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Himalayan Pass treks in India offer dramatic landscapes, thrilling encounters, and a unique experience of crossing the high-altitude pass. The pass treks take you from one mountain to another. Also known as crossover treks, pass treks unfold new sceneries every few miles, captivating you throughout the trek with contrasting landscapes. 

As you tread your path on challenging trails of Himalayan Pass treks, breathtaking change in scenery awaits on the other side of the pass. The view changes from lush green valleys to barren and rugged stretches. Pass treks in India offer an amalgamation of verdant valleys, flower-laden trails, snow-capped mountains, enchanting forests, and rich and diversified culture. 

Here are the top Himalayan Pass Treks for thrilling adventures to explore in India:

  1. Buran Ghati Trek
  2. Rupin Pass Trek
  3. Goecha La Trek
  4. Pin Bhabha Trek
  5. Parang La Trek
  6. Markha Valley Trek 
  7. Bali Pass Trek
  8. Hampta Pass Trek

1. Buran Ghati Trek

Location- Himachal Pradesh

Duration- 8 Days/7 Nights

Altitude – 15,000ft.

Starting Point – Janglik 

Best time to visit – Summer and Autumn


A majestic sight of snow studded peaks on Buran Ghati Trek in Himachal Pradesh.

If you are looking for a trek that offers you a complete package of snow, meadows, mountain ranges and passes, Buran Ghati has to be on your list. Buran Ghati is a perfect trek that offers you an amalgamation of all kinds of landscapes, splendorous campsites, and thrills. 

Himanshu Singla, founder of OWLS and Outdoor Expert says, “The Buran Ghati Trek is full of everything. It is special yet different. Every time you go to Buran Ghati, it presents you with different views, different perspectives, and you come back as a different person.” “The trek is close to my heart. Every time I have led a batch here, I have had a sense of achievement,” he adds. 

Every trek has its highs and lows. Sometimes, if it has scenic campsites, it lacks the beauty of trails. However, when it comes to Buran Ghati, it is a combination of adventure, perfect campsites, beautiful trails that leave you awestruck the entire journey, and an adrenaline rush. Every step you climb, you expect something different and majestic, and it lives up to your expectations every single time. 

If you want to experience the mountains with a bit of culture, heritage, adventure, and splendid landscapes, Buran Ghati is the place for you. It offers you all kinds of landscapes. Your adrenaline rush surges and the experience of Buran Ghati qualms you with its peaceful surroundings. 

Check out our dates for Buran Ghati Trek here.

2. Rupin Pass Trek

Location  – Himachal Pradesh

Duration – 7 Days/6 Nights

Altitude – 15,250 ft.

Starting Point- Jiksun

Best time – Summer and Autumn

Rupin Pass offers a thrilling walk along the gushing mountain river.


Rupin Pass Trek is a classic Himalayan Pass trek that starts in Uttarakhand and concludes in Himachal Pradesh. Known for its diverse terrain and landscape variation, Rupin Pass starts through dense forests and climbs up to a majestic Rupin gully. You will cross the pass at 15,250 ft., and discover the beauty of the Kinnaur grasslands.

Rupin Pass is full of surprises and unique attractions. There is a famous hanging village of Jhaka, a marvellous three-stage waterfall, snow bridges, and the beauty of meadows. 

Along with thrilling adventure, Rupin Pass boasts visually stunning campsites.  The Lower Waterfall campsite in the U-shaped glacial valley looking up at the Upper Waterfall campsite is right out of heaven.

Rupin Pass Trek is ideal for those who want to experience real adventure without getting too exhausted after every day’s walk.

Check out our dates for Rupin Pass here.

3. Goecha La Trek

Location- Sikkim

Trek Duration- 10 Days/9 Nights

Altitude – 15,100 ft.

Starting Point – Yuksom

Best time to visit – Spring and Autumn

Goecha La trek in Sikkim brings you face to face with big Himalayan peaks.

Goecha La trek in the state of Sikkim is one of the challenging experiences that offers a grand view of prominent mountain peaks. A long and arduous trail, the trek takes you to the Kanchedzonga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Goechela is no doubt a challenging trek as the days are long, and the altitude gains quickly. The hard climb is compensated by the enchanting landscapes throughout the trail. The wilderness of the dense forest, the spellbinding rhododendron forest, and the trail made of wooden logs. 

Goechela is one of the rare treks in India where you will witness Rhododendrons blooming in different shades. If you do this trek during the spring season, half of the trail is painted in various shades of rhododendrons. You will be ecstatic to witness the flowers blooming in red, White Pink, and shades you cannot stop admiring. The Goechela Trek is renowned amongst trekkers for its grand mountain summit views and Mt Kanchenjunga and 14 other summits. 

Check out the dates for our Goechela Pass Trek here

4. Pin Bhabha Trek

Location- Himachal Pradesh

Trek Duration- 9 Days/8 Nights

Altitude – 16,100 ft.

Starting Point – Kafnu

Best time to visit – Monsoon

Breathtaking landscape of Spiti region on crossover trek of Pin Bhaba.

The Pin Bhaba Pass is an exceptional trek that offers stunning and varied landscapes, making it one of the most dramatic pass-crossing treks in the country. From the enchanting forests of Mulling the grasslands of Karah and the rare river delta of Phutsirang, each day of the trek offers a unique and breath-taking experience. 

The Pin Bhaba Pass offers a spectacular view of the Pin valley in shades of pink below, set against the stark mountains of Spiti, and the lush green Bhaba valley behind. Compared to the risky Pin Parvati Pass Trek, the Pin Bhaba stands out as a safer alternative and a more beautiful and diverse trek.

Pin Bhaba trek starts from a remote village of Kafnu. The trek spreads over nine days and takes you from the lush green Bhaba Valley to the cold and arid desert of Pin Valley. 

Check out the dates for our Pin Bhabha Trek here

5. Parang La Trek

Location- Ladakh

Trek Duration – 11 Days/10 Nights 

Altitude – 18,370 ft.

Starting Point – Manali

Best time to visit – Monsoon and Summer

Parang La Trek is a challenging and strenuous trek suitable for experienced trekkers. The trek offers you the opportunity to explore the ancient trade route between the Spiti in the Himachal and Ladakh regions. Spread over 11 days, the trek traverses through the highlands of the Himachal and Ladakh regions. An unexplored high-altitude trek,  the experience gives you a glimpse of different communities and cultures. As you start your trek from Spiti, the place reverberates with its rich culture. As you cross over to the other side of the pass in Ladakh, there is an instant change in culture. The beauty of the high desert of Ladakh and Spiti regions is unparalleled. 

The trek starts from Kaza in Himachal and concludes in Karzok village in Leh. Karzok is a small village on the bank of Tso Moriri Lake and has its charm to captivate you. 

As enticing as it sounds, it is suggested for highly experienced trekkers who have done a few high-altitude treks.

Parangla Trek offers you diverse and intriguing terrain. The walk on the glacier, the challenging trail at an altitude of above 4000 mt on most days, and the beautiful mountain valleys, the trek gives you all. The challenging yet rewarding trek of Parangla encapsulates the diversified landscapes and rich and ancient culture of the Spiti and Ladakh regions. The best part is the exclusiveness of the trek. As the trek remains unexplored by many, you will have the luxury of ultimate solitude on this trek.

Check out the dates for our Parang La Trek here

6. Markha Valley Trek 

Location- Ladakh

Trek Duration – 8 Days/7 Nights

Altitude – 17,100ft.

Starting Point – Chilling

Best time to visit – Monsoon

Markha Valley is one of the most popular treks in Ladakh that passes through picturesque villages to reach the summit at Kongmaru La. The trek in the cold desert of Ladakh is known among adventure lovers for its majestic view of Mt KangYatse. Markha Valley trek surprises you with the exquisite beauty of its unique landscapes after every climb. 

The trek traverses through the Hemis National Park and offers plenty of wildlife sightings on the trail. You will find wild sheep and yaks grazing on the steep mountain slopes. 

The Markha Valley Trek does not limit itself to a single experience but takes you close to Ladakhi culture, the humble life of villagers,  wildlife, and absolute wilderness along the trek. The highlight of the Markha Valley trek however is witnessing the pristine Kang Yatse peak (6,400) atop the Kongmorula Pass at 17,000 ft. 

The experience of trekking in Ladakh is distinctive from the rest of the country. The landscape of the cold desert, its raw beauty, the isolated villages on the way, and the contrasting sight of green paddy fields and dry rocky mountains is a sight to behold. 

Markha Valley Trek is also known amongst the trekkers for rich bird sightings. If the cold desert, wildlife, and enriching culture intrigue you, Markha Valley must be on your list. 

Check out the dates for our Markha Valley Trek here

7. Bali Pass Trek

Location – Uttarakhand

Trek Duration – 9 Days/8 Nights

Starting Point – Sankri

Altitude – 16,240 ft.

Best time to visit – Summer and Autumn

The Bali Pass connects Yamunotri with the Har ki Dun Valley and is one of the thrilling and demanding Himalayan pass treks. The trek starts from Uttarakhand’s Sankri village and ends in Janki Chatti. The highlight of the Bali Pass trek is a 360-degree view of Mt. Swargarohini, Mt. Kalanaag, and Mt. Bandarpoonch. The unexplored valley of Ruinsara takes your breath away when you experience the serenity of this place. 

Bali Pass is a complete trek with lush green fields and forests, the charm of traditional local villages, serene trails, unprecedented views of 7,000-meter peaks, alpine meadows, river crossing, thrills, adrenaline, and long days of the pass.

The trek begins in the Tons River Valley and ends in the Yamuna River Valley. The route passes through several historic villages such as Osla, Gangaad, and Taluka, and ascends into the interior of Govind National Park. Following the 8 km route, you will come across the unspoiled village of Gangad adorned with only wooden houses on the left side of the river. The trail passes through villages that bring out the quirks of old country life.

This trail includes walks through one of the Hindu Char Dham Yamunotri, the Har Ki Dun Valley as well as the Ruinsara Valley. During the hike through the Ruinsara forest, one can see the wonderful alpine meadows of Dev Thach.

Once you get to the Ruinsara Valley there will be boulders on the way and as you climb, look for views of the famous village of Osla. Graded as a difficult trek, this trail is full of thrill and adventure. 

Check out our dates for Bali Pass Trek here.

8. Hampta Pass Trek

Location – Himachal Pradesh

Trek Duration – 6 Days/5 Nights

Altitude – 14,065 ft.

Starting Point – Jobra

Best time to visit – July to October 

If there is one Himalayan Pass Trek that everyone has heard of it has to be the famous Hampta Pass Trek. Thanks to its sheer beauty and breathtaking landscapes the trek is on every trekking enthusiast’s bucket list. Hampta Pass is arguably one of the most dramatic crossover treks in our country. 

Popularly referred to as Himachal’s Valley of Flowers, Hampta Pass Trek is a thrilling experience, an amalgamation of stunning landscapes and rich and diverse culture. The trek spreads from the verdant valley of Kullu. On the other side of the pass, the landscape switches to contrasting dry and barren landscapes of Spiti. You start your trek and traverse through a lush green valley, flower-laden trails, enchanting forests, and snow-capped mountains. As you cross over to the other side, you discover a completely different world but equally beautiful.  The other side of the pass reveals the hidden beauty of Spiti Valley, an arid and rugged terrain. 

The Hampta Pass trek is six days long and starts from Jobra. Jobra is around 16 km from the famous hill station, Manali. The best time to visit the Hampta Pass Trek is from July till October end. 

Himalayan Pass treks are one of the most thrilling experiences to witness the raw beauty of mountains. As the pass trek takes you from one mountain to another, the scenery is always dramatic and diversified. If you love and are longing for an adventure-filled getaway to the mountains, the cross-over trek is a must. 

You can check out the dates for our upcoming Himalayan Pass treks here.

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