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Goechala Trek temperature is pleasant during the two distinct seasons in a year. The months of March to April in spring and September to November in autumn offer pleasant temperatures and clear weather.

Goecha La trek in Sikkim brings you face to face with big Himalayan peaks.

A hiker stands on the shore of a lake in the mountains of Goechala trek landscape.

The weather remains clear and bright sunny days make your hike comfortable in spring. The maximum temperature goes up to 20°C, and the night temperature ranges between 5°C to 0°C. 

The temperature in Goechala sits at a maximum of  22°C during the daytime in the summer months. The nights are colder, with temperatures touching 0°C at higher campsites. In winter, Goechala registers extreme temperatures, making it difficult to navigate the trail. 

Autumn months, starting September to early November, the day temperature is pleasant and flaunts clear and cosy weather. The night becomes cold with the temperature going down to 0°C. 

The trek becomes challenging to attempt from mid-June to August due to torrential rain and fog in Sikkim. The weather is not favourable during this season.  Here is a month-wise Goechala Trek Temperature and Goechala Weather Forecast to help you plan your trek. 

Goechala Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January  -10°C 0°C
WinterFebruary-8°C 4°C 
SpringMarch -2°C 10°C 
SpringApril-0°C 13°C 
SummerMay2°C 18°C 
SummerJune6°C 19°C 
MonsoonJuly 7°C 20°C 
MonsoonAugust9°C 20°C 
AutumnSeptember0°C 12°C 
AutumnOctober -3°C 10°C 
AutumnNovember-6°C 8°C 
Winter December-7°C 4°C 

Goechala Weather in Winter (December to February)

Goechala temperature in winter months reaches its lowest of -10°C in January. Goechala weather in the winter months is harsh, with cold temperatures and icy trails. 

Goechala Temperature in December

Goechala’s daytime temperature in December ranges from 4 to 6°C. At night, the temperature drops to its lowest – 7°C. 

Goechala Temperature in January

Trekkers experience sub-zero temperatures in January. The average temperatures during the daytime range between 0 to 2°C and fall to almost -10°C at night. Due to heavy snowfall, the slopes on the Goechala become icy and slippery. 

Goechala Temperature in February 

Goechala temperature in February is slightly warmer than the previous two months. In February, the average temperature reaches a maximum of 4°C during the day. Early morning and night register lower temperatures, reaching a minimum of -8°C. 

Goechala Weather in Spring  (March to April)

Goechala Temperature in March

Goechala temperature in March reaches a maximum of 10⁰C and a minimum of -2⁰C. In March, the higher campsites of Goechala remain covered in snow. 

Mountain river on Goecha La Trek in Sikkim in Spring

The temperature in March is pleasant with sunny and warm days. The weather at night gets chilly and it’s usually windy towards evening at the campsites, causing the temperature to drop. 

Goechala Temperature in April

In April, Goechala temperature increases slightly and the highest day temperature is at 13⁰C. The lowest night temperature sits at around 0⁰C. As spring arrives in April, snow on Goechala begins to subside. Clear weather replaces the winter gloominess. 

Goechala Weather in Summer (May to June)

As summer arrives in May, the temperature rises and you will trek on a warm sunny day. You have longer daylight hours to explore the beauty of the trail in summer. 

Goechala Temperature in May

Goechala temperature in May reaches a maximum of 18°C when the day is clear and sunny. At night, you will have to deal with freezing temperatures of 0°C to 2°C at the higher campsites. The basecamp village of Yuksom will be warm and cosy in May. 

Goechala Temperature in June

Goechala temperatures in June range between a maximum of 19°C to a minimum of 6°C. June also marks the onset of monsoon in the region. 

Goechala Weather in Monsoon (July and August)

The monsoon season in Goechala is characterized by heavy rainfalls and fog. The weather is gloomy throughout the seasons. 

Temperature during this season is recorded between a minimum of 6°C to a maximum of 20°C. 

Goechala Weather in Autumn (September to November) 

Autumn is one of the best seasons with soothing temperatures and clement weather on Goechala trail.  The weather in Goechala is devoid of gloominess in autumn. September marks the beginning of autumn and continues till November. 

Goechala Trek is blessed with clear blue skies, crisp mountain views, and magical sunrise and sunsets from September to November. 

Goechala Temperature in September 

Goechala temperature in September ranges between 6°C to 12°C during the day. As the day passes by, the temperature begins to drop and touches the minimum of 3°C to 0°C. September weather features clear sunny days, long daylight hours and chilly morning and evening. 

Goechala Temperature in October

Goechala temperature in October sits at 5°C to 10°C during the day. The night records an average of 0°C to -3°C.  The weather at Goechala keeps fluctuating as you climb higher and gain altitude. 

Goechala Temperature in November 

In November, Goechala temperature further drops and records a minimum of -6⁰C. The day temperature in November reaches around 8⁰C.

The weather at Goechala is clear from September to November. The days will be pleasantly warm and there will be a cool breeze in the evening. The nights will be colder than it was in Spring and summer. The Goechala weather forecast is perfect for immersing yourself in crisp and magnified views of the towering mountains during autumn. 

Goechala Trek Highlights 

Goechala trek in the state of Sikkim is one of the challenging experiences that offers a grand view of big mountain peaks. A long and arduous trail, the trek takes you to the Kanchedzonga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Goechala is no doubt a challenging trek as the days are long, and the altitude gains quickly. The hard climb is compensated by the enchanting landscapes throughout the trail. 

The wilderness of the dense forest, the spellbinding rhododendron forest, and the trail made of wooden logs. 

The base camp of Goechala Trek is Yuksom, in West Sikkim. You will meet the OWLS team on Day 1 of your trek at the OWLS pick-up point in Bagdogra. The distance between Bagdogra and Yuksom is around 150 km. It takes about 6-7 hours to reach Yuksom. The trek can be considered difficult as it spans over 10 days and climbs to an altitude of 15,1000 ft above sea level. The trail is challenging and requires a good physical fitness level. 

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