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Maharashtra is home to an array of thrilling trails, thanks to the presence of majestic Shayadri ranges. The Shayadri, or Western Ghats, offer many trekking trails. While many treks in the Western Ghats offer serene landscapes and rejuvenating walks amidst the forests, there is no lack of adventurous climbs and challenging terrain. The Western Ghats boast some of the toughest treks in Maharashtra, perfect for thrill seekers and seasoned trekkers. From challenging climbs to an ancient fort to treacherous trails leading to mesmerising summit views, embarking on these toughest treks in Maharashtra unveils diverse sceneries and thrilling discoveries.  

Let’s delve further and learn about some of Maharashtra’s difficult and toughest treks. This blog details what makes these trails challenging and how to prepare for them.

Here is a list of some of the toughest treks in Maharashtra

  1. Alang Madan Kulang Trek
  2. Harishchandragad Trek via Nalichi Ghat
  3. Lingana Fort Trek
  4. Kalavantin Durg Trek
  5. Rajgad Trek

Alang Madan Kulang Trek – the toughest trek in Maharashtra 

  • Best Time – October to February 
  • Trek Distance – 18km (approx)
  • Starting Point – Kurungwadi 

Alang Madan Kunlang Trek, or AMK near Nashik is one of the most difficult treks in Maharastra due to the technical terrain and long and dangerous walk on the treacherous trail. For those ready to take on Maharashtra’s most challenging trek, the view from the summit rewards you perfectly. The trail lies in the Kalsubai range of the Western Ghats. 

The trek traverses a dense forest, full of flora and fauna, rock and boulders, and seasonal waterfalls. This three-fort trek is a challenging trek, known for its vertical rock face, steep climbs and technical difficulty. 

As you traverse this thrilling trek, the difficulty level increases when you navigate the dangerous ledge walks. These ledge walks continue for more than a km in different sections of the trek. On one side, the ledge rests on a rock while the other exposes trekkers to a 1000ft drop cliff. Walking on these strenuous sections gets your adrenaline pumping. The thrill is further enhanced when you climb a vertical rock with the help of ropes. 

The trek that takes you to the trio forts of Alang, Madan and Kulang is characterized by demanding ascents. Reaching the summit is a demanding task on a strenuous and dangerous trail, however, the summit view mesmerizes you. The surrounding peaks, many ancient water cisterns in dynamic shapes, and lush green farmlands are worth every climb. 

The trek is perfect for seasoned trekkers having a fair knowledge of technical climbing. Since it’s a difficult trek, do not attempt this trek without a guide or technical climbing expertise. 

Harishchandragad Trek via Nalichi Ghat – a challenging trail for seasoned trekkers

  • Best Time – Post-Monsoon Months 
  • Trek Distance – 5km ( From Pichnai Village)
  • Starting Point – Khireshwar, Pachnai and Walhivale

Harishchandragad Trek nestled amidst the Western Ghats is one of the most diverse trekking destinations in Maharashtra. The trek caters to the trekkers of all levels with different starting points. Each trail has a unique feature and exclusive experience. Easiest of all the route is from Pachnai village, suitable for beginners. 

Harishcnadragad via Nalichi Baat route is perfect for thrill seekers. The route is known for a challenging climb, the vertical walls and tackling the vertical rockface. This route is deep inside the remote village of Walhivale near Malshej Ghat. 

On this trek, you pass through a dense forest cover, waterfalls along the trail, and a vibrant flower bed. Many ancient temples at the top exhibit the diverse culture this place has witnessed. Harishchandreshwar temple, Kedareshwar cave temple, and Tirta Pushkarini showcase the fine art of stone sculptures. Besides, the trek is known for its spellbinding view of Naneghat from Taramti Peak, the fourth highest in Maharashtra. 

The trail via Nalichi Vaat is the most challenging one as it has some steep and tricky sections. Therefore, traverse these sections carefully, especially during monsoon since the route becomes slippery. Start your trek from Pachnai if you are an absolute beginner. It is the easiest and quickest route. 

Lingana Fort Trek – a hardcore rock climbing expedition 

  • Best Time – October to February 
  • Trek Distance – 5km (approx)
  • Starting Point – Mohari

Lingana Raigad Trek is a must-do trek for hardcore adventure enthusiasts. This trek is known for its vertical walls, technically challenging climbs, and dangerous trail that requires you to traverse with utmost care.  Lingana – Raigad trek offers a unique trail and differs from other popular treks in the Western Ghats. The trail demands you to traverse vertical walls, and navigate the steep ascents with the help of rock climbing in many sections. While embarking on one of the toughest treks in Maharastra sounds exciting, the trek is suitable for trekkers with prior experience in climbing technical sections, or rock climbing. The trail to Lingana Fort is a delightful experience for rock climbers. 

Embark on the Lingana Fort trek to experience the thrill of traversing 1000 ft steep rock face and rappelling down the vertical rock, lush green forest trail, slow village life, and the thrill of traversing a challenging trek to satisfy the adrenaline rush. After a technically challenging climb, the fort offers breathtaking summit views. The thrill of being atop a 2,969-foot-high fort while witnessing the surrounding vistas is thrilling and satisfying at the same time. 

Kalavantin Durg Trek – difficult climb featuring narrow vertical stairways

  • Best Time to Visit – Monsoon
  • Trek Distance – 4km
  • Starting Point – Thakurwadi

Kalvantin Durg Trek offers a thrilling experience of climbing a Kalavantin pinnacle at 2,205ft. The trek is one of the toughest in Maharashtra and traverses steep climbs, and narrow vertical stairways to the top. These steps are narrow and can adjust two people at once. The sheer thrill of navigating these steep stairs to the top makes the trek an enticing experience. 

The trek is located in Raigad district and is a delight for adventure seekers. Many trekkers combine their climb to Kalavantin Durg with the Prabalgad Trek. though the adventurous climb to the top is a highlight of this trek, the breathtaking views from the Prabalmachi plateau add to your experience. The plateau offers panoramic views of the surrounding peaks, and multiple monsoon waterfalls, compelling trekkers to take a break here to immerse in the breathtaking landscapes. 

While many attempt the Kalavantin Durg trek during the peak monsoon season for refreshing scenery, it is extremely crowded. The stairs become slippery requiring you to be extra cautious. 

Rajgad Trek 

  • Best Time to Visit – Monsoon and post-monsoon months
  • Trek Distance – 5km
  • Starting Point – Gunjavane Village
Rajgad Trek in Maharashtra is
Photo Credit – Unsplash.com

Rajgad Fort, located at an altitude of 4,514 ft is a challenging trek near Pune. The trek boasts the prettiest trails, including lush green forests and magnificent Shayadaris landscapes. An architectural marvel amid the Western Ghats, Rajgad Fort is characterized by rich historic tales. The fort was the capital of Chattrapati Shivaji for a long duration and has witnessed a wealth of historical events. 

Constructed during the Maratha empire’s glorious years, the fort has Machis or viewpoints and double-fortified walls.  The entire fort boasts of the great architectural prowess of the Maratha empire. 

While the beauty of this fort spellbinds you, the trail to the top is equally impressive. It takes you through lush green fields, a flower-laden trail and serene forest sections. The view from the top is a treat to your eyes. Watch out for a magical view of Shayadri from the top. You will need at least 2 to 3 hours to explore the fort. 


If you are a seasoned trekker wishing to push your limits, these are the toughest treks to experience in Maharashtra. Embark on some of the most challenging trails in the Western Ghats to quench your thirst for an adventurous escape. The sound of discovering these trails excites many trekkers, however, plan these treks if you are physically fit to navigate the technically challenging climbs and steep ascents. 

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