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Indian Himalayas cater to the trekkers of different fitness levels. There are perfectly crafted treks suitable for beginners, and challenging high-altitude treks to satisfy the adrenaline rush for seasoned trekkers. There is no dearth of Himalayan treks for trekking enthusiasts of all levels. If you want to upgrade your trekking list, here is a list of thrilling high-altitude treks to upgrade your trekking list.

Since these treks take you above 1,5000ft., prior exposure to high altitude is recommended to attempt these high-altitude treks in India.

Here is a list of high-altitude treks you can explore in 2024

  1. Rupin Pass Trek 
  2. Goecha La Trek
  3. Pin Bhaba Pass Trek
  4. Parang La Pass Trek
  5. Markha Valley Trek
  6. Bali Pass Trek
  7. Everest Base Camp Trek
  8. Roopkund Trek  

1. Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek is a classic high-altitude Himalayan trek. The trek starts in Uttarakhand and concludes in Himachal Pradesh. Known for its diverse terrain and landscape, Rupin Pass trek takes you through dense forests and a thrilling climb up to a majestic Rupin gully. You will cross the pass at 15,250 ft. to enter the Kinnaur grasslands.

Along with thrilling adventure, Rupin Pass boasts visually stunning campsites.  The Lower Waterfall campsite in the U-shaped glacial valley looking up at the Upper Waterfall campsite is right out of heaven.

Rupin Pass Trek is ideal for those who want to experience raw adventure without getting too exhausted after every day’s walk.

Rupin Pass is famous for its breathtaking sceneries. A trekker takes a break to soak in the picturesque scenery.

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2. Goecha La Pass

Goecha La trek in Sikkim is a challenging high-altitude trek, offering a grand view of prominent mountain peaks. The trek takes you to Kanchenjunga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Goechela is a challenging Himalayan trek as the days are long, and the altitude gains quickly. The hard climb is compensated by the enchanting landscapes throughout the trail. The wilderness of the dense forest, spellbinding rhododendron blooms, and the trail made of wooden logs intrigue you to discover more. 

The Goechela Trek is renowned amongst trekkers for its grand mountain summit views of Mt Kanchenjunga and 14 other summits. 

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3. Pin Bhaba Pass

A trekker enjoying icy cold water of mountain river with snow studded peaks in the background on Bali Pass Trek

The Pin Bhaba Pass takes you to an elevation of 16,100 ft giving you an adrenaline high. Pin Bhaba is a classic high-altitude trek that offers stunning and varied landscapes, making it one of the most dramatic pass-crossing treks in the country. From the enchanting forests of Mulling, the grasslands of Karah and the rare river delta of Phutsirang, each day offers a unique and breathtaking experience. 

The Pin Bhaba Pass offers a spectacular view of the Pin valley in shades of pink below, set against the stark mountains of Spiti and the lush green Bhaba valley behind. The Pin Bhaba stands out as a safer alternative and more beautiful and diverse than the risky Pin Parvati Pass Trek.

Pin Bhaba trek starts in the remote village of Kafnu. The trek spreads over nine days and takes you from the lush green Bhaba Valley to the cold and arid desert of Pin Valley. 

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4. Parang La Pass

Parang La Trek is a strenuous high-altitude Himalayan trek suitable for experienced trekkers. The trek presents the opportunity to explore the ancient trade route between the Spiti in the Himachal and Ladakh regions. Parang La trek traverses the highlands of the Himachal and Ladakh regions. 

Parang La is an unexplored high-altitude trek that gives you a glimpse of different communities and cultures. As you start your trek from Spiti, the place reverberates with its rich culture. There is an instant culture shift when you cross over to the other side of Ladakh. The beauty of the high desert of Ladakh and Spiti regions is unparalleled. 

Although it is a thrilling trek, Parang La is for highly experienced trekkers. As you traverse the highlands and the cold desert, the oxygen level is constantly low with demanding trails. You will tread through the cold desert of Spiti and Ladakh region. The multiple river crossings and the icy cold water are taxing. Walking on the glacier, facing crevasses, and the cold and windy weather demands a certain level of prior experience. 

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5. Markha Valley Trek 

Markha Valley is one of the most popular treks in Ladakh, passing through picturesque villages to reach the summit at Kongmaru La. The trek in the cold desert of Ladakh is known among adventure lovers for its majestic view of Mt Kang Yatse. Markha Valley trek surprises you with the exquisite beauty of its unique landscapes after every climb. 

The trek traverses the Hemis National Park and offers plenty of wildlife sightings on the trail. You will find wild sheep and yaks grazing on the steep mountain slopes. 

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6. Bali Pass Trek

Bali Pass is a challenging high-altitude trek connecting Yamunotri with the Har ki Dun Valley.  The trek starts from Uttarakhand’s Sankri village and ends in Janki Chatti. The Bali Pass trek offers a 360-degree view of Mt. Swargarohini, Mt. Kalanaag, and Mt. Bandarpoonch. The unexplored valley of Ruinsara takes your breath away when you experience the serenity of this place. 

Bali Pass offers a wholesome experience with lush green forests, traditional local villages, serene trails, unprecedented views of 7,000-meter peaks, alpine meadows, river crossing, thrills, adrenaline, and long days of the pass.

This trail passes through one of the Hindu Char Dham Yamunotri, the Har Ki Dun Valley as well as the Ruinsara Valley.

Graded as a difficult trek, this trail is full of thrill and adventure. 

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7. Everest Base Camp Trek 

The majestic view from the peak of Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is on the bucket list of every trekking enthusiast. The Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most coveted treks. However, only a select few embrace the challenging yet rewarding trail of Everest base camp via Gokyo Ri that leads you above the clouds literally at 18000 ft. above sea level, and you come face to face with the world’s highest mountain. 

The 16-day-long trek offers the most breathtaking views of the world’s highest mountain. Unknown to many, the Everest base camp Trek via Gokyo Ri thrills you with four of the 14 highest peaks in the world. The spectacular sight of Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu compensates for the challenge you took to be on the trek. 

Everest basecamp trek via Gokyo Ri also adds experiences that are as thrilling as being on Everest’s basecamp. You climb to a high altitude pass of Cho La, witness the turquoise shades of enchanting Gokyo lakes, and be on top of the world when you reach Kala Patthar at 18000 ft. Everest base camp trek offers many experiences that will remain etched in your mind for years to come.

8. Roopkund Trek

If there is one high-altitude trek in the country, that every trekker longs to experience, Roopkund tops the list. The mysterious human skeletons, and innumerable theories around the lake intrigue every trekker to explore the Roopkund trail. 

Roopkund is a perfect high-altitude Himalayan trek to satiate your longing for an adrenaline rush and ultimate adventure. The trek takes you to an altitude of 16,000 ft on a trail shrouded in mystery. 

Roopkund Lake remains frozen for most of the year and is surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers. The lake is around 2 meters deep and requires you to walk on a steep descent to reach the back of the lake. 

Roopkund Experience offers you raw outdoor wilderness and ancient historical anecdotes. Though this high-altitude trek is intriguing, it is suitable for trekkers with prior exposure to Himalayan treks. 

These are some of the most popular high-altitude Himalayan treks. These treks are challenging and can be attempted by trekkers who have done a few easy Himalayan treks. 

Do you know of any high-altitude treks suitable for seasoned trekkers? Let us know in the comment section and share it with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. 

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