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Doodhpathri Trek temperature varies throughout the year. The peak trekking season of July to September has comfortable temperatures and pleasant weather featuring warm and sunny days. Expect mild afternoon showers if trekking in July and early August. 

Doodhpathri weather is most favourable in June, July, August and September. The days are long and warm with the least rainfall, and the trail is frequented by a smaller number of trekkers. 

A herd of sheep grazing in the lush green valley on Doodhpathri trek in Kashmir.

The temperature on the trail remains consistent throughout the trekking season. At the higher campsites, you will experience a drop in temperature, especially at night and in the early mornings. 

Before you plan your trek to Doodhpathri, let’s know more about the detailed weather forecast and temperature. We have compiled a month-wise Doodhpathri temperature to help you plan your trek. 

Doodhpathri Trek Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January  -7°C 7°C
WinterFebruary-5°C 9°C 
SpringMarch -4°C 12°C 
SpringApril-2°C 15°C 
SummerMay0°C 17°C 
SummerJune4°C 19°C 
MonsoonJuly 2°C 20°C 
MonsoonAugust2°C 18°C 
AutumnSeptember0°C 15°C 
AutumnOctober -3°C 14°C 
AutumnNovember-5°C 10°C 
Winter December-7°C 8°C 

Doodhpathri Temperature in July

A trekker gazing at beautiful landscapes of Doodhpathri Trek.

The weather in Doodhpathri is pleasant in July. You will have warm days when you climb the trail and chilly evenings at the campsites.  

The temperature in Doodhpathri remains comfortable in July. July records a maximum of 20°C and a minimum of 4°C. You will notice a drop in temperature as you climb to higher altitudes

Doodhpathri Temperature in August

Much like July, August is a peak month for Doodhpathri Trek.  Most Kashmir treks have a brief window with accessible trails and favourable weather. For the Doodhpathri trek, the window with clement weather begins in early July and continues till mid-September. 

Doodhpathri in August is considered a peak trekking season owing to pleasant weather. The days are bright and sunny. Expect mild showers in the late afternoon. 

Expect a pleasant temperature of 14°C to 18°C on a clear day. At night, the temperature is on the lower side. During the nighttime, Doodhpathri records a minimum of  2°C to 0°C in August. Come prepared with rain gear. 

Doodhpathri Temperature in September

In September the sky is clear, and the weather is colder than in July and August. Trekking to Doodhpathri in September means colder temperatures. 

During the daytime, Doodhpathri records 12°C and 16°C in September. At night you will deal with lower temperatures between -1°C and 5°C.

As temperature drops, your number of layers increases. However, a few degree drops also open the door for a solitary trek route. You will encounter fewer trekkers on the trek compared to the peak monsoon season. 

The trekking season for Doodhpathri Trek ends in mid-September. The weather begins to deteriorate by the end of September with harsher temperatures. Our last batch of Doodhpathri Trek will be wrapped by early September. 

Doodhpathri Weather in Winter

Winter in Doodhpathri trek is harsh with average temperature reaching a minimum of -7 during the peak winter season. The day temperature barely touches a number, and mostly records sub-zero temperatures. 

Doodhpathri Temperature in December 

Doodhpathri records a minimum temperature of -7°C and a maximum of 1°C during the winter months of December.

The Doodhpathri trek remains covered in snow throughout the winter months. The campsites witness a heap of snow that becomes difficult to manage. The trail remains covered in snow. The base camp and the lower campsites also remain covered in snow making it challenging to move further on the trek. 

Doodhpathri Temperature in January 

Expect a temperature between a minimum of – 10°C to a maximum of 0°C in January. 

Doodhpathri Temperature in February

February registers a slight increase in temperature. Day temperature reaches the highest temperature of 9°C and the lowest of -5°C. 

Doodhpathri Trek Highlights

The raw beauty of Kashmir is best experienced when you explore the offbeat path and trek in the interiors of the valley. Doodhpathri – Toshmaidan, our latest addition to the list of beautiful treks to do in Kashmir takes you to the interior of the Budgam District and unravels the hidden beauty of Kashmir. 

The trek is located in the Budgam district and starts from a place called Doodhpathri, a famous tourist destination accessible by road. Doodhpathri is also known as the Valley of Milk. Srinagar to Doodhpathri distance is approximately 55 km, around a 2.5 hrs drive from Srinagar. The valley of Doodhpathri derives its name from the milky water of the Shailganga River that flows through the valley. Doodhpathri gained popularity after the release of the Bollywood movie Raazi. Dilbaro, one of the songs from the movie featuring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal was shot in this location. 

Doodhpathri Trek is a new addition to the Kashmir Trekking Map. The unmatched beauty of this newfound trek of Doodhpathri in Budgam District is as beautiful as its contemporaries. The trek flaunts six beautiful alpine lakes and lush green valleys dotted with wildflowers. 

Doodhpathri trek difficulty is categorized as moderate. The trek is seven days long and you will cover a total distance of around 47 km. The trek takes off from an altitude of  6,175 ft in Srinagar and climbs to the highest elevation of 13,060 ft when you reach Pamsar Lake. 

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