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Buran Ghati Trek temperature is crucial in elevating your trek experience. If you time your Buran Ghati perfectly, you will experience the dynamic landscapes with comfortable temperatures. 

Buran Ghati weather is pleasant for trekking between May to June in summer and September to October in autumn. These months are known for manageable temperatures and weather conditions. 

The weather is pleasant with comfortable daytime temperatures in the summer months of May and June. Night and early morning experience freezing temperatures. Clear weather and visibility mark the autumn months. 

Buran Ghati Trek temperature depends on the season you are trekking in.

As the trek takes you to a higher altitude of more than 15,000ft, the temperature on the Buran Ghati Trek is usually low as you are at a higher elevation from sea level.

Here is a detailed guide on Buran Bhati Trek temperature and weather forecast. Plan effectively by understanding the Buran Ghati Trek temperature and weather forecast.

Buran Ghati Trek Monthly Temperature Details

Winter January  -15°C 4°C
WinterFebruary-12°C 5°C 
SpringMarch -8°C 7°C 
SpringApril-6°C 10°C 
SummerMay-2°C 13°C 
SummerJune0°C 17°C 
MonsoonJuly 5°C 19°C 
MonsoonAugust1°C 18°C 
AutumnSeptember-6°C 15°C 
AutumnOctober -7°C 10°C 
AutumnNovember-8°C 8°C 
Winter December-10°C 5°C 

Buran Ghati Trek Weather in Summer

Trekkers rappel down the first 100 metres of an almost vertical snow wall of Buran Pass.

For the Buran Ghati trek, the window with clement weather begins in May and ends in June. June features warm and bright days and mild temperatures. Come prepared with warm clothes and rain gear as the weather is unpredictable in the region. 

Buran Ghati Temperature in May

Buran Ghati trek temperature is moderate between May to June. Buran Ghati temperature in May is recorded between 7°C and 13°C during the daytime. The days are warm and pleasant in May. At night, the temperature drops further and the cold also increases. Night temperature is between 0°C to -2°C. The temperature on the treks keeps decreasing as you gain altitude. Buran Ghati’s temperature in May is subzero at higher campsites. 

Buran Ghati Temperature in June

The days are warm as the temperature is pleasant during the daytime. Buran Ghati records 13°C and 17°C on a clear day. At night, the temperature is on the lower side. You will have colder temperatures at night. The minimum temperature at night will be below 0°C at higher elevations. The weather will be cloudy and on some days you might experience intermittent showers in June. 

Buran Ghati Trek Weather in Monsoon (July and August)

The weather in Buran Ghati trek begins to worsen in July. It starts raining heavily. It is not recommended to trek to Buran Ghati in monsoon. 

Buran Ghati Trek Weather in Autumn (September to October)

Autumn months of September and October feature pleasant weather during the day. The sun shines for a lesser amount of time in autumn thereby the mercury level also dips further. Expect colder temperatures if trekking to Buran Ghati between September and October. 

Buran Ghati Temperature in September 

In September the sky is clear, and the weather is colder than in summer. Trekking to Buran Ghati in September means frigid temperatures. 

Buran Ghati records 12°C and 15°C during the day in September. You deal with lower temperatures between 0°C and -6°C at night. 

As temperature drops, your number of layers increases. However, a few degree drops also open the door for a solitary trek route. You will encounter fewer trekkers on the trek compared to May and June. 

Buran Ghati Temperature in October 

The sky is clear, and the weather is colder than the summer season. Trekking to Buran Ghati in October means more frigid temperatures. 

A trekker traverse a vast snow covered trail on Buran Ghati Trek.

The day temperature in October averages around 10°C in September. Mercury level drops at night with temperatures dipping below -7°C. 

Buran Ghati Temperature in November 

Buran Ghati weather becomes unpredictable as October ends. By November, freezing temperatures and extreme weather conditions make it taxing to navigate the trekking route. 

November temperature ranges between -8°C to 8°C. 

Buran Ghati Trek Weather in Winter (December to February)

Buran Ghati has extreme and unpredictable weather in winter. December temperatures are freezing and cold becomes severe. Mercury level drops further as January arrives and the chill in the air is harsh to handle. 

Buran Ghati Trek Weather in Spring (March to April)

Spring months of March and April have pleasant weather at lower campsites. However, Buran Ghati in March and April is unsuitable for experiencing the high-altitude treks. Frigid temperatures and icy cold make it taxing to explore Buran Ghati Trail. 

Buran Ghati Trek Highlights

Every trek has its highs and lows. Some treks boast of scenic campsites but lack the beauty of trails. However, when it comes to Buran Ghati, it is a perfect combination of adventure, picturesque campsites, and breathtaking trails that will leave you in awe throughout the journey. Every step you climb, you will discover something unique and majestic, and Buran Ghati will live up to your expectations every time. 

If you want an experience combining the beauty of mountains with cultural heritage, adventure, and splendid landscapes, then Buran Ghati is the perfect place for you. This cross-over trek offers the beauty of diverse landscapes. You can indulge in thrilling activities that will give you an adrenaline rush, yet at the same time, the peaceful surroundings of Buran Ghati will soothe your mind.

Buran Ghati starts from a small village of Janglik. Janglik is around an 8-9 hrs drive from the popular hill station, Shimla. It is a challenging trek and takes eight days to complete.  Buran Ghati Trek is around 37 km long. 

The trek starts at 9,415 ft from its base camp, Janglik and climbs to the highest elevation of 15,00ft. when you reach Buran Ghati Pass. 

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