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Taking the right gear is essential when embarking on a thrilling Himalayan trek. Trekking backpacks or bags are the most crucial trekking gear for any trek. 

Think of a trekking bag as your closet while on a trek in the Himalayas. The right trekking bag ensures your belongings are safe and provides comfort on the trail. The trekking bag must pass a few tests because it’s an essential gear you will depend on throughout your trek.  When buying a trekking bag, you must carefully check if it provides the required comfort, durability, water resistance and sturdiness. 

A perfect trekking bag holds the power to enhance your trekking experience. Therefore, you must consider a few important factors before choosing a trekking backpack that suits your needs and budget. 

Your trekking backpacks should be 

  • Comfortable – Easy on your shoulder and your back. 
  • Sturdy – Made of sturdy material like nylon 
  • Durable – Endure harsh weather conditions
  • Water-resistant – Should be able to withstand water 

Factors to consider while purchasing trekking backpacks

Our Outdoor Leader's favorite trekking bags.

How long is your trek?

The duration of your trek directly impacts the choice of your trekking bag. Whether you are going for a short hike over the weekend or a multiple-day hike, your backpack plays an important role in deciding your comfort on the trek. Long-duration and multiple-day treks demand a backpack that is comfortable on your shoulder and has strong back support. The size of the trekking bag is dependent on the trek duration. 

Volume of the backpack 

Volume of the Trekking BackpackSuitable For Trekking Backpack Price Range
25 to 30 ltrsSuitable for a day hike Rs 500 -1000
30 to 45 ltrsFor weekend hikes Rs. 600 to Rs. 1500
45 to 60 ltrsDesigned for multiday treksRs. 3000 to Rs. 6000
70 to 90 ltrsLong Expeditions Rs. 5000 to Rs.10000

The capacity or the volume of the trekking backpack is measured in litres. The trekking bags’ volume is directly related to the duration of your trek. The longer the duration of your trek, the bigger the volume or size of your trekking bag. 

Before buying a backpack ask yourself a question – How many days will I be living off my backpack in the wilderness of the mountains? As the trek duration extends, the volume of the trekking backpack should also increase.

decathlon trekking backpacks
Photo Credit – decathlon.in

If you want to buy a backpack for a short hike doable over a day, a backpack of 25 to 35 ltr capacity is suitable. You can carry a lunch box, a jacket, a water bottle and a few essential items. 

30 to 45 ltrs backpack is sufficient for weekend treks like Deoban in Uttarakhand. This capacity will be enough to pack all the required equipment and essentials. 

For Himalayan treks like Gaumukh Tapovan and Kashmir Great Lakes trek, you will need a backpack with 50 to 70 litres capacity. 

For treks that expand beyond eight days, buying a backpack above 70 ltrs will be sufficient. 

Durability of your backpack 

Look for a backpack made with durable materials. Go for a polyester or nylon material backpack. They are lightweight and can withstand rough weather conditions and rugged terrain. Trekking backpacks made of thick materials can sustain unpredictable weather in the mountains and will last you long. 

Here is a list of the most sought-after trekking backpacks of 2024. Trekkers and Outdoor Leaders have used these backpacks across different High-altitude Himalayan treks. These backpacks have been thoroughly vetted by seasoned hikers during Himalayan treks across seasons. 

Forclaz MT100 

Price – Rs 4999

Volume – 50 ltrs

Available on – Decathlon 

At an affordable price, this Decathlon Trekking backpack ticks all the boxes and is one of the best budget trekking backpacks available. It is sturdy, lightweight compact, padded straps with a comfortable build. This one is a perfect fit for a week-long Himalayan trek. Comes with an accessible Water bottle holder, Pole holder, and rain cover holder. 

“I have used this backpack for a 5 – 8 days long trek. It is enough to carry all the essential equipment and gear for a multiday Himalayan trek. The easy fit snugs your body and automatic back adjustment avoids stressing your back. However, the bag could have more compartments for outside for better functionality, shares one of our trekkers. The best part about this Forclaz backpack by Decathlon is, it’s available for both men and women offering different colors and designs. 

Osprey AG 60 

The Osprey AG 60 backpack is a wise investment if you are a frequent trekker. The built quality of this bag is excellent. This backpack is compact, lightweight and equipped with comfortable shoulder straps and a hip belt. For long-duration treks, the backpack proves to be very convenient. 

The backpack is priced slightly higher and starts at around Rs 2,0000. However, all Osprey products last you for a long duration and ensure convenience on your trek.

Wildcraft Cliff 45 

Price Rs – 2249

Volume – 45 ltrs

Available on – wildcraft.com/myntra

Wildcraft offers a wide range of hiking and trekking backpacks. The nylon built of the Wildcraft trekking bags withstand rough terrains. 

This budget-friendly option by Wildcraft is handy for 3-5 days of Himalayan treks. Comes with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt.  The durable material used ensures the backpack withstands the rugged terrain. 

The setback, however, is enough utility compartments. There is just one opening restricting easy accessibility, and a lack of separate shoes compartment. 

Wildcraft Unisex Red Solid Gangotri 65

Price Rs – 6999/-

Volume – 65 ltrs

Available on – wildcraft.com/myntra

Another excellent product by Wildcraft is Gangotri 65. This bag is suitable for long treks of 7- 10 days. The sturdiness and the volume of 65 lt assure comfort to trekkers especially, while walking long distances. The backpack has enough space for a long duration and lets you pack all the necessary equipment conveniently. 

Conveniently placed side compartments for easy access to rain gear or other emergency items. The rain cover that comes with the bag keeps your backpack dry from monsoon rain. The nylon built of this trekking backpack ensures high quality and withstands all weather conditions. 

Forclaz Trek 500

MRP – Rs 14999/ (Available on sale for Rs 6999)

Volume – 50 + 10 ltrs

Available on Decathlon Stores/Decathlon Online

Perfect for lightweight backpacking, the Forclaz Trek 500 can sustain up to 15 Kg load. The capacity of this Decathlon backpack is 50 lt with an extra 10 ltr extension capacity. 

This range of trekking backpacks comes with a ventilated back structure designed using mesh fabric (net fabric) that helps the back to breathe and dry quickly. 

The padded strap is adjustable and comfortable on your shoulder. The back is adjustable with a release strap that’s easy and quick to use. One of the most versatile backpacks on the market, this has a bottle holder, pole holder, rain cover, and multi-functional straps. 

The wide front access and multiple compartments increase accessibility to essentials without offloading your backpack. 

Wildcraft Cliff 60

Price – Rs 3349

Volume – 60 ltrs

Wildcraft Cliff 60 is sufficient for a weeklong trek with 60 ltr capacity. An upgraded version of Wildcraft Cliff 45, the backpack is one of the best budget backpacks available. 

The comfortable padded shoulder straps and an adjustable waist belt help to manoeuvre the rugged terrain conveniently. The nylon material used ensures the backpack sustains in rough and rugged terrain.  

One of the drawbacks of this bag is the lack of utility compartments. There is just one opening restricting easy accessibility and no separate shoe compartment.  


Volume – 40 ltrs

Price – Rs. 29,850

Available on – Gregory’s Website/Amazon

Gregory backpacks are priced on the higher side. The backpacks suit trekkers and explorers who travel frequently. If you are a seasoned trekker who frequents the mountains, you can consider investing in Gregory trekking bags. The backpack is designed using nylon and has water-resistant feature. This works well for heavier loads and multiple-day hikes. 

Wildcraft Alpinist 

Volume – 55 ltrs

Price- Rs 4590

This backpack by Wildcraft is made of nylon and can withstand rugged conditions on any Himalayan adventure. The backpack is comfortable and comes with a hip belt for proper load share and a padded back providing the utmost comfort to your back during long hiking hours on undulated terrain. Wildcraft Alpinist is designed with three compartments for the functional organization of your gear on the trek. 

Key Features of Trekking Bags 


The available backpacks in the market are not fully waterproof. Look for the ones that are semi-water resistant. Trekking in the mountains with unpredictable weather, you will withstand rain and snow.  Most of the backpacks have rain cover to guard against extreme weather conditions. 


The material used for the trekking backpack decides how durable your bag will be. The budget-friendly backpacks have a polyester finish. 

If you are a seasoned trekker and frequent the mountains, invest in a backpack made of nylons. 

Compatible/comfortable shoulder and back support 

On a moderate to difficult trek, you walk an average of 5 – 8 km daily to reach the campsite. The backpack with padded straps and adjustable back support enhances your walking experience in undulated terrain. Most of the backpacks come with padded shoulder straps and metal-installed back support. Look for trekking bags that ensure a snug fit. 


On a multiday hike, you need a backpack with easy accessibility. The key is to have side compartments and pockets that become handy while hiking. Look for a backpack with extra compartments for storing a day layer, rain cover, water bottle and trail snacks. The most accessible backpack offers all these without offloading your backpack on the trail. 

When going on a multiday hike, having a backpack with easy accessibility is crucial. To ensure comfort, look for a trekking backpack with side compartments and accessible pockets while hiking. Additionally, it’s recommended to choose a trekking backpack with extra compartments for storing a day layer, rain cover, water bottle, and trail snacks. The best backpack should offer easy access to all these items without offloading your backpack on the trail.

When buying a backpack being informed about the key features to consider helps you to pick up the right gear that will last you a few adventures. Choosing the right trekking backpack tailored to your specific requirements will keep your gear safe, and trekking clothes dry while enhancing your trekking experience. Whether you are heading for a Himalayan trek or on a thrilling adventure the right trekking backpack will ensure accessibility and comfort on the go. 

If you are an avid trekker and have found a comfortable and reliable trekking backpack share your recommendations with the trekking community.

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