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Pin Bhaba Pass Trek temperature remains mild during the peak trekking season. The temperature changes throughout the season. Expect pleasant weather during the day and cold at night and early mornings. 

Before you head to the trek, it is pertinent to know about the weather conditions of any trek. Pin Bhaba Pass experiences comfortable day temperatures from June to early October.

Here is a detailed month-wise Pin Bhaba Pass trek temperature and weather guide to help you plan your trek. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January  -16°C 1°C
WinterFebruary-12°C 5°C 
SpringMarch -8°C 7°C 
SpringApril-6°C 10°C 
SummerMay-2°C 11°C 
SummerJune0°C 14°C 
MonsoonJuly -2°C 16°C 
MonsoonAugust1°C 17°C 
AutumnSeptember-4°C 14°C 
AutumnOctober -6°C 10°C 
AutumnNovember-8°C 8°C 
Winter December-12°C 4°C 

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Weather in Summer (June to August)

July experiences warm days in Pin Bhaba. The sun shines bright and you have enough daylight hours. Lower campsites have comfortable weather conditions in July. Though it is summer season, carry enough layers to guard yourself from a drop in the temperature at night. Although part of the trek falls under the rain shadow region, expect mild showers, if you are trekking to Pin Bhaba in June. 

Winter snow at the upper campsites melts by mid-July, and it becomes easier to navigate the trail. Most treks have a brief window when the trail remains accessible with favourable weather. For the Pin Bhaba Pass trek, the window with clement weather begins in June and continues till mid-October. 

Breathtaking landscape of Spiti region on crossover trek of Pin Bhaba.

Pin Bhaba Pass Temperature in June 

Pin Bhaba Pass trek temperature in June records a maximum of 14°C and a minimum of -0°C. The night will be chilly with low temperatures. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Temperature in July

The days are warm as the temperature is pleasant during the daytime. Pin Bhaba Pass records 13°C to 16°C on a clear day. At night, the temperature is on the lower side. During the nighttime, Pin Bhaba records a minimum of  5°C to -2°C during early July. The temperature on the treks keeps decreasing as you gain altitude. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Temperature in August

Pin Bhaba Pass trek temperature in August touches a maximum of 17°C during the day. Expect the mercury level to drop at night. Night temperature hovers around a minimum of 1°C in August. 

A trekker immerses in a breathtaking landscapes on Pin Bhaba Pass Trek.

In August, you will enjoy temperate weather on the Pin Bhaba Pass trek. The day will be warm with a good amount of sunlight. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Weather in Autumn 

The weather is colder than in July and August. Trekking to Pin Bhaba in autumn means colder temperatures. Clear weather allows trekkers to indulge in the beauty of Pin Bhaba. Temperatures remain warm and snuggly during the day when the sun shows up. Night brings the chill and you need a layer or two extra to fight the biting cold. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Temperature in September 

Pin Bhaba records day temperatures between 14°C and 16°C in September. Expect temperatures between -3°C and -4°C at night. As temperature drops, your number of layers increases. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Temperature in October

By early October, Pin Bhaba temperature begins to drop further. The days are dry with clear weather. The sun is mild, and the days are windy. 

Pin Bhaba temperature in October records a maximum of 10°C and drops to -6°C degrees towards October end. The trek also receives the season’s first snowfall in October. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Weather in Winter 

Winter in Pin Bhaba Pass is harsh. The trail remains covered in snow throughout the winter months and campsites become unmanageable. While the higher regions remain unreachable, the lower campsites remain shrouded in white after heavy snowfall in winter. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Temperature in January 

The temperature reaches a minimum of -16°C during the peak winter season. The day temperature barely touches 0°C. Pin Bhaba records a minimum temperature of -16°C and a maximum of 1°C during the winter months of December and January. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Highlights 

Pin Bhaba is a challenging trek suitable for seasoned trekkers. The trek takes nine days to complete and traverses some strenuous climbs, tricky patches, and a high pass.  It starts at 8,275 ft from its base camp, Kafnu, and climbs to the highest elevation of 16,100ft when you reach Pin Bhaba Pass. 

On this trek, you cover a total distance of around 50 km.

Located in Himachal Pradesh, the Pin Bhaba trek is one of the most dramatic cross-over treks. You discover a drastic change in scenery as you trek from the Kinnaur region to the Spiti side. The Pin Bhaba Pass trek starts with the lush green valleys of the Kinnaur region and concludes on the Spiti side. Trekkers are in for a treat when they witness the arid and desert-brown landscapes on the Spiti side. Although the trek is on the bucket list of many trekking enthusiasts, you must be in good physical condition to attempt the Pin Bhaba Trek. 

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