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Roopkund Trek temperature remains pleasant in summer, from May to June, and in autumn, from September to mid-October. The trek has two seasons with mild temperatures and clear weather.  

Roopkund trek weather is pleasant with comfortable daytime temperatures in the summer months of May and June. Night and early morning are known to have freezing temperatures. The autumn months also feature clear weather and visibility. 

In September and October, the day temperature in Roopkund remains warm and snuggly.  You need additional layers as the temperature can be notoriously extreme at night.  

Roopkund Trek temperature depends on the season you are trekking in. As the trek takes you to a higher altitude of more than 16,000ft, Roopkund trek temperature is cool and frigid.

Here is a detailed temperature guide for the Roopkund Lake trek, also known as the skeleton lake trek in Uttarakhand 

Roopkund Trek Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January  -15°C 4°C
WinterFebruary-12°C 5°C 
SpringMarch -8°C 7°C 
SpringApril-5°C 10°C 
SummerMay-5°C 14°C 
SummerJune0°C 17°C 
MonsoonJuly 7°C 19°C 
MonsoonAugust1°C 18°C 
AutumnSeptember-5°C 15°C 
AutumnOctober -6°C 13°C 
AutumnNovember-7°C 10°C 
Winter December-10°C 5°C 

Roopkund Trek Weather in Winters (December to February) 

Roopkund Lake Trek in winter registers a minimum of -10°C to -15°C.  The temperature remains low throughout the day, and the number declines to minus. December, January and February are the coldest with heavy and constant snowfall. Roopkund temperatures in December, January and February are not favourable for trekking. 

Roopkund Temperature in December

Roopkund temperature registers minimum -10°C at higher elevations in December. Maximum temperature hover around 5°C . The lower regions will have slightly warmer temperatures. Roopkund trek temperature is at its lowest during early mornings and at night.

Roopkund Temperature in January 

The temperature declines further, making it extremely difficult to trek in January. Excessive snow also obstructs your speed on the trail. Expect a maximum of 4°C and a minimum of -15°C in January in Roopkund. 

Roopkund Temperature in February

Roopkund experiences comparatively warm weather in February.  You can expect clear sunny days offering crisp mountain views. Roopkund temperature in February ranges between 5°C to -12°C in the higher regions.

Roopkund Trek Weather in Spring (March to April)

The temperature increases in spring seas as the winter cold wears off, making way for bright sunny days.  A colossal amount of snow on the trail in spring months makes it challenging to navigate the higher campsites. 

Roopkund Temperature in March

March in Roopkund has a maximum of 7°C during the day to a minimum of -8°C in the morning and night. It is extremely cold at higher campsites and becomes windy in March. 

Roopkund Temperature in April

The trek in April registers a slight increase in day temperatures. Roopkund temperature in April ranges between 10°C in the daytime to min -5°C at night and early mornings.  April has warm and sunny days featuring clear weather and magnificent views of the big mountains. 

Roopkund Trek Weather in Summer (May to June)

May marks the arrival of trekkers to Roopkund. Summer begins in May and continues till May end. Mild temperatures and clear weather mark summer as the most loved season for Roopkund trek. 

Grandeur of Mt. Trishul as seen from Bedni Bugyal on the way to Roopkund.

Roopkund Temperature in May 

In May, the average temperature on the Roopkund trek is recorded between 12°C to 14°C during the daytime. It reaches 0°C to -5°C at night time. Roopkund weather in May will be warm and sunny if the weather is clear. At night, the temperature dips down and it gets chilly after sunset. 

Roopkund Temperature in June 

June temperature in Roopkund ranges between a maximum of 17°C. The night and early morning record 8°C  to 0°C, hence, carry enough layers of clothes to keep yourself warm at higher altitudes with sub-zero temperatures. During the daytime, your body will remain warm and cosy. Keep an outer layer handy in case it gets windy on the trail. 

Roopkund Trek Weather in Monsoon (July to August)

Roopkund is not accessible in monsoon. It rains heavily in the region making it difficult to traverse the slippery and muddy trail. The weather is harsh and the cold is unbearable. Trekking conditions are not conducive to attempt Roopkund trek in July and August. 

July and August register a minimum of 1°C and a maximum of 18°C in Roopkund. 

Roopkund Trek Weather in Autumn (September to Mid-October)

The second season for the Roopkund trek begins in September and continues till mid-October. The campsites have manageable temperatures during this period. 

Autumn temperature is mild during the day, however, the night gets chilly with cold. 

Mighty Himalayan peaks shrouded in cloud on Roopkund trek

Roopkund Temperature in September 

September temperature in Roopkund is around 4°C to 15°C during the day. You will have to deal with freezing temperatures at night. 

Trekkers aren’t deterred by the freezing temperatures of September to November, as this season offers clear and stable weather, providing unobstructed views of the Himalayas while trekking along the Roopkund Lake trail.

In September, the temperature reaches a maximum of 15°C, and at night time it declines to -5°C. 

Roopkund Temperature in October 

In October, the Roopkund Lake trek temperature reaches 13°C during the daytime and touches a minimum of -6°C.  Come prepared with a minimum of five layers to guard against the biting cold. 

Roopkund Temperature in November 

Roopkund weather becomes extremely cold by November. You will experience a significant drop in temperature. November records a minimum of -7°C and a maximum of 10°C in Roopkund. The cold and harsh weather condition makes it strenuous to embark on a Roopkund trek. 

Come prepared with enough layers to guard yourself from the biting cold night temperature. 

Roopkund Trek Highlights 

The famous Roopkund Trek in Uttarakhand leads you to an enigmatic Roopkund Lake, also known as the Skeleton Lake. This glacial lake is located at a staggering altitude of 16,470 ft above sea level. Roopkund owes its immense popularity to the presence of human skeletons. The Lake continues to be shrouded in innumerable mysteries with no definitive conclusions to date. 

Since the confounding discovery of the human skeletons, the Roopkund Lake has attracted trekkers, explorers, and researchers worldwide. 

The trek to the infamous skeleton lake passes through the stunning meadows of Ali Bedni Bugyal. Roopkund is also famed for the spellbinding sight of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. 

The trek starts from Lohajung village. Roopkund Lake trek distance is around 40 km, and you can complete the trek comfortably in 8 days, including travel to and from the base camp. The hike is for seasoned trekkers with prior hiking experience. 

If thrilling folklores, mesmerising meadows, and majestic mountains intrigue you, Roopkund Trek is a must for all adventure lovers. 

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