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The best time for Ali Bedni Bugyal trek in Uttarakhand is from May to June when the meadow covers itself with lush green carpet and wildflowers enhance its beauty. Another good time to visit Ali Bedni is autumn, between September and November. Autumn splashes warm hues and crafts a perfect ambience to enjoy the mesmerising landscapes. 

The trek can be done in four different seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Depending on your preference, you can select a season that aligns with your desired experience. 

Trekkers love Ali Bedni Bugyal during the winter months when the Bugyal remains buried in snow. The trek is a favourite amongst trekkers for abundant snow for an easy-to-moderate category trek. It starts snowing in December, and trekkers witness snow till early March. 

Ali Bedni is accessible throughout the year. However, it is better to avoid the monsoon season. It rains incessantly in this part of the Himalayas and the trails turn slippery and risky. 

Here is a detailed season-wise guide to Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek. Know more about the best time for Ali Bedni Bugyal trek and plan your trip according to your interests and preferences. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek in Winter (December to February) – Perfect For Dreamy Snowscape

Ali Bedni Trek is a perfect trail to experience winter snow.

Winter arrives in Uttarakhand in December and lasts till February. It is one of the popular seasons and is considered the best time for Ali Bedni Bugyal if you wish to witness a snow paradise. If you wish to enjoy a white wonderland, the winter season is perfect for witnessing a magical snow paradise. 

The trail remains covered in a white sheet of snow throughout winter. It is the best time to indulge in snow trekking and bask in the beauty of snow-studded Himalayan peaks. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal in December 

Ali Bedni Bugyal witnesses the season’s first snowfall in December. The higher campsites welcome you with abundant snow towards December’s end. Ali and Bedni meadows transform into dreamy snowscapes. It is magical to trek to Ali Bedni Bugyal in December. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal in January

The snowfall intensifies in Ali Bedni.  Plan Ali Bedni trek in January if you want to experience snowfall. As beautiful as it is to trek to Ali Bedni in winter, navigating through a snow-covered trail is taxing compared to other seasons. Work on your fitness before embarking on Ali Bedni Bugyal trek in winter. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal in February 

Ali Bedni Bugyal attracts a good number of trekkers in February. February is the best time to visit Ali Bedni Bugyal if you love the winter chill. The trail will remain covered in snow. If you are lucky, you will also experience a fresh spell of snowfall. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek in Spring (March to April) – Best Time to Witness Vibrant Spring Blooms

Spring is the best time to do the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek to enjoy clear blue skies, the remains of winter snow and magical mountains. Trekking to Ali Bedni Bugyal between March and April will have snow-covered meadows. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal turns into a paradise for bird lovers. You will get to spot a variety of Himalayan birds along the trail. By April, the snow begins to recede, and the greens of late spring begin to sprout on the meadows. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek in March 

March in Ali Bedni is a perfect time to bask in the glistening Mt Nanda Ghunti and Mt Trishul. Trekkers are awestruck by the magical views of snow-studded peaks.  When the first ray of the sun lands on these mighty mountains, it is a sight to behold. 

Lower altitude embraces spring colours while the higher elevations resemble a white sheet of snow. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek in April 

April begins to exhibit soothing hues as vibrant wildflowers sprinkle the entire trail. Clear skies, sharp mountain views and inviting meadows of Ali and Bedni welcome you in April. Plan your Ali Bedni Bugyal trek in April, if a picturesque trail and lush green grasslands dotted with soulful blooms entice you. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek in  Summer (May to June) – Best Time to Experience the Lush Green Meadows

Lush green High altitude meadows called Ali Bedni Bugyal with herd of sheep grazing in Uttarakhand

Summer in Ali Bedni Bugyal is for witnessing the striking colours. Ali Bedni in May and June turns into a lush green carpet of meadows with colourful wildflowers popping out everywhere. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal in May 

In June, the meadows sprawl like a dream painted by collecting the best of nature. The perfect clear skies allow you to enjoy the richness of the alpine meadows while gazing at the beauty of towering Himalayan peaks. Ali Bedni Bugyal in May is when the high-altitude meadows of Ali and Bedni embrace life. However, be prepared for mild afternoon showers and waves of clouds. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal in June 

Ali Bedni Bugyal embraces the brightest shades of green in June. The soft velvety grass compels you to enjoy this natural beauty barefoot. Trekkers often daydream while lying on the meadow of Ali and Bedni. 

June also features pre-monsoon showers. Pre-monsoon shower washes the meadows and the forest, giving a fresh look. Ali Bedni in June offers a refreshing escape to the lushness of summer. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek in Monsoon (July to August) – Not Recommended

Avoid Ali Bedni trek during monsoon season. The trek is inaccessible due to incessant rain. There are also high risks of landslides in the region, along with untenable trekking conditions. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek in Autumn (September to November) – Recommended For Crisp Mountain Views

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek embraces autumn hues with Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti in the background.

Autumn is the most loved season for the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek in Uttarakhand. September marks the arrival of autumn in Ali Bedni and lasts till November. The season is the best time to visit Ali Bedni to witness the calming hues of fall. Compared to the popular spring season, autumn has quieter trails and fewer people at the campsites. The season is best suited to capture spell-binding mountain pictures. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal in September 

As September arrives, the colours on the trail begin to transform. The alpine meadows adorn calming shades of golden, crimson lighting up the grasslands like a dream. Monsoon washes the haze off the trail and Ali Bedni in September offers a clear blue stretch of skies and glistening peaks. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal in October 

October in Ali Bedni Bugyal is the best time to witness the magical sunrise and sunset from your campsite. The alpenglow on the snow-studded peaks is sheer magic. If you are a photographer, October is the perfect time to capture the magical Himalayan peaks. 

Ali Bedni Bugyal in November 

November exhibits an earthy magic of fall inspiring you to discover what lies ahead. In November, Ali Bedni Bugyal is enwrapped in flamboyant brown and golden hues

As you reach the summit, you will be mesmerized by the scenery. The golden glow of the meadows, the blues of the sky, and the glistening mountains light you up instantly. 

If you are up for clear mountain views and warm autumn tones, September to November is the best time to plan your trek to Ali Bedni. 

Ali Bedni Trek Highlights 

Ali Bedni Trek offers postcard-perfect views. Rhododendron abloom in bright shades amidst a mystic forest trail transports you to a fairyland. The splendour of snow-studded mountain peaks captivates you while the sprawling verdant grassland welcomes you. You realize the vastness of the grassland when your eyes do not find an end to it. As you walk on these meadows, it piques you to spot its end, and all you discover is scintillating meadows, one after another. Walking barefoot on these soft grass-covered meadows is an experience of a lifetime. At 7120m above sea level, the towering Trishul Parvat stands like a guarding deity. The grandeur of the mountain peaks welcomes you to the breathtaking wilderness of Ali Bugyal. 

One of the largest meadows in Asia, Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek is a perfect trek for beginners to start their outdoor journey. This alpine meadow trek is covered comfortably in 6 days, including travel to and from the basecamp, Lohajung. 

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