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Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek temperature varies throughout the year. While the winter months have extreme weather and freezing temperatures, summer features pleasant weather and mild temperatures. 

If you consider Ali Bedni Bugyal in spring, the higher campsites experience cool weather, with temperatures often plunging to sub – zero. Autumn arrives in Uttarakhand by late September and lasts till November. Expect a dip in mercury level in autumn. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal is a beginner-friendly trek in Uttarakhand. If you time your trek perfectly, Ali Bedni offers you the best of Himalayan landscapes. Here is a detailed weather forecast and average temperature guide of Ali Bedni Bugyal. We have compiled an average month-wise Ali Bedni Bugyal temperature to help you plan your trek. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Monthly Temperature Details 

Spring March-3ºC12ºC
Spring April0ºC13ºC
SpringMay5ºC15 ºC
AutumnNovember -3ºC6ºC
Winter December -6ºC3ºC

Ali Bedni Bugyal Weather in Winter (December to February)

Winter cold seeps in as December arrives, and lasts till February. Trekking to Ali Bedni in the winter months means facing frigid temperatures. Winter marks the lowest temperature of the season. Cold is at its peak during the winter months. Come prepared with enough layers to keep yourself warm. 

December temperature in Ali Bedni Bugyal hovers around a maximum of 3°C during the day. It drops to sub-zero at night with a minimum temperature reaching -6ºC. 

January temperatures in Ali Bedni range between a minimum of -8ºC to a maximum of 6ºC. 

As February arrives, the temperature in Ali Bedni Bugyal becomes slightly warmer during the day. You will have a minimum temperature of -6ºC and a maximum of 9ºC. 

Trekkers get relief from biting cold on clear sunny days.  Winter night calls for braving cold temperatures in Ali Bedni Bugyal. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Weather in Spring (March to May)

March and April mark the arrival of spring and feature warm temperatures in Ali Bedni Bugyal. Receding winter cold makes way for a warm and enjoyable atmosphere. The temperature remains mild, creating a perfect scenario to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Ali and Bedni meadows. 

March temperature in Ali Bedni Bugyal registers a maximum of 12°C to 15°C and at night, the chill in the air lets you feel the frigid temperatures of 0°C to -3°C. 

March to May in Ali Bedni Bugyal is favoured by bright sunny days, offering delightful weather to bask in trekking pleasure.  

April exhibits moderate temperatures. You will hike on a warm sunny day. Nights are cold and windy. Expect a temperature between 13°C to 0°C in April. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Weather in Summer (May and June)

Lush green High altitude meadows called Ali Bedni Bugyal with herd of sheep grazing in Uttarakhand

Ali Bedni Bugya weather is pleasant in May and June. The trek features comfortable temperatures. You enjoy warm weather throughout the day. However, in the mountains, the weather is unpredictable. Come prepared with enough layers to brave the cold and chilly air at the higher campsites. 

May temperature in Ali Bedni Bugyal is recorded between a minimum of 5°C to a maximum of 15°C. 

June will have warmer temperatures. The weather is delightful and clear bright days welcome you in summer. The sun shines longer, and you hike on a warm day. Expect a moderate temperature of  17°C during the daytime. The nights require you to layer up to brace temperature if around 6°C. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Weather in Monsoon (July and August)

Monsoon is not the best time to visit Ali Bedni Bugyal. While temperatures remain comfortable, incessant rain hinders your trek. 

Expect temperature between 5°C to 18°C in Ali Bedni Bugyal during monsoon. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Weather in Autumn (September to November)

A trekker wearing yellow jacket walking amidst a dense jungle on Ali Bedni Trek in Uttarakhand

Right amount of warmth during the day and chilly weather at night aptly balance Ali Bedni Bugyal trek in Autumn.  

Ali Bedni Bugyal’s temperature in September will be pleasant and comfortable. Days will be warm and have longer daylight hours. The temperature varies between a minimum of 2°C to 15°C. 

October weather in Ali Bedni Bugyal will be chilly, featuring cold nights and early mornings. Trekkers can expect a minimum of 0°C. You will have some respite during the day if the weather is clear. The day temperature will be 9°C. 

You rejoice wholeheartedly in the enchanting trail—the night cold troubles you if you do not carry enough layers. The temperature is easily manageable if you have come well-packed and prepared. 

November temperature in Ali Bedni hovers around a minimum of -3°C. A cold breeze sweeps the entire Ali Bedni trail in November. A renewed spell of cold drags the temperature to dip below freezing point in November. Expect severe cold in November and carry enough layers to deal with sub-zero temperatures.


Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Highlights 

Ali Bedni Trek offers postcard-perfect views. Rhododendron abloom in bright shades amidst a mystic forest trail transports you to a fairyland. The splendour of snow-studded mountain peaks captivates you while the sprawling verdant grassland welcomes you. You realize the vastness of the grassland when your eyes do not find an end to it. As you walk on these meadows, it piques you to spot its end, and all you discover is scintillating meadows, one after another. Walking barefoot on these soft grass-covered meadows is an experience of a lifetime. At 7120m above sea level, the towering Trishul Parvat stands like a guarding deity. The grandeur of the mountain peaks welcomes you to the breathtaking wilderness of Ali Bugyal. 

One of the largest meadows in Asia, Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek is a perfect trek for beginners to start their outdoor journey. This alpine meadow trek is covered comfortably in 6 days, including travel to and from the basecamp, Lohajung. 

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