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Trekking Pants are a must-have when trekking in the outdoors. Whether you are out on your first Himalayan hike or exploring a thrilling adventure in the mountains, carrying a pair of comfortable trekking pants helps you navigate the undulated mountain terrain with ease. 

While trekking pants are essential for any Himalayan adventure, finding a comfortable pair of trekking pants for men can be a daunting task, especially if you are unaware of the best and most popular trekking pants used by explorers and trekkers. 

Best Trekking pants for men in India in 2024.

We talked to a few of our trekkers and outdoor leaders about their most comfortable pair of trekking pants for men. Here is a quick list of the best trekking pants for men in India. OWLS team have used a few of them on moderate to difficult treks. These trekking pants can be bought online or from offline stores. 

Best trekking pants for men available in India 

Here is a quick list of the best trekking pants for men in India. These pants can be bought online or from offline stores. 

1. Solognac Men Breathable Lightweight Cargo Trousers Pants SG-500 – Grey

Price – INR 1999

Where to buy – Decathlon

This pair is one of the most popular trekking pants for men. We have witnessed many trekkers using this pair by Forclaz. The trek pants are priced at Rs 1999 and are designed with 94% polyamide for breathability and 6% elastane that assures mobility while traversing rough and uneven mountain terrain. The number of pockets in these pants makes it a favourite among the trekkers. 

2. Men Trekking Water-Repellent Trousers MT-900

Price – INR 4999

Where to buy – Decathlon

MT-900 by Forclaz is one of the best water-repellent trekking pants for men. This pair by Decathlon boast DWR treated surface and prevents water from seeping into the fabric. The knee and back areas have been designed with stronger fabrics to ensure durability. Use of synthetic fabrics ensures quick wicking and drying. This provides the utmost comfort when trekking in unpredictable weather conditions. 

The pants are priced at Rs 4999. 

3. Men Modular Trekking Cargo MT500 Grey

Price – INR 4999

Where to buyDecathlon 

If you are looking for a versatile pair of pants for your next adventure, MT 500 by Forclaz can be of great value. It is a two-in-one pants, and converts into shorts easily. The pair is suitable for trekking in summer. While the temperatures remain on the lower side of the mountains, trekking in summer during the day can be warm and hot. The convertible feature of these pants comes as a rescue when you want some air on a hot summer day. Built with synthetic fabrics, these pants ensure great mobility and breathability. Comes with 5 easily accessible pockets and is one of the most preferred trekking pants. 

4. Men’s Mountaineering Trousers – Alpinism Light Evo – GREY

Price – INR 4999

Where to buy – Decathlon 

This pair by Solognac is perfect for multiday hikes. While the pants have a water-repellent component, it is not waterproof. The pants can withstand light rain. Built with synthetic material, the pants also feature a gusseted crotch, and pre-shaped knees and ensure freedom of movement while navigating difficult mountain terrain. The brand has added gusseted lower legs to the pants to adjust snow boots for multiday expeditions.

Go for this pair, if you frequent the mountains for long hikes and expeditions. 

5. Columbia Men Navy Blue Silver Ridge Cargo Pan

Price – INR 4999

Where to buy – Columbia Store and online store

Columbia offers a wide range of trekking pants for men in versatile colours and boasts modern designs. While they come at a higher price, the pants ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Nylon fabric is used to design the pair and to ensure maximum mobility. Whether hiking in the rugged terrain or exploring an undulated mountain trail, this pair ensures maximum freedom of movement. Comes with gusseted details and Partial elastic at the waist to ensure comfort. The pair also boasts accessible pockets to secure phones and other important items while hiking. 

6. Men Dry Fit Stretchable Reinforced Hiking Pant Blue – MH500

Price – INR 2799

Where to buy Decathlon

MH 500 by Quechua is another go-to option for any Himalayan Treks as the pants ensure breathability while traversing the difficult mountain terrain. The pair comes with 4 easily accessible zip pockets to store phones and other essentials. The pair is made of synthetic fabric and the pair offers maximum breathability. As a result, these pants dry quickly in case it gets wet with perspiration. 

MH 500 by Decathlon is suitable for treks like Kashmir Great Lakes, Buran Ghati and Annapurna Base Camp Trek. 

Here are important factors to consider while choosing trekking pants for men

1. Material

Look for trekking pants made of synthetic fabrics like – polyamide, nylon, and spandex. These fabrics ensure breathability.  They are treated with DWR to add water repellent feature. Choosing the right material depends on your preference. 

Trekking pants made primarily of polyester are breathable, water resistant and dry quickly. These pants, however, are less stretchable than the ones made of nylon as a primary material. Hiking pants that use nylon as base fabric have better durability. 

Another material used is spandex. These products ensure better stretchability. 

Do not go for trekking pants made completely of cotton as they do not absorb moisture quickly and are difficult to dry if it gets wet. 

2. Mobility 

A perfect pair of trekking pants for men with adequate mobility and comfort enhances your trekking experience. When navigating an undulated terrain, it is important to have complete freedom of movement. It is important to ensure that your trek clothing provides the required mobility. 

If your trekking pants lack mobility, you will be uncomfortable while walking and continue adjusting them. This distraction will hinder your pace and you will miss out on the beauty of the trail. To ensure mobility, choose trekking pants made of stretchable fabrics with the right fit.  This is where selecting the right material becomes crucial. 

While checking the mobility of trekking pants, try squatting comfortably without feeling tightness around the crotch. A right fit gives you enough room and mobility.  Also, try to bring your knee up to your chest with ease. In case of discomfort while squatting or bringing your knees up, drop the pants and look for another pair. 

A perfect fit ensures elasticity around your hips, knees and crotch, especially when navigating difficult terrains and steep slopes.

3. The Right Fit

Trekking pants for men in India

The comfort of your pants depends on their mobility. Adequate mobility of your trekking pants ensures comfort on the trek. 

How do you check the comfort level and ensure the right fit in trekking pants for men?

A comfortable pair of trekking pants for men glide you through all kinds of terrain and accommodate your body parts easily. The fabric is breathable and doesn’t cling, and the waistband feels right – not too tight or loose. If you get the right fit, the pants will ensure comfortable mobility on the trek and while engaging in campsite activities. 

To ensure the comfort of your pants, go for the right length and fitting. Witnessing trekkers pulling their pants is a common sight on the trail. The right fit allows you to navigate the challenging trail easily without any disruptions. 

4. Weather Resistance 

When buying hiking pants, look for options that withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Trekking in the mountains comes with varying weather situations. Look for water-repellent and windproof trekking pants to stay dry and comfortable if rain is forecasted. Another important feature to watch out for is how quickly the pants dry when exposed to wet weather. You also want to ensure the moisture-wicking. Pants made of certain fabrics wick moisture easily.  These pants have small pores to wick sweat away from the legs to the outer surface to evaporate moisture.

5. Accessible Pockets

Easily accessible and functional pockets are an important feature of a good pair of trekking pants for men. Look for pants with zippered pockets to store essentials on the trek. 

Remember to check the depth of the pocket. Trekking pants for men come with back and thigh pockets. A zippered pocket is also common in select trekking pants, however, what is amiss is functional pockets that fit your smartphone and secure it with a zip. When shopping for trekking pants, remember to check the zippered pocket’s depth by keeping your phone. This will save you from tumbling your phone or other valuables while hiking. 

6. Versatile Designs

If you go to any outdoor gear shops, a range of products in one category alone confuses you. With the growing demand, there is a reasonable number of designs in the market. When you are selecting trekking or hiking pants, check for versatile designs. 

Convertible trekking pants are a hit on treks off late. You can easily remove the lower part and convert it into shorts. These designs are convenient while crossing rivers or hiking in hot summer weather. Another design to consider is roll-up pants. These pants come with a button or drawcord that helps you roll up your pants up to the knee and secure the cuffs. 

These are the important factors to consider while purchasing trekking pants for your next trek. If you have used other brands and found them comfortable, do share them with the outdoor community.

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