traverse these sections carefully, especially during monsoon since the route becomes slippery. Start your trek from Pachnai if you are an absolute beginner. It is the easiest and quickest route. 

Torna Fort Trek 

Trek Distance – 11km 

Trek Duration – 3 to 4 hrs (Starting Point to the Top)

Starting Point – Velhe Village 

Torna Fort Trek is a picturesque trail that embraces the freshness of lush green colour during the monsoon season. Come monsoon, the grassland along the route remains abloomed with vibrant wildflowers. You will be enchanted to walk on a flowerbed. 

One of the most adventurous trekking trails in the Western Ghats, the trek starts from Velhe village and takes you to the top where Torna Fort stands tall in all its glory. One of the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra, Torna Fort is a paradise for nature lovers. The highlight of this trek is the ruins of the Torna Fort, also called Prachandgad owing to its mega-sized structure. Prachanda in Marathi means massive and Gad translates to fort. Famed to be the highest hill fort of Pune, Torna holds many historical significance. It was the first fort captured by Chattrapati Shivaji at the young age of 16. The fort has been witness to a series of historic battles, a prominent one was between the Marathas and Mughals. 

Torna Fort is an easy-to-moderate trek, and trekkers hike on tricky patches to reach the summit. Do this trek in monsoon season to fully appreciate the enthralling beauty of Torna Fort Trek. 

Bhimashankar Trek

Trek Distance – 13 km

Trek Duration –  4 hrs (One way)

Starting Point – Khandas Village, Karjat

Bhimashankar trek is one of the most picturesque monsoon treks in Maharashtra.
Photo Credit – Unsplash.com

Bhimashakar Trek offers an opportunity to discover the rich biodiversity of Bhimasahankar Wildlife Sanctuary. The trail and the forest come to life during the monsoon, making it a must-do monsoon trek in Maharashtra. 

The trek is also popular amongst the trekkers and explorers for Bhimashankar temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Trekkers who embark on this trail witness dense forests, diverse wildlife, scenic waterfalls, and gushing streams. The entire trail springs to life during the monsoon season. 

The trek is fairly challenging and demands you to be in good physical condition to appreciate the raw beauty of the Western Ghats fully.

Rajmachi Trek

Trek Distance – 13 km

Trek Duration – 7 hrs 

Starting Point – Udewadi

Touted as one of the most picturesque trekking trails near Pune, the Rajmachi Fort trek offers its best during the monsoon season. The trail boasts lush green forests, rich fauna, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes of Shahyadris, making it a must-visit monsoon trek in Maharashtra. Its refreshing landscapes during the rainy season make Rajmachi a popular monsoon trek in Maharashtra. 

Nestled amid two popular hill stations, Lonavala and Karjat, the trek takes to the twin fort of Manaranjan Fort (2510 feet) and Shriwardhan (2750.  ft). You can approach the trek from both Lonavala and Karjat.  The starting point of the trek is Udhewadi village, around km from Lonavala. 

The magical sight of gleaming fireflies will enhance the trek experience if you plan this trek pre-monsoon. If you camp here for a night, you will witness magical sunsets from the top. 

Visapur Fort 

Trek Distance – 5 km( From base to Top)

Trek Duration – 3 hrs (Starting Point to the Top)

Starting Point – Baje Village 

Visapur Fort trek is a popular monsoon trek in Maharashtra. Located near Mumbai Pune Expressway the trek takes you to the ruins of historic Visapur Fort. The Fort was constructed under the watch of Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. 

Visapur is one of the monsoon treks in Maharashtra, the trail is dotted with waterfalls sprouting during the monsoon months. The highlight of the trek is water gushing down the entrance steps creating a picture-perfect sight. You will navigate through small streams along the route. Lush green forest, a walk on the plateau, and spectacular views of historic forts are some of the highlights of Visapur Fort Trek in Pune.  The trek starts from Baje Village and takes approximately 3 hours to reach the top. A moderate trek, this one-day trek near Pune traverses a few rocky patches. 

A must-explore monsoon trek, July to September is the best time to visit Visapur Fort trek for verdant grassland and soothing summit views. 

Devkund Waterfall Trek

Trek Distance – 6 km( From base to Top)

Trek Duration – 2 hrs (One Way)

Starting Point – Bhira

Devkund Waterfall Trek is a hidden treasure and a perfect trek to explore during monsoon season. The Devkund waterfall trek takes you deep inside the forest through a lush green trail. The waterfall is come to life when the monsoon arrives, increasing the volume of the waterfall, and making it one of the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra. 

Locals believe the waterfall used to be a bathing ground for Devs, or Gods, and it is considered sacred by the villagers. Hidden inside a dense forest surrounded by Bhira Dam, the Devkund waterfall trek is an easy hike. You can complete the trek in a day. If you plan to spend a night, you can camp along the Bhira water reservoir for a night to add adventure to your getaway. A waterfall of 280 mt in height swells as it begins raining in July. It is a perfect weekend getaway to escape the city heat. 

The trek starts from Bhira and takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the waterfall. 

Takmak Fort Trek

Trek Distance – 5.5 km( From base to Top)

Trek Duration – 3 hrs (One Way)

Starting Point – Sakawar

Takmak Fort Trek is a less-explored trek near Mumbai. One of the most beautiful monsoon treks in Maharashtra, the Takmak Fort trek is a hidden gem of the Western Ghats. 

The fort built in the 12th century has rich historical significance and was used as a watch tower to keep a watch on trade routes. 

Takmak trek begins from Sakawar village and gives glimpses of the dense forest of the Palghar region, thrilling ridge walk and slow village life. If you plan this trek during monsoon, the forest will have flowers blooming vibrantly. Walking through the thick vegetation and admiring the vibrant blooms is an ethereal experience. The trail is also known for the presence of freshwater crabs. You will discover these crabs while traversing the forest section. 

Plan the Takmak Fort trek in monsoon to experience the peaceful surroundings, pleasant weather and less crowded trail compared to other popular monsoon treks. 

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