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After interacting with seasoned female trekkers, outdoor leaders, and beginners to understand the various factors to consider when selecting the best trekking shoes for women, we have compiled a list of the best trekking shoes for women in India.

So if you are a female trekker searching for your first pair of hiking shoes or thinking about upgrading your gear, we’ve got you covered.

As more women venture out to explore the wilderness, brands now cater to women in the outdoors by producing sleek designs, specially created for women. Women no longer restrict themselves to camouflaged trekking gear and shoes and can flaunt in colours of their choice. 

These shoes have been trusted by trekkers and outdoor leaders on treks ranging from easy to difficult, including Khopra Ridge, Buran Ghati, Kashmir Great Lakes trek, Goechala, and Dayara Bugyal. 

Here are the 5 best trekking shoes for women available in India

500 Mid
Quechua    NH150Adidas Terrex
Swift R3 Gore 
Salomon x
4 gore-tex
Price MRP-INR 6999
Sale Price-INR 5499
MRP-INR 12,599
Sale Price-INR 8,999
MRP-INR 3499
Sale Price-INR 2999
MRP-INR 16,999
Sale Price-INR 8,499
MRP-INR 24,999
ProsWater Resistant. High Ankle Support.
Sturdy Grip.  
Good traction on the Snow trail.
Leather upper ensures durability. 
Excellent Grip and Traction
Comfortable Cushioning.
Sturdy Grip.
Budget Buy
Upper features at least 50% recycled content.
GORE-TEX lining for waterproofing
Pros – Waterproof protection, sturdy grip, and Excellent Traction 
ConsModerate Water Resistance.
Not budget friendly. 
Complaints of problematic sole.
 Poor Water Proofing. 
Heavy weight. 
Water Resistance is not enough.
Not suitable for multi-day hikes.
Not super breathable.
Durability is the concern.
limited design options in India. 
Available on Decathlon Online and Offline Store Decathlon Online and Offline Store Decathlon Online and Offline Store adidas.co.inTatacliq Luxury
Suitable for Dayara Bugyal, KGLBali Pass, Khopra Ridge, Rupin PassDayara Bugyal, Ali Bedni BugyalKashmir Great Lakes, ABCEBC Trek, Bali Pass

1. Quechua MH500

MH500 Mid is a comfortable pair of trekking shoes for women suitable for moderate Himalayan treks. While it claims to be waterproof, its water resistance capacity is insufficient. If it drizzles while on the trail, you will be saved, however, in case of a downpour, the shoe gets completely drenched. 

The setback of this pair is inadequate cushioning on the front of the shoe. The constant rubbing of the toe on the shoe wall causes pain. 

The pair however is perfect for trekking in dry weather. It provides good ankle support and ensures a firm grip on undulated terrain. These shoes will sail you through on treks like Dayara Bugyal to Kashmir Great Lakes sans rainfall. 

2. Forclaz Mid Ankle with Cross-Contact Grip Brown – MT100

It is a perfect pair of trekking shoes for women who are seasoned trekkers and treks every year. MT 100s for both men and women are priced at INR 6999 and are lightweight and versatile trekking shoes. The shoes provide comfort all season long and ensure excellent ankle support while traversing undulated Himalayan terrain. It is made of breathable and durable material and will last a good number of treks if used properly. 

Trekkers have used the shoes on treks like Buran Ghati, Kashmir Great Lakes and Annapurna Basecamp. For multiple-day treks, these shoes are perfect as they ensure good water resistance. A good grip on the sole makes navigating the slippery terrain an easy affair.  

3. MH100 Khaki

If you are a beginner ready to explore easy Himalayan treks, MH 100 Khaki is an excellent choice. This is a budget buy and priced at INR 4999. The pair provides excellent grip and ankle support on Himalayan terrain. The waterproofing works fine and is made of breathable material. 

Go for these shoes if you are looking for a budget buy to explore Himalayan treks like Ali Bedni Bugyal or Sandakphu. 

4. Quechua Mid Ankle with Cushion Comfort Green – MH500

This is another option suitable for easy-to-moderate treks. The grip is good, and the cushioning is comfortable. While the pair claims to be waterproof, it has moderate water-resistant ability.  

If you are exposed to heavy rains for hours your shoes will be drenched. For mild showers and muddy trails, the shoes ensure to keep your feet dry. Ankle support helps to avoid twisting the ankle on rocky undulated terrain. We have mixed reviews about this pair from our trekkers. Though MH 500 Mid by Quechua has a grippy rubber sole with 4.5mm gripping spikes, trekkers have complained of slippery soles while traversing the rocky terrain. 

Priced at INR 6999, the shoes have a sleek design and look good. For better functionality and budget buy options on easy-to-moderate treks like Dayara or Tarsar Marsar, consider Quechua MH500 or MH100 Khaki. For treks like Buran Ghati and Rupin Pass,  MT100 is a better choice in a similar price range.

5. Women Waterproof Leather Trekking Boots MT100 Brown

This pair by Forclaz provides a snuggly fit and promises to be waterproof. Our Outdoor Leader has used these shoes on treks like Khopra Ridge and she has traversed comfortably. While she swears by the warmth its snuggly fit provides, the shoe is unnecessarily heavy and weighs you down on high-altitude treks that span more than a week. 

“The shoes are priced at INR 12,599 and are expensive. I have used a cheaper alternative like MH500 Mid and have had a better experience,” shares Anagha Parate. 

“The shoes claim to be waterproof, however, the pair I owned was wet after a brief afternoon shower. The waterproofing will sail you through a 2 to 3 hr rain but don’t keep your feet safe during heavy rain. Moreover, these waterproof boots have complaints about the problematic soles,” she further shares her experience.

6. Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore

This is one of the few trekking shoes besides Decathlon that trekkers use. We have seen a few trekkers using these shoes on moderate trek like KGL. The product works excellently on rocky scree and loose trails. It is abrasion-resistant and lightweight. This pair of Adidas shoes offers excellent traction and is well-suited for navigating steep terrain.

Adidas Terrex provides comfort to your feet and cushioning is comforting. When it comes to water resistance, it works perfectly. Excellent traction on undulated terrain ensures agility on any Himalayan trek. However, its fully waterproof design prevents the breathability of the shoes causing discomfort in warmer temperatures. 

Though its sleek and modern design lures you, durability is a concern because of its soft rubber soles. Besides, the product is priced at INR 16,999 and is not a budget buy. 

7. Salomon x Ultra 4 Gore-Tex

Trekking shoes for women by Salomon shoes are a premium range of products priced on the higher side. You can invest in a pair of Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex if you are a seasoned trekker who frequents the mountains on treks and expeditions. If you trek once or twice a year, we recommend not to spend beyond 5 to 6 thousand on trekking shoes. 

The pair has excellent waterproof protection, sturdy grip and perfect traction. It is known for its supportive midfoot and versatile design. Traversing an undulated Himalayan terrain becomes convenient in this pair. However, the pair lacks a supportive high ankle. 

However, the pair lacks adjustability due to a single pull lacing system. Breathability is also an issue with a pair. Invest in Salomon shoes if you are a frequent trekker. 

These are a few of the best trekking shoes for women we have encountered on many OWLS treks across the Himalayan States. While Decathlon trekking shoes are the go-to option for many trekkers, there are few other brands trekkers use. 

Wildcraft and Columbia are two popular brands known for their dedicated products catering to the needs of hiking and trekking enthusiasts in India. Both brands offer a diverse range of outdoor shoes. Wildcraft offers many options for hiking shoes for women with features such as high ankle support, a rubber sole with deep lugs for enhanced grip on steep ascents, and water-resistant properties. Wildcraft hiking shoes range anywhere between INR 3000 to around INR 7500. 

Columbia trekking shoes for women are priced at INR 6999 and above, positioning Columbia as a high-end brand in the market. Though we have observed trekkers using them, we haven’t received positive feedback about the shoes, particularly regarding the durability of the soles. 

Now you know about the best trekking shoes for women in India in 2024, consider the important factors and tips before selecting the right shoes for your next Himalayan adventure. Read about the Trekking Shoes buying guide here. 

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