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Kumara Parvatha trek, also known as Pushpagiri is one of the most popular trekking trails near Bangalore. A perfect weekend getaway in Coorg, Kumara Parvatha Trek distance is 28 km both ways. In two days, this weekend trek offers breathtaking landscapes of the Western Ghats, an adventurous trail, panoramic mountainscape and vast grasslands. 

Kumara Parvatha Trek Distance and Day Wise Itinerary

The total trekking distance of Kumara Parvatha trek is around 22 to 25 km. The distance comes to 13 to 14 km one way. 

kumara parvata trek distance

Let’s understand the day-wise trek distance of Kumara Parvatha Trek

1. Kukke Subramanya to Bhatts House – 7km

The trek begins from a Kukke Subramanya. If you start the trek early in the morning, you will hike for 5 to 6 hours for 7 km to reach the first major rest point at Bhatts House. The place is where many trekkers prefer to halt for a meal. Covering the distance takes 5 to 6 hours from the starting point. You will tread your path through a lush green forest on a mixed trail. 

2. Bhatts House to Sheesha Parvatha – 5 km

After consuming a hearty meal, it is time to head to the next major stop point at Sheesha Parvatha. The trek distance between these two points is roughly 5 to 6 km. As you leave Bhatt’s house, the demanding part of the trek begins and you navigate some steep ascent to reach Sheesha Parvatha. Once you are here, the challenging part of the trail is dealt with. 

Soak in the beauty of nature as you walk in a vast expanse of grasslands and witness the vertical rock face of Shesha Parvatha. 

3. Sheesha Parvatha to Kumara Parvatha – 1.5 km

The last leg of the trek to Shesha Parvatha covers a total distance of 1.5km between Sesha Parvatha and Kumara Parvta, also known as Pushpagiri Peak. After the final push, you will reach the summit and witness panoramic views of Coorg Hills and the breathtaking beauty of the Western Ghats. 

Kumara Parvatha Trek Duration and Trail Information 

Kumara Parvatha is a challenging trail. Long walking hours on steep ascents demand significant physical stamina and spirit to traverse the trail. As you will be hiking for around 14 km on undulating terrain, it is better to be prepared for what awaits on this trek. 

The Kumara Parvatha trekking trail can be divided into three sections. 

1. Kukkuye Subramanya to Bhatta House 

It takes 5 to 6 hours to cover the distance of 7 km. The trail begins with a well-laid path and passes through a dense forest area. After few minutes into the trail,  you will be traversing on steep ascents. The difficulty of your climb increases as you move further. Pay attention to the silence of forests and chirping birds as you cross serene forest sections. 

Once you reach Bhatt’s house order a hearty meal. There is a forest checkpoint nearby. Pay your entry fee here before proceeding further. The department charges Rs 350 per person to enter the forest. 

2. Bhatta House to Shesa Parvatha – 3.5 hrs

From here onwards, you have a steeper trail to walk on. After the first 10 minutes, a vast spread of never-ending grasslands opens up, and you have a wide-eye view of a lush green clearing. The grassland flanks dense forest cover on its left. While the ascent is steep, the views are worth every climb. 

After the first few km, you will reach your first resting point, Kallu Mantapa. Take a short break here, and hydrate yourself before pushing for the next stop point at Shesha Parvatha. The trail is open from here onwards. A sprawling grass field awaits you and the forest cover is left behind. 

3. Shesha Parvatha to Kumara Parvatha Peak – 1.5 hrs 

Though you have navigated the challenging part of the trek, a final push is required to climb up the vertical rock face to reach the Kumara Parvatha Peak. As you arrive at the summit, a splendour of Wester Ghats awaits you. The dreamy panoramic mountainscape of Coorg offers a perfect photo opportunity on a clear day. 

Important tips for trekkers 

  1. Do your research before embarking on a trek to Kumara Parvatha 
  2. You need to acquire a permit at the forest check post. 
  3. Kumara Parvatha Trekking Distance is 25 km and has long hiking hours. Prepare yourself physically to enjoy the trek to the fullest 
  4. Carry an emergency medicine kit 
  5. Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water 
  6. Pack light to traverse the trail smoothly without any extra load pulling you back 
  7. Carry all required trekking gear- Rain gear, a pole, sun hat, sunglasses
  8. Make sure your shoes are sturdy to tackle the undulated terrain of Kumara Parvatha Trek 
  9. Leave no trace on the trail. Carry all the waste generated on the trek to the base and dispose responsibly. 

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