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Kedarkantha Trek temperature remains frigid from December to February and Kedarkantha weather varies across seasons. Winter in Kedarkantha has freezing temperatures and chilly weather, on the other hand, spring and summer feature warm days and pleasant evenings. September to November feature clear sunny days, however, chill at night requires you to carry an extra layer. 

Before you plan your visit to the Kedarkantha trek, let’s know more about the detailed weather forecast and temperature in Kedarkantha. We have compiled an average month-wise Kedarkantha temperature to help you plan your trek. 

Kedarkantha Trek Monthly Temperature Guide

Spring March2ºC12ºC
Spring April3ºC13ºC
AutumnNovember 0ºC10ºC
Winter December 3ºC10ºC

Kedarkantha Weather in Winter (December to February)

Kedarkantha weather in winter remains cold and chilly. The days are short with limited sunlight while the nights have freezing temperatures, however, the season still offers a surreal experience.
To fully enjoy the trek, trekkers need to carry sufficient warm layers to tackle the extreme cold temperatures.

Kedarkantha Temperature in December 

December marks the onset of winter in Kedarkantha. Expect temperatures between a minimum of -3ºC and 10ºC in December.

Kedarkantha Temperature in January

January in Kedarkantha welcomes you with frigid temperatures and the average day temperature ranges between 5ºC to 10ºC. 

The night will be colder—the increasing cold demands you to come prepared with enough warm layers. The temperature hovers around a minimum of -3ºC to -8ºC in January. 

Kedarkantha Temperature in February

By February, you will notice a slight increase in the temperature as the sun shows up for a longer duration, featuring a comfortable temperature of 6ºC to 10ºC makes the weather pleasant.  Expect nights to be cold and chilly. The average night temperature in Kedarkantha in February ranges between 0ºC to -7ºC. 

Kedarkantha Weather in Spring (March to April)

A snow covered trail on the way to Kedarkantha in Uttarakhand.

By March, the days become warmer compared to winter. The clear and delightful weather during the day makes it comfortable to trek. Kedarkantha welcomes trekkers with warm and sunny days in March and April. 

Kedarkantha Temperature in March

The day temperature will reach a maximum of 12°C. Expect a dip in temperature at night. Night temperature touches a minimum of 2°C in March. Although the weather will be delightful during the day when the sun shows up, come prepared with sufficient layers to stay warm, especially in the evenings and early morning. 

Kedarkantha Temperature in April 

Kedarkantha is characterized by warm temperatures and sunny days in April. The average temperature recorded in April is between 3°C to 13°C. 

Kedarkantha Weather in Summer (May to June)

Kedarkantha weather in the summer months of May and June features warm and sunny days with enough daylight. With pleasant weather and comfortable temperatures make summer a delightful time to experience Kedarkantha. 

Kedarkantha Temperature in May 

Kedarkantha in May witnesses a day temperature between 15°C to 17°C and the night temperature can drop below 5°C. 

Kedarkantha Temperature in June 

As June arrives, the sun graces the trail for an extended period. June features bright sunny days and warm temperatures between 17ºC to 19°C. The night temperature will be comfortable in contrast to the harsh winter drop. In June, you will experience a noticeable drop in temperature at night ranging between 5ºC to 8°C. 

Kedarkantha Weather in Monsoon (July to August)

July and August are the peak monsoon season in Uttarakhand therefore Kedarkantha Trek remains inaccessible during monsoon.

The average temperature in Kedarkantha in July and August ranges between 18ºC to 5ºC. 

Kedarkantha Weather in Autumn (September to November)

Kedarkantha weather in autumn is marked by clear days and clement temperatures. Kedarkantha weather in autumn is ideal with clear sunny days and mild temperatures. 

Kedarkantha is a perfect winter trek to enjoy snow in abundance.

Opt for Kedarkantha from September to November if you enjoy warm autumn colours and chill in the air. 

Kedarkantha Temperature in September

September temperature in Kedarkantha will reach a maximum of 10°C  to 15°C. The minimum temperature in September hovers at 4°C and weather remains delightful during the day. Warm and pleasant days keep you company on the trek. Expect a further drop in temperature in the morning and evening. Carry enough layers to guard yourself against cold temperatures at the higher campsites. 

Kedarkantha Temperature in October

In October, the temperature further decreases, welcoming wintry evenings and freezing temperatures. The maximum temperature remains at 14°C and the minimum will be 3°C. 

Kedarkantha Temperature in November 

As November arrives, the temperature drops to a minimum of 0°C. Higher campsites will be cold and you need to come prepared with a minimum of 4 layers of clothes. Days are warm and temperature hovers around 10°C  in November. 

Kedarkantha Trek Highlights 

One of the most loved winter treks, the Kedarkantha trek spans 6 days, including travel to and from the base camp. In winter, the trek is thronged by trekkers to witness the winter wonderland that Kedarkantha turns into. Kedarkantha owes its fame to the easy accessibility of the trail and plentiful snow, accompanied by an unparalleled summit climb experience. 

Trekkers who seek trails full of forests, snowy trails, green meadows and visually stunning landscapes can embark on this popular winter trek. 

The highlight of the trek is the Kedarkantha Summit. You witness an arc-shaped chain of snow-capped mountains, including Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag, and Ranglana. 

The trail begins from the quintessential village of Sankri, followed by breathtaking campsites, the tranquility of remote villages, and a glimpse of the rich and diverse local culture. The Kedarkantha Trek is a complete package of fun and adventure. Both beginners and experienced trekkers can attempt the Kedarkantha trek.  It’s an amalgamation of a comfortable walk and a challenging yet rewarding summit climb. 

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