Brahmatal in Winter – Perfect Beginner Friendly Himalayan Escape

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Trekking in the Himalayas at the onset of winter offers you a unique experience. Many trekkers avoid trekking in winter owing to chilly nights and sub-zero temperatures, while a select few face the harshness of winter and embrace the Himalayas at their best. The mountains are covered in a white blanket of snow, and the trail turns into a white carpet covered with a fresh spell of snow in winter.

A few Himalayan treks are accessible even in the peak winter seasons, and only a select few are suitable for beginners. Brahmatal trek in winter is one of the beginner-friendly winter treks suitable for trekkers with a fair amount of physical fitness.

So, if you are a trekking enthusiast planning your first winter trek, here is a detailed insight into why Brahmatal in winter in Uttarakhand has to be on your bucket list. 

Brahmatal – The Snow Paradise 

If there is one Himalayan trek that turns into a perfect winter wonderland, Brahmatal in winter trek tops the list. The trail gets covered in snow. The deodar and the oaks are enwrapped in snow, giving you a Christmas vibe. To experience Brahmatal in winter is surreal. It is straight out of your dreams. If you want to experience snow and club it with grand mountain views, Brahmatal is the place to be this winter. 

1. Best Summit views

Breath-taking sight of towering Mt. Trishul exhibiting its grandeur.

The towering Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti overlook you at the summit of Brhamatal. That’s not it. As you walk on the ridge toward the summit, the view on both sides of the ridge captivates you, as layers of mountain ranges entice you to keep pushing yourself toward the summit of the trek. From the summit, you will be mesmerized by the grandeur of Mt Nanda Ghunti (6309mt) and Mt Trishul (7120mt). 

2. Easy to Moderate Trail

We get a lot of questions regarding the difficulty level of the trek. The Brahmatal trek is considered an easy to moderate trek, considering the trekking hours and the altitude gain. The highest altitude it gains is 11,500 ft when you reach the summit. As the trek spreads over six days, including travel to and from the base camp, the trail is considerably comfortable for a winter trek.  The average trekking hours range between 4-6 hours and are a mix of gradual walks on undulated grassland, along with some steep ascents and descents. The trek doesn’t have demanding tricky patches. You will walk amidst the forest, open grasslands, and ridges. 

A trekker admiring the mighty Mt. Trishul on Brahmatal Trek in Uttarakhand.

In winter, the trail is covered in a white sheet of snow, and the entire forest is enwrapped in white. The pine trees along the trail give Christmas vibes. The trek is perfect for beginners who wish to experience snow in abundance. 

3. The Enchanting Beauty of Frozen Alpine Lakes

Completely frozen high altitude lake of Brahmatal in Uttarakhand.

The trek takes you to an altitude above 10000 ft to the beautiful alpine lake. The high-altitude lake remains frozen during the peak winter months. To witness the beauty of the alpine lakes in winter is a rare opportunity as most of the lakes are not accessible at this time of the year. The beauty of the Brahmatal  Lake enchants you, and the tranquility in the environment enwraps you in an absolute wilderness as you camp by the lake. 

A lake is also a perfect place if you are interested in astrophotography. 

5. Brahmatal and Mythology 

The nomenclature of the lake comes from Hindu mythology, according to which Lord Brahma, creator of the world, is believed to have meditated beside the lake for several years. A place with unparalleled bliss can exempt your worldly worries and help you be one with nature. Bekatal, a lake en route to Brahmatal, is also shrouded in mythological stories. Legend has it that Bekaltal was where Lord Brahma rested after his meditation. 

The base camp of the trek is Lohajung, a village bustling with trekkers. Lohajung turns into a lively village as trekkers throng this place to explore treks like Brahmatal, Ali Bedni Bugyal, and the famous and mysterious Roopkund trail. 

6. Enticing Folklores

According to legend, the village of Lohajung was the site of a battle between Goddess Parvati and the demon Lohasur. It is believed that the goddess emerged victorious in the war, hence the village was named after it.

Brahmatal Trek is known for its rich mythological stories that you start hearing from the base camp. One of the stories is about the origin of its name, which is believed to have come from the heavy rainfall causing the metallic objects to rust or “Jung” in the local language. There are many such stories, and if you’re interested in folktales, the locals of Lohajung can be great storytellers.

Brahmatal Trek in Winter – Beginner Friendly Himalayan Escape

For a six-day long trek, Brahmatal offers quite a lot on its platter. There is a beautiful forest trail covered in snow, the enchanting alpine lakes engulfed in mythology. You traverse the mystical forest trails as you walk under the canopy of coniferous trees. Amidst knee-deep snow and the fresh spell of powdery snow, you satiate your longing for a snow experience. An unforgettable experience is the summit view, the highlight of the Brahmatal trek. 

If you’re seeking a serene trek with majestic mountain views, look no further than the Brahmatal trek.

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