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Karnataka is home to some of the highest peaks of the majestic Western Ghats that you must trek. The state boasts picturesque trekking trails to some of the highest peaks of Karnataka. From verdant grasslands to flower-laden clearings, the state presents diverse landscapes to people who long for a thrilling and adventurous getaway. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced adventure seeker, the unmatched beauty of Karnataka’s highest peaks captivates you when you experience the journey to the summit. 

Let’s explore some of the highest peaks of Karnataka and discover more about how to plan a getaway to these majestic heights. 

Table of Contents

  • The highest peaks of Karnataka
  • Highlights of Karnataka’s highest peaks 
  • Best time to visit 
  • How to plan your trip 
  • Important tips to remember 

The Highest Peaks of Karnataka

Name of the PeakAltitude Location Best Time to Visit 
Mullayanagiri1,930 metersChikmagalur districtPost Monsoon months/Winter 
Baba Budangiri1,895 metersChikmagalur districtPost Monsoon months/Winter 
Kudremukh1,894 metersChikmagalur districtPost Monsoon months/Winter 
Tadiandamol1,748 metersCoorgPost Monsoon months/Winter 
Kumara Parvatha 1,712 metersKodaguPost Monsoon months/Winter 

Highlights of the Peaks

1.Mullayanagiri – the highest peak of Karnataka 

The highest peak in Karnataka at an elevation of 6,330 ft offers an unmatched experience of being on the majestic heights of Mullayanagiri. 

Located in Chikmagalur district and is around 40 km from the main town. The peak draws nature lovers and adventure seekers for a thrilling trekking experience, majestic vistas, and a rejuvenating forest trail. 

Trekking the Mullayangiri Peak is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. 

Mullayanagiri Peak
Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

The peak lies in the Baba Budan Giri Range of the Western Ghats and derives its name from the sage Mullapa Swamy who is believed to have meditated at a cave near the summit. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at the top. Plan your trip to Karnataka’s highest peak in post-monsoon months to immerse yourself in the serene landscapes of the region. 

2. Baba Budangiri Peak – a pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Muslims 

The peak attracts hundreds of adventure seekers and pilgrims who embark on the thrilling journey to Karnataka’s second-highest peak. While the pilgrims traverse the lush green trail to the top to offer prayers to Baba Budnagiri Dattatreya Peetha, the trekkers climb to witness breathtaking summit views from the top. 

Those seeking a thrilling experience can trek from Mullayanagiri to Baba Budangiri. Known for its extensive coffee plantation, the trail to Dada Budangiri provides picturesque views and is a paradise for coffee lovers. 

Plan this trek during your visit to Chikmagalur to discover the hidden gem of Karnataka. 

3. Kudremukh Peak – the famous horse-faced peak of Karnataka 

Kudremukh Trek is one of the most scenic trekking trails that take you to the third-highest peak of Karnataka. Renowned for a horse-face-shaped peak, Kudremukh is located in Kudremukh National Park and derives its name from the shape of the peak, resembling a horse’s face. 

Trekking to Kudremukh unveils the dreamy landscapes. Your eyes are in for a treat as sprawling grassland embellished with misty ambience greets you on your trek to Kudremukh. 

Kudremukh is home to diverse flora and fauna and the trek to the peak is a haven for nature admirers. From dense shola forests to waterfalls sprouting along the trail, especially during monsoon season, the trek to Kudremukh is an unparalleled experience for any adventure lover. 

The trek covers roughly 7 km and is 330 km from Bangalore city. Plan this dreamy escape over the weekend with your friends and family to soak in the tranquil bliss of nature. 

4. Tadiandamol Peak – the highest peak in Coorg 

Embark on a trek to the highest peak of Coorg and experience the unparalleled beauty of Tadiandamol Peak. One of the most popular treks in Coorg, the journey to Tadiandamol unravels the alluring beauty of the Western Ghats. A moderate trail traverses lush green forests, gushing river streams and verdant grasslands. As you continue your journey along the trail, a misty atmosphere greets you, giving you the impression of walking amidst the floating clouds

One of the highest peaks of Karnataka, Tadiandamol is located at an altitude of 5,735 feet and offers stunning views from the summit. You witness lush green hills and valleys sprawling like a carpet. The trek is roughly 7 km long and requires 5 to 7 hrs to complete.

5. Kumara Parvatha Trek– 5th highest peak of Karnataka 

Kumara Parvatha, also known as Pushpagiri Peak, is the fifth highest in Karnataka. A picturesque trail leads you to the highest point of the peak, offering dreamy mountainscapes. Its lush green scenery and natural beauty are the highlights of the trek. The trek is 25 km long and takes two days to complete. It is the second-highest peak in Coorg and fifth in Karnataka. The trek offers two days of scenic trails, and breathtaking landscapes and is a paradise for nature lovers. 

Kumara Parvatha Trek

Trekking to Kumara Parvatha Peak is no less than walking amidst dreamy landscapes. It is a paradise for people who admire the silence of the dense forestscape. 

Though it is a perfect weekend getaway for a thrilling experience, the trail is suitable for experienced trekkers as the route navigates rugged terrain and steep ascents. 

Best Time to Visit 

The best time to visit the highest peaks of Karnataka is post-monsoon months and winter. The weather remains pleasant to hike long distances. Each season has its charm and unique colors. Plan this trek during the post-monsoon season to witness vibrant colours and waterfalls along the trail. The grasslands and forest spring to life between July and September. 

Avoid the peak monsoon season as the trail becomes slippery due to heavy rain. 

October to March is another ideal season to explore the peaks of Karnataka. These months offer pleasant weather and clear skies. The summit views from some of the highest peaks of Karnataka are breathtaking during the winter season. 

How to Plan your trek to Karnataka’s highest peaks 

Select the Peak – Most of these peaks are located near Bangalore and take you to the maximum altitude of 1,930 mt. Select the peak you want to trek depending on the altitude and fitness level required. If you are a beginner, opt for Mulllayanagiri or Tadiandamol peaks. For those with adequate fitness select Kumara Parvatha and Kudremukh. Beginners can also attempt these treks, however, the trails are challenging for complete beginners. 

Book your stay – Trekking to some of the picturesque peaks is convenient as they are located in renowned tourist destinations like Coorg, Kodagu and Chikmagluru. Plan your stay well in advance and avoid last-minute hustle. As these towns are popular hill stations attracting hundreds of travellers, it is recommended to book your stay at the base beforehand. 

Permits, guides and entry fees – Although you can explore these peaks without the help of guides, it is important to know about the requirements of permits and entry fees. 

Hiring a guide is mandatory for Kudremukh. The Forest department has mandated a guide in a 1:10 ratio and assigns one for you. The trail is easy and well marked but updating yourself with weather forecasts and essentials required will help you to trek comfortably. 

Similarly, you may have to pay a certain amount as an entry fee at some of the forest department checkpoints. So remember to carry sufficient cash with you. 

Reaching to the base – Chikmagalur, Coorg and Kodagu are all well connected to major cities, including Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore. You can travel by public transport or drive your vehicle to the base. 

Important tips to remember 

  • Carry a first aid kit in case of any emergencies 
  • Start early from the base to start your hike before the sun becomes harsh
  • Bring a healthy packed lunch and trail snacks for the hike
  • Carry enough water. There are limited or no water resources on the trail
  • Leave no trace and avoid littering on the trail or at the summit 
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and avoid wearing jeans
  • Bring a Sun hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from scorching sun
  • Do your weather research before heading to the trail. 
  • Carry insect repellent 

This brings us to the end of the list of the 5 highest peaks of Karnataka. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trekker, the peaks in Karnataka offer trekking trails of all levels to adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. From the serene heights of majestic Mullayanagiri to a thrilling Kudremukh trek, the peaks provide a slice of something for all travellers. So plan a trip to experience the tranquillity of these breathtaking peaks of Karnataka and indulge yourself in unforgettable mountain memories. 

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