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Lohajung is often known as a basecamp village among the trekking communities. The village witnesses trekkers from across the country as it serves as the base camp for many renowned treks in Uttarakhand. Lohajung, a gateway for renowned treks like Roopkund Trek, Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek, Homkund, and Brahmatal Trek is a place worth experiencing. 

Lohajung is a village where the young generation has embraced modernity in their day-to-day life while the elders of the village remain rooted in their culture. 

A usual day in village life looks very different from the life we lead.  Lohajung is not only a hub for trekkers but also for the stories also flourish here.

Table of Contents

  • Story behind the name
  • Lohajung’s Altitude and Temperature  
  • Basic Amenities Present
  • Beyond Treks in Lohajung
  • Treks starting from Lohajung
  • How to Reach Lohajung 

Unknown to many, the village of Lohajung is worth exploring to understand the local culture, experience nature’s rawness, and the slow yet intriguing lifestyles locals lead here. 

Story behind the Name

The locals believe the place is where Goddess Parvati engaged in a war with Lohasur, the demon. Legend has it that she emerged victorious in the war (jung), and derived its name. 

You can safely say if you find the right person in the village you will hear the stories of all the treks that start from here.

Another story floats about its nomenclature in the village. Many believe that the region received heavy rainfall causing the metallic objects to rust, or jung

If you are interested in folklore, Lohajung has plenty of them. You have to find the right people to share them with you. 

Lohajung’s Altitude and Temperature 

Lohajung village is nestled at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. The weather remains pleasant during summer, and the temperature goes up to 24 degrees during the daytime. At night, the temperature dips down to  10 to 14 degrees. 

Lohajung’s winters become harsh. The village gets covered in a white sheet of snow in the winter, turning the place into a winter wonderland. The temperature during the winter is recorded as between – 8 to -10 degrees. The day temperature in the winter is recorded at 5 to 6 degrees. Brahmatal, the trek that starts from Lohajung is a perfect winter trek to enjoy the snowfall. 

Basic Amenities Present 

The village has an ATM and a bank where you can withdraw money. It is always suggested to carry some reserve cash, as the next village with an ATM and a bank is in Deval, 25 km away from the village. The village has a good network of Airtel, BSNL, and Jio. 

The village has homestays and lodges with basic facilities for the trekkers. 

Beyond treks in Lohajung 

1. Indulge in Local Festivals

One of the festivals celebrated with fervour in the region is the Kauthik festival. The festival marks happiness and joy, and the locals believe it is auspicious for the region. The age-old practice of the festival honours the local deity of the village. 

Phuldei is another festival celebrated in the region. The festival marks the harvest season and the arrival of spring. As a part of the festival, young girls visit the houses in the village with flowers, and Dei a local dish prepared with jaggery, curd, and flour. The girls sing the folk song, Phuldei, and bless the home they visit, and they are offered sweets by the elders in return. 

2. Explore Wan Village 

A few kilometres ahead of Lohajung is the quaint village of Wan. Wan is the village where you can seek solitude overlooking the mountains, and traditional Garwali homes, and absorb the slow pace of life people lead here. The calmness of nature and verdant valleys will charm you, and add to your experience. 

3. Local architecture

Lohajung, unknown to many has a big marketplace. The place is bustling with trekkers and locals who come from nearby villages to work here. As modernity slowly seeps in, the village is now giving up on the trends people follow in the city. There are very few traditional houses in the village now. However, you can explore the few remaining. 

The traditional houses here are rectangular in shape, with their windows and doors painted in bright blue. You will see the raw life adopted by people here. The verandah will have onions, garlic, corn, and seeds of vegetables hanging. The walls will have signs of clay and dung. It is believed that these walls have insulation properties and keep the rooms suitable for summers and winters. These houses will have remains of mud paste used for plastering the inner and outer walls. The doors will be short in height to keep them warm from the inside. The roof will also be shorter than our houses’ in the city. 

4. Try rhododendron juice

If you walk towards Arjan Top from Lohajung, after a few minutes you will witness Rhododendrons blooming in different shades. Rhododendron blooms in the area around March-May. 

A lot of people are unaware but Rhododendron is used by the villagers to extract juice which is easily available in different shops around Lohajung and surrounding areas. You can indulge in fresh rhododendron juice. The locals believe that Juice has many medicinal values as well. A lot of trekkers bring locally made rhododendron juice back home. 

5. Go for short hikes 

In a village as beautiful as Lohajung, you will have innumerable options to go for short hikes. Many people hike to Arjan’s top to witness rhodendrons blooming in different colours. The place is close to the village. 

6. Mysterious Latu Devta Temple 

Laatu Devta Temple in the village is full of mysteries, and stories. The door of the temple opens only once a year, however, the devotees are not permitted to enter the temple. It is said that the priest who enters the temple covers his mouth to avoid disturbing the deity. 

Laatu Devta is revered by the locals as a guardian deity. The locals believe God blesses devotees who go there with pure hearts.  

Lohajung is rightly called the basecamp village. It acts as a basecamp for many popular Himalayan treks. 

Treks starting from Lohajung 

  1. Roopkund TrekIf there is one trek in the country, that every trekker longs to experience, Roopkund tops the list. The mysterious human skeletons, and innumerable theories around the lake intrigue every trekker to explore the Roopkund trail. The Roopkund Trek is on the bucket list of many trekkers owing to the stories that revolve around the trek. 
  1. Brahmatal TrekBrahmatal is one of the most popular treks that starts from Lohajung village. Brahmatal is one of the few Himalayan Treks that is accessible throughout the year.  A universal favourite of trekkers, Brahmatal is touted as one of the best treks to experience in winter. Brahmatal is a well-known trail among the outdoor community owing to the stunning mountain vistas, the trail offers. The Brahmatal Experience boasts endless meadows, two high-altitude lakes, perfect mountain view, making it one of the top treks in our country. The route unravels hidden waterfalls, secluded campsites, and panoramic views of Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti. 
  1. Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek There are very few high-altitude Bugyal treks in India, and the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek stands out as a trek with the most magnanimous and awe-inspiring views. The lush green meadows with the majestic view of the whole of Mount Trishul right in front of you, and an unforgettable trail through a dense and quaint forest are what define this trail.

How to Reach Lohajung

The base camp is around 293 km and is a 10- 11 hrs drive from Dehradun.  Dehradun is well connected by air, train, and road. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant International Airport in Dehradun. You can book your tickets well in advance till Dehradun to avail yourself of tickets at cheaper rates. You can choose to travel by air from any metro city to Dehradun.

The other option is to reach Delhi by air and travel by train or bus from Delhi onwards. To reach Lohajung, you can get on the bus from Dehradun, Rishikesh, or Haridwar. There are no direct buses or cabs from any of these locations to reach Lohajung. Remember to leave as early as possible to get connecting cabs for your journey ahead. In the mountains, you cannot completely rely on public transport to reach places like Lohajung. 

You can travel in a shared cab or a bus to Karnaprayag. Karnaprayag is around 6-7  hours away from Dehradun. Once you reach Karnaprayag in the afternoon, you can get on a shared taxi from here to Tharali. The distance of around 50 km is covered in 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. In Tharali, if you are lucky you can get a direct cab from here to Lohajung. The other option will be to reach Tharali and get on the cab till Deval. 

Lohajung is 24 km away from Deval. You can opt to get on a shared cab if available or hire a cab from here to Lohajung. If you are considering booking a cab, directly from Tharali to Lohajung, it can be anywhere between 2-3 k depending on which car is available for hire. 

If you are in Lohajung next time, you should look beyond your trek, and indulge in the beauty and serenity of Lohajung.

 Lohajung is for people who yearn for stories of people and places, folklore, and who have an interest in understanding the local culture.

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