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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek temperature varies throughout the year. The temperature remains cool and breezy from July to September when the trekking season begins in Kashmir.  One of the most popular treks of our country, the Kashmir Great Lakes trek or KGL, experiences varying temperatures and weather fluctuates across seasons.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is only suitable for trekking for a very brief period of three months. This window begins at the end of June and lasts until September. Every year, trekkers from around the world are attracted to the Kashmir Great Lakes (KGL) trek during this time. The weather is ideal for trekking from July to mid-September, with bearable temperatures and fairly pleasant sunny days, as well as comfortable nights.

Before planning your visit, it’s important to know the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek temperature. We have compiled a month-wise Kashmir Great Lakes Trek weather and temperature guide to help you plan your trek.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January-16°C -5°C
WinterFebruary-13°C 8°C 
SpringMarch -10°C 8°C 
SpringApril-6°C 10°C 
SummerMay6°C 18°C 
SummerJune8°C 21°C 
MonsoonJuly 9°C 23°C 
MonsoonAugust°8C 22°C 
AutumnSeptember3°C 15°C 
AutumnOctober -0°C 10°C 
AutumnNovember-4°C 8°C 
Winter December-14°C 9°C 

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Weather in Winters (December to February)

Floating clouds keep you company on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek.

Kashmir receives heavy snowfall during peak winter months. Winter temperature in Kashmir Great Lakes trek plunges below freezing points. KGL is not suitable for attempting during extreme winter weather conditions.

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in December 

ABC Temperature plummets below freezing point. Expect a minimum of -14°C and a maximum of 9°C in December. The cold breeze in the air intensifies, and you experience extreme temperatures. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in January 

Kashmir Great Lakes temperature reaches a freezing point in January. Heavy snowfall at higher elevations blocks the trekking route. The cold becomes unmanageable at higher campsites. 

The tentative temperature on KGL ranges between -6⁰C to -16⁰C. Trekking in Kashmir during the winter months is not recommended. The snow-covered trail and the harsh weather conditions make it dangerous to trek in winter.  

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in February

In February, the minimum temperature reaches -13°C and the maximum hovers around 8°C. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Weather in Spring (March to April)

Kashmir Great Lakes weather is extreme in spring. The higher campsites remain buried under a heap of snow. KGL experiences extreme weather conditions and freezing temperatures in spring. 

The basecamp near Sonmarg records a minimum of -4⁰C and a maximum of 15⁰C during the spring months. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in March

Kashmir Great Lakes temperatures hover at an average of 8°C to -10°C in March. The weather is harsh and the cold is severe. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in April

April temperature in KGL ranges between 10°C to -6°C. The weather is not suitable for trekking in April. Higher elevations experience harsh weather conditions in April. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in May

May temperature ranges between 6°C to -5°C. Although lower regions have pleasant weather as spring sets in, the high passes are arduous to tackle in May. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Weather in Monsoon – June to August

The majestic view of Kashmir Great Lakes

As soon as June arrives, the weather improves in Kashmir. The days are pleasant. Bright sunny days bless the trail and snow melts at the higher altitudes. Monsoon in Kashmir begins in June and lasts till August. As KGL lies in a rain shadow region, the trek route receives very little rainfall. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in June

Kashmir Great Lakes records temperatures between a minimum of 3⁰C and a maximum of 20⁰C in June. Though the temperature is comfortable, the trail welcomes trekkers only by June end or early July, depending on the amount of snow at Gadsar Pass.  

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in July

The day temperature in KGL in July is recorded between 15°C – 20°C, and at night, it can be between 3°C to 8°C. Kashmir Great Lakes weather in July is pleasant. July has the most favourable weather of the season. Expect a dip in temperature if it rains in KGL. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in August

KGL day temperature in August is recorded between 14°C-18°C. Night temperature is always on the lower side. KGL temperature can go below 0°C at night. Come prepared to deal with cold nights if trekking to Kashmir in August. 

August experiences warm and bright days in the first half. The weather is delightful. You might experience occasional showers in the late afternoon. Don’t forget to carry your rain gear. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Temperature in September

KGL weather turns chilly in September. The cold sets in, and the rainfall makes its way out of the valley. KGL temperature in September averages between 8°C-12°C during the daytime, and is always on the lower side at night. KGL temperatures range between 3°C  to -2°C at night and early morning. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Highlights 

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek boasts of the unmatched beauty of Kahsmir’s alpine lakes. The alpine lakes of Vishansar, Krishansar, Gadsar,  Satsar, Gangabal, and Nundkol Lakes are highlights of this renowned Kashmir Trek. The trek starts from a small place called Shitkadi near the famous tourist destination, Sonmarg. 

The beauty of Kashmir’s alpine lakes is unparalleled, and the Kashmir Great Lakes trek showcases them in all their glory. KGL highlights the stunning Vishansar, Krishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, Gangabal, and Nundkol Lakes. This renowned trek begins at Shitkadi, a small location near the popular tourist destination of Sonmarg.

Located in the Ganderbal district of Kashmir, the KGL trek is moderate to difficult.  The total distance of Kashmir Great Lakes trek is around 76 km. You will trek 8-12 km daily and complete the trek in 8 days.

KGL trek takes you on a journey from 7,800ft to 13,800 ft when you reach Gadsar Pass, the highest point on the trek.  KGL lets you camp in perfectly crafted picture-perfect campsites. The grandeur of KGL makes it one of the most popular treks in Kashmir. 

If you wish to discover raw and unparalleled beauty of Kashmir, KGL trek is a must for you this season. 

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