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Trekking is no longer limited to hardcore adventurers and mountaineers. As more trekking trails open up, many people have started embracing the outdoors as a getaway from their hectic schedules. While the high-altitude trek remains accessible to physically well-prepared people, there is an array of easily accessible Himalayan weekend treks that are perfect for beginners.

Here is a list of the best Himalayan Weekend Treks in Uttarakhand for beginners. These treks are easily accessible and can be done on a budget over the long weekend.  

Deoban Weekend Trek

Trek Duration: 2 Days 

Starting Point – Lokhandi

Best time to visit – Spring and Winter 

A snow-covered valley of Deoban trek with evergreen trees and rocky peaks in the distance.

Deoband Trek near Chakrata is one of the most easily accessible weekend treks in Uttarakhand. The trek is a perfect weekend break for people living near Dehradun. Located around 100 km from the capital city of Dehradun, Deoban Trek is a forest trail tucked away in the Jaunsar region near Chakrata. The trek is renowned amongst explorers for its mystical forest trails covered in deodar, oak, and pine trees. 

An easily approachable trail makes it a perfect weekend getaway, doable on a budget.

Deoban Trek is an ideal escape into the wilderness if you are short on time but craving some adventure in the wild. The trek near Chakarta in Uttarakhand is known for its beautiful forest trail and splendid views of more than 50 peaks. 

Reaching Deoban Trek 

The easiest budget-friendly way to reach Deoban is via bus or train. Dehradun is the nearest railway station. The best part about the trek is its distance from Dehradun. Unlike other treks in the state, you don’t have to travel the entire day to reach the base camp. You can get on an overnight bus from major cities and reach Dehradun in the morning. The starting point of the trek, Lokhandi village, is 4 hrs away from Dehradun. You can hire a cab from Dehradun that will drop you at Chakrata. 

You can check out the dates for Deoban Trek here. 

Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal

Trek Duration: 3 Days 

Trek Starting Point – Sari

Best time to visit – Spring and Winter 

A crystal-clear lake at Deoriatal Rohini Bugyal reflecting a vibrant blue sky

Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal trek is one of the most serene and fulfilling treks to consider across seasons. The trek starts from the small village of Sari. The quaint village of Sari is a perfect place to escape into the wilderness. You will pass through the canopy of rhododendron and oak to reach the campsite. 

The trek is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Deoriatal is believed to be a holy place. The locals believe the lake is frequented by divine energy, and this pristine lake is revered as a sacred place. 

The lake is guarded by beautiful forests covered with pine and rhododendrons. While sitting by the lake, you will witness the mighty Chaukamba looming beyond the lake and the forest.  On a clear day, Mt Chaukamba’s reflection on the pristine lake of Deoriatal is awe-inspiring. To witness Mt Chaukamba looming in the background from your tent is worth every climb. You can also witness the majestic view of the snow-capped peaks of Nilkantha, Bandarpooch, and Kalanag.  

Reaching Deoriatal – Rohini Bugyal

Deoriatal- Rohini Bugyal is in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, with its base camp in Sari village. The base camp is around 226 km and is a 9- 10 hrs drive from Dehradun.  You can get on a shared cab or bus from Dehradun to Ukhimath or Rudraprayag to reach Sari. From Rudraprayag, hire a cab to Sari village as the frequency of shared cabs on this route is very limited. 

Chakrata Trails

Trek Duration : 3 Days 

Starting Point – Chakrata 

Best time to visit – Autumn and Winter 

Chakrata Trail Trek is another easy-to-do trek near Dehradun. The trail takes you through the alluring forest near the famous hill station of Chakrata. 

The trek offers you a perfect amalgamation of adventure and solitude in just three days. Chakrata Trail takes you through a beautiful forest trail and splendid views of more than 50 peaks. 

Towering Deodar trees dominate the Deoban trail, a rare sight for a weekend trek in t Uttarakhand. The enigmatic Deodar Forest is the highlight of this weekend’s trek. However, the trek also offers a majestic view of some of the renowned peaks of Uttrakhand if the weather god is kind. The trek introduces you to the sleepy meadow of Kanasar. Tall deodar trees surround the big clearings covered with verdant grassland. The setting of Kanasar offers a perfect setting to soak in the tranquillity all around and unplug from the world. 

Vyas Shikhar is the highest point on the trek and gives you excellent sightings of more than 50 mountain peaks. The most prominent of them is Mt. Nanda Devi. You will witness Shrikhanth Mahadev, Swargarohini, Ranglana, and Bandarpoonch looming in the distance. 

​Located at 3025m above sea level, Chakrata Trail is a perfect weekend getaway to immerse in the wilderness of the forest, the glorious panorama of Himalayan ranges, and open grassland to enjoy nature to the fullest. 

Reaching Chakrata Trail

The Chakrata Trail trek begins from Chakrata, around 87 km from Dehradun. To reach Chakrata from Dehradun, you can hire a cab or get on a bus from Dehradun. You will also find a shared cab or buses plying from Dehradun. 

Benog Tibba

Trek Duration : 3 Days 

Starting Point – Cloud End Forest Resort, Mussorie 

Best time to visit – Autumn and Winter 

Benog Tibba is a weekend hike near Dehradun that takes you to the highest peak in the Mussorie region. The trek passes through an easy trail and is perfect for beginners. Benog Tibba takes you on an exploratory hike inside the Mussorie Wildlife Sanctuary. The entire cover of the forest is enchanting and often surprises you with its sheer beauty. 

Benog Tibba is suitable for people who wish to experience the wilderness for the first time.  The comfortable trail and the long stretch of enchanting forest engulf you in an absolute wilderness. Benog Tibba trail is also known for its rich biodiversity and wildlife. You will spot Himalayan Goats, Mountain Quails, Deer, and Flying Squirrel. 

The best part about the Benog Tibba hike is its distance from the famous hill station, Mussoorie. Mussorie is just 10 km away from the trek. 

Although the trek spreads over a day-long hike, the view from the top is breathtaking. You will witness the Garhwal Hills and Yamuna Valley from the summit point. If the weather is clear, you can also spot Nanda Ghunti and Mt Trishul in the distance. Benog Tibba flanks Doon Valley, the famous Mussorie hills, and the alluring mountains. 

Reaching Benog Tibba 

The trek is inside the Mussorie Wildlife Sanctuary, near the famous hill station of Mussorie. The base camp is around 34 km and is a 2 hrs drive from Dehradun. You can hire a cab from Dehradun  Railway Station to reach the starting point. The other option is to find a shared cab or roadways bus that will drop you at Mussorie and then hire a cab from there.  The Cloud End Forest Resort is a starting point of the trek. You will start walking towards the forest from here. 

Barnala Lake Trek

Trek Duration : 3 Days 

Starting Point – Barsu

Best time to visit – Spring and Winter 

A crystal-clear Barnala lake reflecting a vibrant blue sky

Barnala Trek, near Dayara Bugyal in Uttarkashi, is a perfect weekend trek to embrace the absolute wilderness. It is an easy and short hike from a village called Barsu. The short and well-marked trail takes you to Barnala Lake, surrounded by pine and oak trees, while the mountain ranges peek from behind. 

The trek is perfect for connecting with nature and immersing yourself in the wilderness. Beside the Barnala Lake stands a temple revered by the locals. While you tread your path in the forest, the Gangotri range keeps you company the whole time. You will witness Draupadii Ka Danda, Neelkanth, Shrikanth Gangotri 1, 2, and III.

The route to Barnala Lake passes through a dense forest till the meadow of Barnala opens up. Barnala meadow will be the campsite.  Barnala Lake is perched at a height,  around half an hour’s hike from the meadows. 

During the summer, the trail is covered with colourful rhododendron flowers. The Barnala meadow is enveloped in lush green shades, adding a rejuvenating magic. 

Reaching Barnala Lake Trek

Barsu Village in Uttarkashi District is the base camp of Barnala Trek. Dehradun to Barsu is around 180 km. You can travel to Uttarkashi in a bus or shared cab. Once you reach Uttarkashi, you can find a shared cab or hire a taxi. The distance between Uttarkashi and Barsu is around 43 km. 

These are some of the most loved weekend treks near Dehradun. These treks are easily accessible from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and other nearby cities. The treks have comfortable trails suitable for beginners and the views you will witness on these treks are astonishing. 

Do let us know in the comments section if you have any other suggestions that we can add to the list.

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