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Brahmatal trek has four distinct seasons- winter, spring, summer and autumn. All different seasons have varying weather and temperature. While winter is chilly and has freezing temperatures, autumn and spring have mild and pleasant weather suitable for beginners. 

A trekker admiring the mighty Mt. Trishul on Brahmatal Trek in Uttarakhand.

Brahmatal weather remains manageable during winter months, making it one of the few Himalayan treks accessible and enjoyable in winter. Spring and summer have warm and sunny days, while the autumn seasons have icy and windy evenings and sub-zero temperatures at night. 

Each season has varied temperatures and weather conditions. Here is a month-wise Brahmatal trek temperature and Brahmatal weather forecast to help you plan your trek. 

Brahmatal Trek Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January  -8°C 5°C
WinterFebruary-5°C 6°C 
SpringMarch -2°C 10°C 
SpringApril5°C 15°C 
SummerMay8°C 18°C 
SummerJune10°C 23°C 
MonsoonJuly 5°C 22°C 
MonsoonAugust6°C 17°C 
AutumnSeptember4°C 20°C 
AutumnOctober 0°C 18°C 
AutumnNovember-2°C 13°C 
Winter December-3°C 8°C 

Brahmatal Weather in Winters (December to February)

Completely frozen high altitude lake of Brahmatal in Uttarakhand.

Brahmatal trek is most active during winter. As a popular winter trek of our country, Brahmatal attracts hundreds of trekkers daily during the winter season despite frigid temperatures. 

Brahmatal weather from December to February is icy and chilly. The days are cold and night demands you to add a few extra layers to maintain core body temperature. 

Brahmatal Temperature in December 

Brahmatal temperature in December is recorded between a minimum of – 3⁰C and a maximum of 8⁰C. Days will be comparatively cosier than icy and cold evenings. Come prepared with enough layers to keep yourself warm and enjoy the trek. 

Brahmatal Temperature in January

January has misty and cold mornings. The weather during the day will be warmer than the chilly morning and evening. The sun shines for a limited time, and 

the temperature decreases further at higher campsites. The average day temperature reaches a maximum of 5⁰C and drops to a minimum of -8⁰C at night. 

Brahmatal Temperature in February 

In February, the sun plays hide and seek. The days are still cold, and the nights even colder. Brahmatal temperature in February can go down to -5⁰C at night. During the day, the temperature hovers around 6 – 8⁰C.

Brahmatal Weather in Spring (March to April)

The spring months of March and April feature pleasant weather in Brahmatal. The days are not so hot and evenings at the campsites are cool and breezy. 

Brahmatal Temperature in March 

Brahmatal temperature in March reaches a maximum of 10⁰C and a minimum of -2⁰C. Brahmatal in March will remain covered in snow, especially the higher campsites. At the lower campsites, you will find a few patches of snow. The weather remains pleasant in March in Brahmatal. The days are sunny, however, it’s not very hot. The weather at night gets chilly. It’s usually windy towards evening at the campsites, causing the temperature to drop. 

Brahmatal Temperature in April

In April, Brahmatal temperature climbs a bit and the highest temperature is recorded at 15⁰C and the lowest temperature is recorded at night and dips down to 0⁰C. By April, the snow begins to melt and the trail is comfortable to hike on. 

Brahmatal Weather in Summer (May to June)

The weather in Brahmatal in summer remains hazy. Day temperatures are comparatively higher than in other seasons. The night will be cool and breezy. 

Brahmatal Temperature in May 

May temperature in Brahmatal touches around 23°C and drops to the lowest of 10°C at night. The days remain warm and cozy and you will enjoy pleasant weather throughout the trek. 

Brahmatal Temperature in June 

The days are warm and sunny in June in Brahmatal. At higher campsites, the temperature can be on the lower side. June registers temperature between 25°C to 15°C in Brahmatal. Although the temperature is comfortable, there will be no snow on the trail. Brahmatal sees very few trekkers in summer and the trail remains comparatively empty. 

Brahmatal Weather in Monsoon (July and August)

Brahmatal weather worsens during the monsoon. Heavy rainfall, frequented by landslides and slippery trail makes it risky to attempt the trek in July and August. 

July registers temperature between 22°C to 5°C in Brahmatal. Brahmatal weather in August is not conducive for trekking. Heavy rainfall and frequent roadblocks hamper your trekking journey in August. Expect temperatures between 6°C  and 17°C in August. 

Brahmatal Weather in Autumn (September to November)

The weather in Brahmatal during autumn, which falls between September and November, is warm and comfortable. The pleasant weather allows you to enjoy the shades of brown, orange, and red that define autumn. The days are not too hot, while the nights are cool and comfortable. The Brahmatal rek weather is usually clear during this period. However, the nights are colder than in spring and summer. 

Brahmatal weather forecast is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the crisp and magnified views of the towering mountains during autumn. Additionally, autumn is considered a shoulder season in Brahmatal, meaning that you will encounter fewer trekkers during these months.

Brahmatal Temperature in September 

Brahmatal temperature in September touches 20⁰C in September and the lowest temperature is at 4⁰C.

Brahmatal Temperature in October 

In October, Brahmatal temperature ranges between 18⁰C to 0⁰C. The temperature keeps fluctuating as you climb higher and gain altitude. 

Brahmatal Temperature in November

In November, the Brahmatal temperature further dips and records a minimum of -2⁰C. The day temperature in November reaches a comfortable 13⁰C.

Brahmatal Trek Highlights 

Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the Brahmatal Lake trek starts from Lohajung village. The hike spreads over six days, including travel to and from the base camp. Brahmatal Trek is an easy-to-moderate trek. The trek distance is around 22 km. 

The beauty of the Brahmatal trek is unmatched. You experience a heavenly encounter, and Brahmatal opens a vast spread of mesmerising campsites, the grandeur of snow-capped peaks, flower-laden meadows, magical snow-covered trails, and frozen alpine lakes. The landscapes you witness in this trek depend on the time you plan to visit. 

The trek offers a breathtaking view at an altitude of 11,500 ft. Verdant valleys, alpine lakes, and vibrant Rhododendrons complement the bewitching Mt Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti.

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