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The best time to visit Parang La Trek in Ladakh is from June to September. This high-altitude trek has a brief window suitable for trekking. Parang La Trek connects Spiti Valley to the Western Changthang Plateau of Ladakh in Zanskar. 

Parang La is a culturally rich trekking experience that offers a diverse landscape of ancient trade routes connecting Spiti and Ladakh. The region boasts raw and unparalleled beauty and indulges you in the distinct cultures of two different places. An offbeat trail in the highlands of Spiti and Ladakh, Parang La traverses a high-altitude pass, an arid cold desert and encapsulates the beauty of Zanskar and Trans Himalayan Ranges. The scintillating Tso Moriri Lake keeps you company for two days on this trek. 

To select the best time to visit Parang La Trek, understand the different seasons suitable for this crossover trek. 

Parang La trek is at its best between June and September. The trail starts attracting trekkers from across the world in mid-May. Summer is comfortable to navigate this challenging trek as winter snow recedes by June. 

The trek remains closed during winter as it snows extensively in the region, making it strenuous to navigate the trail at higher altitudes. 

Parang La Trek in Summer – June to July

Snow-covered peaks and barren mountains on Parang La Trek in July

Summer is the best time to visit Parang La, the cross-over trek. The trek begins from Kibber Village in the Spiti Region and concludes at the serene Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh.  

Trekking to Parang La in early summer is favoured owing to the pleasant weather complimented by visually stunning landscapes. Landscapes change daily, and you will be in awe of the contrast in nature. Parang La offers two unique cultures of the Spiti and Ladakh regions. June to September is a brief window to witness the best of both regions. 

From June to August, you have bright sunlit days. Hiking on this challenging trail takes you from a high-altitude pass to meadows. When you see horses grazing in a meadow with rugged mountains in the background, it’s a captivating moment.

Parang La Trek in Autumn – August end to September

Parang La features clear skies, sunny days, moderate temperatures and chilly mornings and evenings in September. The stunning views of Pir Panjal and Zanskar ranges revitalise you. The constant change in the terrain and demography pique you to seek what comes next. 

Trekkers braving cold weather at Parang La Pass in September

If you wish to experience a solitary trail and spell-binding landscapes, September is the best time to embark on this thrilling trek. The season allures you with contrasting green meadows against the desert brown landscapes complimented perfectly by snow-covered peaks. 

Parang La Trek Temperature and Weather 

Parang La trek temperatures fluctuate across the trekking season. The trekking season begins in June and wraps up by September. Parang La weather is comfortable from June to September. 

Weather conditions worsen in Parang La post-September. Crossing high passes is taxing and dangerous when snowfall intensifies in the region. 

Parang La Trek Weather in Summer

Summer has the most pleasant weather in Parang La. Warm temperatures and sunny days make it conducive to exploring the challenging terrain. The summer months of June to July have longer daylight hours and delightful weather conditions. 

Parang La Temperature in June and July 

On a sunny day, you will enjoy a comfortable temperature of around 10°C to 15°C in Parang La. Prepare for a dip in temperature in Parang La at night. At higher campsites, the temperature becomes frigid and the chill in the air increases. The minimum temperature touches sub-zero in Parang La. Hold on to your thermals and layers to beat the subsequent drop in temperature. You will deal with temperatures as low as -5°C to -7°C at night at higher altitudes. It also gets windy as you gain altitude. 

Parang La Weather in Autumn

Parang La experiences a brief autumn season as winter arrives early in the regions with harsh weather. Days will be warm and you will have a cosy atmosphere to trek from August end to September. 

Parang La Temperature in August

As August arrives, the mercury level drops below freezing points. August temperature ranges between 5°C to 8°C during the day. Night temperatures plummet below -10 as you climb to higher altitudes. 

Parang La Temperature in September 

September is the last month with delightful weather and manageable temperatures. Expect the day temperature of 3°C to 7°C when the sun shines bright. As the sun sets over the horizon, you will deal with temperatures as low as -10°C. Carry enough layers to guard yourself against the biting cold of the night. 

Parang La Trek Highlights 

Parang La Trek lets you explore the ancient trade route between the Spiti in the Himachal and Ladakh regions. The trek spreads over 11 days, traversing the highlands of Himachal and Ladakh.  An unexplored high-altitude trek,  the experience gives you a glimpse of different communities and cultures. As you start the hike from Spiti, the place reverberates with its rich culture. When you cross over to the other side of the pass in Ladakh, there is an instant change in culture. The beauty of the high desert of Ladakh and Spiti regions is unparalleled.

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