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Rupin Pass Trek has two distinct seasons with favourable weather. Rupin Pass temperature is moderate and comfortable during the summer and autumn seasons. May to June in summer, and September to October in autumn have the best weather in Rupin Pass. 

Rupin Pass Trek temperature is recorded between 17°C and 19°C during the daytime in the summer months. The days are warm and sunny. The night gets cold, and the higher campsites record the lower temperatures. Sometimes it drops down to zero at higher altitudes. 

During the autumn months, the Rupin Pass temperature drops down, however, the days are warmer if the weather is clear. The day temperature is recorded between 12°C and 16°C while at night the temperature drops down to sub-zero towards October. 

Rupin Pass Trek Monthly Temperature Details

Seasons MonthMinimum
Winter January-8°C0°C
Winter February-7°C2°C
SpringApril 6°C12°C

Rupin Pass Temperature in May

Rupin Pass offers a thrilling walk along the gushing mountain river.

In May, the Rupin Pass temperature remains pleasant during the daytime. With warm sunny days, the day temperature ranges between 14°C to 17°C. The nights are chilly, and the cold increases as the temperature drops further. The night temperature in Rupin Pass goes down to a minimum of 4°C – 5°C. Rupin Pass weather is favourable in May. However, the weather keeps fluctuating as you climb to higher elevations. Prepare for a drop in temperature at the higher campsites. Trekking to Rupin Pass in May also means snow in abundance. May is also when Rupin Pass begins to transition towards a colour riot. 

Rupin Pass Temperature in June

Rupin Pass temperature in June is endurable with warm and sunny days. The day temperature is recorded between 15°C to  19°C in Rupin Pass. At night, the Rupin Pass temperature in June hovers around 5°C to 6°C

During the daytime, you will be moving from one campsite to another. Your body gathers enough heat to keep you warm during the trek. Once you reach the campsites and your body cools down, you will feel the chill in the air. The temperature further decreases if the weather conditions worsen and monsoon clouds arrive. 

Rupin Pass in June is covered with colourful wildflowers. The campsite of Dhanderas Thatch turns dreamy with wildflowers sprawling and the three-stage waterfall in the background. 

Rupin Pass Temperature in July

A group of trekkers amazed by the famous three stage waterfall on Rupin Pass trek.

Rupin Pass in July is not suggested as it is a peak monsoon season. The region receives incessant rain. It becomes difficult to navigate owing to the constant rain. The campsites are not in manageable conditions, and the place also has a risk of landslides during July when the monsoon picks up in Himachal and Uttarakhand.  

The average maximum temperature in July is  21°C to 27°C during the daytime. The minimum night temperature is recorded at around  5°C to 8°C in July.

Rupin Pass Temperature in August

Rupin Pass weather in August is very similar to the weather in July. Due to heavy rains, the trail becomes slippery. It becomes challenging to pitch a tent, and there is also a risk of flash floods when it rains heavily and continually. The days remain cloudy and the trail is inapt for trekking in August. 

Rupin Pass Temperature in Autumn 

In Autumn months that start in September and continue till mid-October, the Rupin Pass temperature remains mild during the daytime. The day will be dry and sunny. The temperature decreases as you climb to a higher altitude. At night, the temperature drops below 10°C at higher campsites and it also gets windy as you gain altitude. The best part of trekking to Rupin Pass in September is clement days, clear blue skies, and tolerable temperature. The monsoon clouds do not hover, and there is a crispness in the air. 

Rupin Pass Temperature in September

The Rupin Pass temperature in September is usually recorded between 12°C to 16°C during the day.  At night, the temperature dips down to  2°C. At higher campsites, temperatures can dip to zero degrees in the autumn months. The minimum temperature can drop to – 4°C to -5°C at higher campsites.  

Rupin Pass Temperature in October

The Rupin Pass weather in October is a bit colder than in September.  The Rupin Pass temperature in October is usually recorded between 8°C to 12°C during the day.  At night, the temperature drops to  0 °C. The temperature can reach the lowest of -6°C  in Rupin Pass in October. The weather remains clear during the day. While walking during the daytime, the cold temperature does not bother you, as your body is warm due to constant walking. At the campsites, you realise the intensity of freezing temperatures. 

Rupin Pass Trek Highlights

Starting from two villages, the Rupin Pass trek connects the highlands of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

If you are starting from Uttarakhand, the base camp will be Dhaula.  The trek spreads over seven days, including travel to and from the base camp. Rupin Pass Trek is categorized as difficult and you will cover a total distance of approximately 37 km in 5 days. 

The beauty of the Rupin Pass trek is unmatched. Rupin Pass opens a vast spread of heavenly campsites, and the majestic view of three three-stage waterfalls takes you through an enigmatic hanging village of Jhaka. 

Rupin Pass trek altitude is 15,250ft, and the trek boasts vibrant campsites, the adrenaline rush while traversing the Rupin Gully, and surprising landscapes every day of the trek. 

Rupin Pass is a perfect blend of high-altitude adventure complimented perfectly by visually stunning landscapes. 

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