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If you want to start trekking in Hyderabad, you have a few adventurous options for exploring short hikes near the city. All adventure enthusiasts can quench their thirst for wilderness by embarking on these best trekking places in Hyderabad. From a lush green forest trail to an uphill climb to an ancient fort, Hyderabad boasts many hiking places in the neighbourhood. These short hikes are perfect for spending a day off or enhancing your adventure quotient by camping for a night. 

So, keep your trekking backpack ready and break into your shoes as we list the best trekking destinations in Hyderabad. 

Table of contents 

  1. Top 8 trekking places in Hyderabad 
  2. Best Time to Visit the trekking places in Hyderabad 
  3. What to Pack for the treks near Hyderabad
  4. How to prepare for the treks near Hyderabad

Here is a list of 8 best trekking places in Hyderabad 

  1. Bhuvanagiri Fort
  2. Ananthagiri Hills
  3. Narsapur Forest
  4. Gunrock Hills 
  5. Khilla Ghanpur
  6. Chincholi Forest 
  7. Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, Mirgudpalle
  8. Mallela Theertham

Ananthagiri Hills – Refreshing trekking place in Hyderabad

  • Best time to visit – October to March
  • Distance from Hyderabad – 79 km
Ananthagiri Hills trek near Hyderabad.

Ananthgiri Hills is one of the best trekking places in Hyderabad. A popular trekking destination near the city, Ananthgiri Hills attracts adventure seekers of all levels. The trail passes through dense forests and water streams. It is a perfect weekend escape to immerse yourself in the tranquillity of serene surroundings. Ananthgiri is also frequented by people who come here to witness the ancient caves and offer prayers at the ancient temple, devoted to Lord Vishnu. 

The place is around 90 km from Hyderabad city and is located in the Vikarbada district in Telangana. As the hills are one of the dense forests in the state, it is also home to pristine landscapes. The hills are a primary source of water in Osman Sagar and Himayathsagar. These lush green hills are also the birthplace of the Mulshi River. 

The presence of waterfalls and streams make this trail a perfect place to beat the city hustle and indulge in nature’s wonder. The hike begins from Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple. There are many other nearby places to explore after the hike. 

Bhongir Fort – Hike to an ancient fort

  • Best time to visit – October to March
  • Distance from Hyderabad – 50 km

Bhongir Fort is a perfect escape for exploring hiking places near Hyderabad. The ancient fort is located approximately 100 km from the city and offers a serene surrounding to indulge with yourself away from the urban chaos. The hike traverses many stairs engraved on an approximately 500 ft elephant-shaped rock hill to reach the top. You will be treated to splendid views from the top. A cool breeze is perfect for spending a slow afternoon, enjoying with friends and family. 

Bhuvanagiri Fort is a historical site worth discovering. 

The hike to the fort introduces you to an ancient monument constructed on a monolithic rock fortress. The hill is around 610 mt high and appears like a tortoise from the south and a sleeping elephant from the west. 

Narsapur Forest – a perfect forest hike near Hyderabad

  • Best time to visit – June to August
  • Distance from Hyderabad – 45 km
Narsapur forest trail near Hyderabad

Narsapur Forest is a perfect escapade for people who desire to be amidst a serene nature. The trail passes through lush green forests and is home to diverse flora and fauna. Located a few km from the city, it is a perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate yourself.  

Narsapur Forest is around 45 km from Hyderabad City and the forest range sprawls across 30sqkm in the Narsapur Village. A well-paved path takes you inside the forest where you will discover a small water stream. A few meters ahead is a pond where you can enjoy and relax, listening to chirping birds, rustling forests, and mischievous monkeys. The trail embraces lush green shades during the monsoon season. 

You can also visit the nearby Narsapur Forest Urban Park and enjoy the splendid views of lush green forest from a watch tower. The entry fee is INR 50. 

Gunrock Hills 

  • Best time to visit – June to August
  • Distance from Hyderabad – 13 km
Gunrock hill hike in Hyderabad.

If you are looking for an adventurous hike near the city, Gunrock Hills is a perfect destination. Located 6 km from the city, Gunrock Hills are surrounded by boulders, creating a perfect spot to practice bouldering. There are boulders of different sizes and shapes for people interested in bouldering. 

Many city dwellers visit Gun Rock Hills for trekking in Hyderabad.  A series of steps takes you to the top 

of the hills offering splendid views of Moula Ali and Anand Budha Vihar Hill.

If you are looking for a solitary place to spend a day, Gunrock is a perfect place that is easily accessible. Visit the hike during the monsoon season to enjoy the cool breeze at the top.

Khilla Ghanpur

  • Best time to visit – June to August
  • Distance from Hyderabad – 113 km
Khilla Ganpur trek near Hyderabad.

Khilla Ghanpur is an ideal weekend escape for enjoying amidst the pristine landscapes. The hike to Khilla Ghanpur takes you to a historical site and offers the remnants of yesteryears. At the top of the fort, you will get a sneak peek of the diverse history the place has witnessed. 

The fort still has cannons used during the wars, and the ruins of the palaces once occupied by the ministers. You will also notice unexplored ancient caves, intriguing rock formations and lakes. These lakes were used as water sources by the fort army. While the rich history of this place intrigues you, the place is also known for magical sunsets from the top. Don’t forget to capture the pristine sunset and the picturesque Ghanpur Lake from the top. 

It takes roughly 2 hours to hike to the top of the fort. While it is a challenging climb, you will be rewarded with beautiful views from the top. Plan this trek during the monsoon to be mesmerized by the lush green drive to Khilla Ghanpur. 

Chincholi Forest – explore a dense forest trail near Hyderabad

  • Best time to visit – July to December 
  • Distance from Hyderabad – 148 km 
Chincholi Forest trail

Chincholi Forest Trek is a thrilling trail that fascinates you throughout the journey. A scenic drive from Hyderabad takes you to the Chincholi Forest Trail. One of the best trekking places near Hyderabad, Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary is in Kalburgi District of North Karnataka, India, and also called the Ooty of Telangana. 

The trek takes you on an adventurous journey through pristine forest trails, undulated landscapes, perennial water bodies, wildlife, and varied flora and fauna. As the trail traverses a wildlife sanctuary, you will witness varied species of birds and wildlife.  The sanctuary is home to Black Buck, Nilgai, Common Fox, Four-horned Antelope, Fruit bat, Striped Hyena, Indian Wolf etc. If you are fond of bird photography, you have a chance to spot Black Drongo, Black-winged Kite, Blossom-headed Parakeet, Eurasian Collared Dove, Black-headed Oriole, and the grey partridge in this Sanctuary. 

Chincholi forest trail is a moderate-level hike and extends for around 8 km.  It takes roughly four hours to cover the distance. Plan this trek over a weekend to enjoy the serene nature and break away from busy city life. 

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, Mirgudpalle

  • Best time to visit – June to August
  • Distance from Hyderabad – 113 km
Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is home to rich flora and fauna. The place was once a hunting ground for the Nizams of Hyderabad. Home to varied species of birds and animals, the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate with your friends and family. The lush green forest and its serene environment quench your thirst to be amidst a peaceful surrounding. 

The sanctuary is home to Bar-Headed Goose, Sloth Bear, Brahminy Bucks, Nilgai, Sambar, Open Billed Stork, and rare species of birds. Its pristine landscape intrigues you to discover the silence of the forest. Diverse flora and fauna captivate you throughout the trail. Some hikers also opt to hike to the nearby water reservoirs over the Manjeera River. 

Mallela Theertham

  • Best time to visit – October to February 
  • Distance from Hyderabad – 190 Km 
Mallelatheertham waterfall hike near Hyderabad.

Mallela Theertham is a hidden gem for nature lovers.  A short and easy descent of 350 steps takes you to a 150-foot-high waterfall, tucked inside a dense forest. It is a perfect escape to make your weekend exciting.

The waterfall is located in Nagarkurnool, Telangana. 

Mallela Theertham is flocked by city dwellers between October and February when the volume of the waterfall increases and the weather remains pleasant. If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway to spend a day amidst pristine surroundings, head to Mallela Theertham. 

Best Time for trekking in Hyderabad

October to March is the best time to visit the trekking places in Hyderabad. The season brings pleasant weather to the region, making it pleasurable to explore the hikes. The post-monsoon months add the charm as water bodies along the trail swell up, offering a refreshing experience to all the adventure seekers. 

Another good time for trekking in Hyderabad is between August to October. The monsoon months of July and August ensure delightful weather. A fresh spell of rain adds life to the trail, increases the volume of water streams and the entire route embraces a lush green shades. 

Exploring the hikes near Hyderabad during the monsoon season is challenging as the trail becomes slippery. Come prepared with rain gear and be extra cautious on the trail during peak monsoon season.  

What to pack for the treks near Hyderabad

Trek near Hyderabad are easy to moderate hikes. You can begin your hike early morning and descend to the base by late afternoon or evening. Ensure you carry a few essentials you require on the trail. 

Here is a list of essentials you need to pack for your trek

  1. Day pack – 01
  2. Comfortable trekking shoes with good grip 
  3. Water – Min 2 ltrs
  4. Identity Card
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Rain Gear/Poncho
  7. Sun Hat
  8. First Aid Kit 
  9. High-Calorie trail snacks 
  10. Sunscreen 
  11. Trekking pole (Optional)
  12. Plastic cover to keep your phone in case of rain

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